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Website News

>> Also, some of the older news, which were highlighted:

May 19, 2016 - We got a new/faster server for the website!
We had a website downtime today, because our provider said we are using up too much resources. Right now our website runs on a vserver, and they asked us to update to a dedicated server, because the load is too high...

Mar 09, 2016 - HDD Problem
One of our HDD completely died, so restoring data isn't possible, BUT, don't worry! We have already replaced it with a new HDD and our staff has started reuploading the missing files. It will take some time this way, however we will try to reupload everything!
However if you'd like to download some older stuff and you get "Forbidden" error this is the cause.

Dec 13, 2015 - Download Limit Removed
We've great news today! We've improved our download servers, and removed the 3 downloads / user limit. Now you can download as much files as you'd like to! A lot of users asked for this, so I hope everyone is happy about the news...

Nov 01, 2014 - Thanks for everyone's help, now we've updated our servers, and have 7 TB hard disk space overall, so we don't have to delete anything any more! Our costs had to be increased to 120/month, we hope there won't be problems, and we can upload a lot of new releases for you, both in BD 720p, and 1080p!

Sep 01, 2014 - It was very hard to maintain the costs of our previous server, as we needed to pay 200 EUR/month, and usually we got 100 EUR, or less. We've looked for an alternative, and found an another Gigabit provider, which provides us the same service, for a lot cheaper. The server specs are lower, of course, but you shouldn't really notice anything from that, as it's still enough, and the download speeds may be even faster, as we don't have a monthly bandwidth limit with this host! This way we can pay both of our servers from 100 EUR/month, so we hope we can get enough donations, and maintain our servers this way, without problems!

June 21, 2014 - We've changed the design of the website after 3 years, we hope that everyone will enjoy the new layout!

June 20, 2014 - Thanks for everyone who helped out, the issue about "SERVER SPACE ALMOST NULL" has been solved, we've successfully upgraded our server, and now it has 6 TB of disk space !

June 19, 2014 - About the advertisements on the website! We've got several feedbacks about the current bc.vc ads, which loads every time visitors click on a link, and considering them we'll test out another type of ads in the upcoming days... please leave your feedback here, if it works better for everyone (I've also added a poll, so you can vote about it!) we'll use them in the future instead!

We hope everyone has a great summer, and we'll try to bring you the best anime series of the summer, as usual! Don't forget that the new season already starts in a few weeks!


The new season has started, we hope you will enjoy the new series!
You can check out the new Spring 2014 anime series here!

To read informations about the donation system, and our ads please click here!

If you like our website, and the releases you can support us by donating. We’re also accepting PayPal, you can send an e-mail for the details, if you’re interested!


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Important News!

We'll have to pay our Gigabit DDL server until the end of October, and we'll also have to pay a new server for the website

Do you think we should stay with our Gigabit DDL server?

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The site is back!

Update: We're sorry about the long wait, site is back now!!!!
New anime episodes will be added soon!

Our website is back now! Sorry for the downtime, since our site used too much resources and bandwidth we needed to upgrade for another package.
From now on you shouldn't see any more errors on the website, and it should be faster, more stable! However, our monthly costs will increase from 160€ to 180€ / month!

Please consider donating if you’d like to support us, because we also have to pay our Gigabit server for October soon ! We’re accepting PayPal too, if you're interested you can send an e-mail here about the details.

I'm sure all of you is already excited about the new Fall Anime season already!
A new poll has been added about the new series, you can vote here!

There are some good new we can announce about the new season - since we have enough encoders we've decided that it will be possible for multiple encoders to encode the same series, from different Fansub groups!
Our first priority always was to use the best quality fansub for our encodes, and this will never change! However by releasing multiple encodes we can also provide faster releases (by encoding from fast groups like HorribleSubs) for people who can't wait for the new episodes, while also encoding the best quality release available as usual!

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Direct Download is back!

Some people reported problems with the registration, now you can register without e-mail verification, if you had problems you can try registering now!

The direct downloads are back, with our new Gigabit server! We have monthly 100 TB bandwidth! It’s 10 times more than with our previous server, so you can expect ~500-1000 kB/s download speeds, or even more !
While the newest uploads aren't on the server yet, please use the MEGA links for them, they will be uploaded soon, and everything else already works! Our Torrents are back too, with the web-seeds, you can find most of them in our Dropbox Collection.

We’ve added a new page to the website recently, called “External Mirrors“, visitors can share our releases here, which have been reuploaded to external mirrors, like Hotfile, Mediafire, etc. You can check it if you're interested.

Please consider donating if you’d like to support us!
We’re currently accepting PayPal too, you can send an e-mail here for the details.

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Important News !

We did everything that we could, and removed the series that Funimation asked after we got the Copyright Infringement letter. Despite all of our efforts, PayPal decided that they won't give our account back, they will hold up to all of our money for 180 days (and pay for any claims from it, which they get until that time), and we won't be able to use their services any more.

Without donations we won't be able to pay our servers, and keep up the website, so we've decided to create some new polls, and ask the opinion from you all:

We won't have PayPal in the future. Can you donate with other services?

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What should we do about the DDLs?

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Please note: without PayPal it probably isn't an option any more (at least not any soon) to update to Gigabit, since we probably won't be able to get $350/month, the current (only one) 100 mbit/sec server, and the website can be paid from $150/month.

If you choose the second option we'd still need money for the website itself, but we could pay that if we're using Adfly for all of our download links, like before (and/or Clicksor):

How should we pay our website? (No DDLs, only the server for the website itself)

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Please note: adfly+clicksor combined may help to pay the DDL server too, but without any donations in itself even both of them would be not enough.


To keep the servers alive we've enabled bc.vc for the download links, since 90% of you support the idea in the polls, it should generate enough income to pay the website, at least starting from the next month, if you'd like to support us please don't use adblockers, and wait 5 sec before a download, it isn't much time! Clicksor has been enabled for guests: users who aren't registered (or aren't logged in) to the website. If you'd like to support us with Clicksor you need to log out to see the ads, if you don't want to see Clicksor you can register/log-in to the website, though you can't support the site like that, I hope everyone is satisfied with this solution. Since we don't really get donations now that there is no PayPal, this is the only way to keep the site alive.

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