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This is a multi-platform guides. Please choose one compatible with your operating system or smartphone.

Last Update : August 2017

FAQ - Frequently Answered (not Ask) Question

I received so many comments about broken video, that's because the latest LAV Megamix (and others) were updating something that broke the entire codec setups. I suggest to use no other than Megamix-LAVFilters-0.70.2-x86 (you can download it here or any older version of your codec pack (just before August 2017 version). Do not use any incremental update of LAV Filter Megamix for the time being.
The latest version of LAV Filter Megamix is good now, fixed most things but not everything.

Question : My PC/laptop/toaster can't play the encodes smoothly!
Answer : Use MPV instead of the glorious madvr. If you still can't play it, toast your toaster with a new toaster.

Question : I got a glitched video after seeking from/to ordered chapter part!
Answer : This is, most likely, because of a different encoding settings. Wait until the encoder fix it, or just remove the ordered chapter part (e.g OP/ED) for a temporary fix.

Question : I got silenced audio after entering OP/ED/Ordered chapter part!
Answer : Make sure your LAV Filter is used and configured properly. Ask at discord if you can't figure shit out of it.
If you're using MPC-HC : There is a behaviour in MPC-HC which causes silenced audio if you play, for example, a main episode with AAC codec and OP/ED with OPUS codec. MPV doesn't have this problem.
If you're using PotPlayer : You can force LAV Filter to be used as default

After updating your codecs and PotPlayer,
looks like PotPlayer fails to load LAV Splitter on Opus audio when in OC!
you can force it to use it like this, if LAV Splitter doesn't appear for you, click on Filter management then Scan then Ok,
after that choose LAV Splitter in Matroska^
That's all you need to play Opus Audio in potplayer when it's OC'ed.

From this point onward, I do not recommend you to install K-Lite/KCP/CCCP/whatever-wtf-name codec pack with exception of LAV Filter Megamix (tailored for most movie playback but mainly Anime) and MPV (simplicity at its finest, but also complicated at the same time).

More to comes.

- If you already have KCP installed, you can update the LAV filter, MPC-HC and madvr manually instead.
- There is a lot of subjective quality comparison between mpv and madvr NGU at /g/. I prefer mpv due to it being lightweight and less resource hungry, even old toaster with shitty sandy bridge can play 1080p hevc fine.


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  1. for separated openings and its episodes, they wont connect after I rename it,,,
    how can I make them automatically connect like they were supposed to even after I rename them?

        1. usually it shouldn’t affect the oc, I just tried randomly changing the name to snk files (episodes, op and ed) but they’re still working fine, what series are you trying to watch? maybe there’s some problem with the chapters of those files.

  2. so the best payback it’s cccp, erm i’d suggest to dl kcp but honestly i don’t like these kawaii programs interface, and is there any Installation and Settings for cccp?

  3. For users who want to play oc in potplayer, they have to download the latest version (32 bit) install and open. Right click then go to Filters > Advanced Filter Settings > Filter Priority > Add registered filter and choose Haali Media Splitter. Then click on Haali Media Splitter to highlight it. Then set the priority to prefer. Apply these settings and restart potplayer. Now you can play ordered chapters with potplayer.

        1. I just installed Kawaii Codec Pack which comes with LAVFilters and xy-VSFilter. it just works. i don’t think i have configured something. anyway thank you.

        2. Just a piece of info.
          LAV Filters have ‘LAV splitter’ which handles ‘OC’.
          Otherwise you’d need to get ‘Haali Media Splitter’ for playing OC stuff. Just a few versions back, LAV splitter didn’t use to support OC and people had to get the external splitter like Haali Media Splitter, but now it does. Although, afaik, Haali Media Splitter is slightly less prone to glitches as compared to LAV splitter.

        3. I see, did not know about it, i recently started using Potplayer. i used to use mpv in linux and MPC in windows.

  4. @zemgo, I know it’s been long since the question asked, but will help somebody.
    -Uninstall all codecpacks>Restart the PC
    -Updater graphics card drivers (directly download from AMD or Nvidia for ur card)>restart the PC
    -install “DirectX End-User Runtimes” @( directly from Microsoft (extract and install)
    -Install MPC-HC or MPC-BE (for a modern theme)>restart the PC
    -Setup the media player to play all video files using the player (go to Options>Formats) . All default settings should do fine. If u want u can look into the “Options” for more refine settings
    -This should fix ur broblem

  5. I’m using KCP and I’m experiencing lag on animated subtitles (e.g. Punch Line OP). Already tried disabling subtitle animation on MPC and problem still persists. Help please

  6. Helpful guide Bro/Sis , thanks a bunch by the way.
    Could play a 720p 10 bit video at the HIGH madVr settings with(still not highest) nary a hitch, but when it come to your Hagani next 1080p or any other 1080p, I can play without dropped frames only at the LOW settings (though still not the lowest, thankful for that).

  7. link to mplayer2 in this page is death and I would recommend to replace it with mpv. and yeah, there’s also hq player like MPDN which also recommended IMO. this page needs to be updated. 🙂

  8. What of mpv? Where does it compare to mpc-hc with LAV filters and madvr? To me, the output quality looks the exact same.

  9. Hi, I am using MPC-HC x64 bit when playing videos.
    Whenever I would play a video, everything on-screen freezes.
    MPC-HC would open, the status bar at the bottom would show “Opening” and then the freeze occur.
    I noticed that this only happens when the video file has some sort of Attachments in the MediaInfo. Otherwise the video would play right away.
    Example MediaInfo:
    Attachments : Balthazar-Regular.ttf / charbb_reg.ttf / Chinela Brush.ttf / EFN Gregorio.ttf / KGShadowOfTheDay.ttf / POORICH.TTF

    It happens one time, the first time I open a video file after turning on my PC.
    If I restart or shut down my PC, then turn it on again, then open a video file with attachments, the freeze would occur again.

    Does it have something to do with loading the attachments?
    Is anyone else experiencing the same?

    1. Goarweam, I’m a rank noob when it comes to this stuff, but I do know that those attachments are fonts, and I know that, surprisingly, loading fonts is an apparently delicate operation that often goes wrong and causes a program to misbehave. Try reinstalling the MPC-HC, and if that doesn’t help, ask on their forum about font-loading issues. Good luck.

  10. Thank you for the guides! However, is there a guide for Mac’s? I use a Mac and usually use VLC or Mplayer to watch MKV videos… but I guess with the ordered chapter series (such as KHR), Both players aren’t working well :/ VLC at least plays the whole video with the OP/EDs but subs aren’t fully there… where as MplayerX & Extended, they show the subs but don’t link the OP/EDs… 🙁 Any other alternative? I’ve heard of MPV but it’s a bit too complicated for me…

    1. Download mpv player. I use it on my mac when I’m on that partition, pretty rare tho becuz all of my encoding stuff is on the bootcamp partition.

      Here’s a link to the latest build of mpv:

      Just download the one labelled latest build and put mpv into the applications folder like usual and it should work fine. It may, or may not work on the latest version of OSX so consider that a warning.

      If all goes well u should be running OC’ed episodes with everything showing up and no linking errors.

  11. Are there latest up to date information regarding madVR settings for watching Hi10 videos? I have recently reinstalled my K-lite Codec pack due to playback issues with the recent videos which having the opening and ending credits being played in reverse. Reinstalling was a good solution and now they are playing like it should. Now my problem is with the latest updates with madVR, I don’t know which best quality settings should I use when watching videos from this site. Google doesn’t help much since there are no updated links which addresses this issues. Thanks in advance.

    1. If you’re looking for madVR best settings, then I suggest you to use LAV Filter Megamix instead, since it has some selection between low to high quality madVR preset when installing it.

  12. how can i play anime in my android phone?(htc one m8)
    its have lag and op and ed doesnt play with main anime
    i have mx player pro
    plz help

      1. Is there no fix for this yet? Besides removing the OC’s, I mean? Because no matter how much I wait, it isn’t fixed. Can I change any settings?

        1. Download an older version of MPV, I tried my encodes on the two latest builds of MPV and I got the graphics corruption, but when I tried the build from April. I got no video corruption when seeking. Or download KCP, it’s outdated, but, it never gives me any issues when playing any encodes on the site (whether it’s my own or another staff members).


  13. I am using KCP MPC BE player [KCP_Black-1.0.7]. Is there any player better than this one? I used to use KCP MPC HC which lagged sometimes.

    My PC configuration:

    Intel (R) core 15-4200M @ 2.50Hz
    Ram 4 gb
    Intel HD Graphics 4600
    AMD Radeon HD 8750M [2GB]

  14. Does anyone have HEVC Playback problems with LAVFilters-0.70.2-17 (Klite K-Lite Codec Pack 13.4.1 to 13.4.3 Updates)
    or Megamix-LAVFilters-0.70.2-16?

    Video not rendering properly.. black with squares and glitches…

    Had to rollback to an earlier version LAVFilters-0.70.2-08
    (K-Lite Codec Pack 13.4.0) which did not have this problem

  15. if you are a casual ,,
    just install the latest version mpc-hc , and you’re good to go.. 🙂
    dont touch any setting or what so ever, except probably to normalize audio in audio switcher tab to increase some lack of volume in certain movie/anime..

    if you are a hardcore ,,
    install svp (smooth video project) the free version or paid,,
    all needed components will be installed automatically with some recommended setting up to your PC capabilities..

    thats the easiest method.. turn off svp if you dont like the ghosting effect from it, madVr smooth motion is much better (imo).. 🙂

  16. hello, i currently use klite, and i want to migrate to lav megamix
    do i need to uninstall klite completely first? or do i even need to migrate at all?
    oh and the player i want to use is mpc-hc, if that matters

  17. Hi, I’m having problems getting the Potplayer to work. I don’t change anything in the settings not from the codecs themselves and yet it still cannot play any anime file. However, when I use MPC Home Cinema (included in the installer LAV Filter Megamix) it works just fine. Are there any configuration guides available for Potplayer? I tried using this guide from this site ( but it doesn’t work for me. Please advise.

    1. There is actually a config you can add, vo=opengl:interpolation (a.k.a the new SmoothMotion in mpv). Basically it merely blends and displays frames at 2.5 times, it is very smooth. You can try adding it to the mpv.conf and add some A/V resample, see this link.

  18. Thanks for the guide. Just another concern coz i couldnt find “Kiddy Grade” in your project list anymore. Kinda strange but i swear i saw it the other day.. Cheers!

  19. Regarding the “glitched video after seeking from/to ordered chapter part” when will this be fixed? There are a lot of anime from this site suffering with this “glitch”. It’s hard to continue watching when I pause and go to sleep, work, etc and when I continue the next day, the glitch is all over screen. I have all the latest updates for the codecs. Reinstall the LAV just to be sure and it is still there.

      1. Thanks for answering. Removing the OC is indeed a temporary solution. However, the glitch is really troublesome, especially if I tend to forget about it and try to “rewind” back to a certain scene and BOOM instant despair. Glitch all over the screen. The only way for me to get back on track is to watch the whole episode all over again. I doubt he encoder will try to fix this. He/She would either be too lazy to do anything about it or tends to be too busy with real life scenarios and forgets about their anime responsibilities. Sad.

        1. Another thing you could try is to revert to older version of any video player/codec pack you use. I’ve been using mpv which released on 2017-04-23 and its plays all encodes here fine. For codec packs, maybe you should downgrade to version released earlier this year or from last year.

  20. I’m currently watching Infinite Stratos season1 from this site and when OP and ED part there’s only romaji lyric showing without kanji and english sub. This happen when using MPV player. Do you how to fix this?

      1. The issue was reported in using your files as reference for the broken LAV filter.

        Load Matroska Segments video seek regression on v0.70 #158
        isral opened this issue
        about 7 hours ago

        Seek mkv with ordered chapter break video that downloaded from
        It’s not happen on old release (v0.68).
        Disabling “Load Matroska Segments from external files” fix it.

        How to reproduce (using anime Himouto! Umaru-chan):

        Download (put in same folder):!_Umaru-chan_%5BBD_1080p%5D/(Hi10)_Himouto!_Umaru-chan_-_01_(BD_1080p)_(LNS)_(9860602B).mkv!_Umaru-chan_%5BBD_1080p%5D/(Hi10)_Himouto!_Umaru-chan_-_NCED_(BD_1080p)_(LNS)_(C2C50639).mkv!_Umaru-chan_%5BBD_1080p%5D/(Hi10)_Himouto!_Umaru-chan_-_NCOP_(BD_1080p)_(LNS)_(BC054BB2).mkv
        Make sure “Load Matroska Segments from external files” enabled.
        Open “(Hi10)Himouto!Umaru-chan-01(BD_1080p)(LNS)_(9860602B).mkv”
        Seek several times inside several chapters.

  21. 0.70.2 – 2017/07/06
    LAV Video

    Fixed: DXVA2 decoding could fail in 0.70 after a dynamic media type change

    Can’t undertand why this problem persist on versions newer than this
    even with the latest implementations of LAV Filter Megamix..

    As I said it only affects a few encodes on this site… most notably Hajimete no Gal..

  22. K-Lite Codec Pack 13.5.4 Mega fixes the glitched video problem.. tho its still in the beta stages… the
    – LAV Filters to version 0.70.2-74-g1ec8a

    This fixes the playback problems since it was working in K-Lite_Codec_Pack_1340_Mega

    1. Looks like LAV-Filters-Megamix wont integrate the fixed 0.70.2-74-g1ec8a

      Taken from feedback on the comments of this page:

      ranpha: Is the problem caused by LAV Splitter? If yes, then for sure it hasn’t been fixed yet, and I can’t use their fix if I want to ship latest madVR in the installer. Need to wait for the time being.
      t83: it has been fixed and KLite codec and Advanced Codecs are using this newer build of lav
      ranpha: LAV Filters has not been updated for more than two weeks here. It is either custom patch, a revert or a downgrade; the latter two I am not willing to do.

  23. Codec Pack Updates which do not work with doesn’t work withHI-10 OCEd MKVs:
    1. Shark Advanced Codecs 8.2.6 (
    2. LAV Filters Megamix 28 September 2017
    3. KMPlayer (clame it on the bundled LAV filters)

    Those that works are
    1. Megamix-LAVFilters-0.70-x86.exe 2017-06-15 72.6MB *
    Megamix-LAVFilters-0.70-x64.exe 2017-06-15 76.2MB *

    or use
    2. K-Lite Codec Pack 13.5.5 +K-Lite Codec Pack 13.5.6 update
    which work again

  24. If you botched up your codec installation with a later version of LAV-Filters-Megamix..

    Get the stable LAV Filters 0.70.2
    This only contains the basic LAV package … no need to update the other software you are using.. I get the portables and copy the contents of the zip to whatever botched codec pack installation’s LAV folder..

    NOTE: don’t touch the nightly release… 0.70.2-77 Nightly.. These dont work… with the Load external chapters option on the LAV splitter

  25. I’m facing some issues in MPV player.

    # Attachments (fonts) won’t load from segment file (OP/ED).
    # In case of YUV444 video file, it gets broken during switching (OP>Main).

    Anyone knows the solutions?

      1. I’m already using the latest version. But I think you missed the point. If the OP kfx font isn’t attached in the main or episode file, mpv doesn’t load it from OP file. Just try ”Seiken Tsukai no World Break” from Hi10 which faces above 2 mentioned issues. Or you can just try any OCed file to create the same situation (#1) by removing font used in OP kfx from episode file.

  26. If anyone is still interested in KMPlayer
    Use a portable installer:

    This intall is adware free..

    If you want the latest LAV filters just download the installer or look for the x86 folder of LAV on your pc c:\Program Files (x86). Copy the ff files to the CORE subdirectory where your portable KMPLaYER is installed:


  27. i reinstalled pot player including the filters…but some bd encodes cant seem to play well. Also tried switching video renderer with no avail. It has audio and subs but the video is nuts, gray area on the right and black,white,green,violet boxes on the left. Need help

  28. on the history it says VLC are not recomended why?
    I use VLC, should I change it? it sometimes blurry / gray.
    Any extension / plugin I could download?

  29. I have installed Pot Player Lite from LAV-Filters-Megamix and can playback files without a problem. The thing is that every time a video file finishes and the next file in the list starts playing I’m getting a blackscreen. Pressing enter which switches between full screen and windowed mode fixes the problem but I have to do this every time a new file starts playing. Is there a solution to this?

  30. What make the OP or ED of the release here flipped upside down?
    I am using KLCP latest version.
    Have been trying to install LAV-Filters-Megamix version 14 january, the OP ED is alright but the glitch like the september update of LAV filter is back…

  31. can you update Gakuen Babysitters? ;-; I really like HI10, the translation and quality is so good! For me it’s better then other website I really wanna watch that anime even kissanime can download but I still wish I can download it from here T^T

  32. Sorry to ask this, but is there an android player that can handle ordered chapters? I’m currently using mx. Its light and smooth but can’t play the episodes with the op/ed sequences.

      1. Is there any guide for mpv android? It doesnt load, just a blank screen then crashes, when i try to play via file managers. And i cant seem to change the default directory with just /sdcard so i can’t browse/load any videos from inside the app itself.

  33. very well, i will try to explain my problem as best as i can.

    So I use Potplayer along with the additional codescs it offers by default

    i ran into two issues with two of the encodes i downloaded from here.

    tokyo ghoul re
    koutetsujou no kabaneri

    with tokyo ghoul re the Insert ED Subs in Ep 6 and 12 would flicker every 2 or so sec (the rest of the Ep and the stand-alone OP & ed were all fine)

    solving this issue was rather simple just extracted the sub file and used them externally and they worked fine – yes teh same subs that were flickering when embedded.

    For kabaneri – the chaptered OP when played in EP5,7,8,9,10 once the ep ended for the next 1 or so second the video would go back anbd forth in frames making for some really uncofortable viewing.

    anyway none of these 2 errors were a deal breaker or even the encodes fault – none of these problems exist when using mpc-hc but it forced me to check if there was a way to fix this so i found this guide downloaded the lav filter megamix and installed it.

    1st time i installed it with the medium madvr preset cuz i have a 1050 ti to my surprise i could no longer select the embedded subs in any video ( external worked fine) the issue with kabaneri was indeed gone but this was obviously a not-good setup

    so i installed it again this time disabling madvr to see if it does anything to my surprise now i could select the internal sub just fine but to my disappointment the Insert ed subs in :re were still flickering (the kabneri issue was still gone).

    now i realize i could just shift to mpc-hc or mpv or something else but I’ve used PP for over a year now and it’s very handy and now i even remember it’s shortcut keys and after meddling with mpc-hc’s setting for about 10 minbutes i personally think that PP’s customizeablity is pretty high, So i don’t want to shift.

    could someone help me fix this issue?

  34. So even the low settings for 4K displays was too much for my notebook gpu. 🙁 So I disabled luma quadrupling, and gpu usage went down from 98% to 25%, and dropped frames went down to nothing.

    Everything seemed fine at a glance, but for some reason I now experience small, small glitches and freezes every 30 seconds to a minute in between??? Not related to gpu or cpu usage. What the heck could that be? Irritating as _f-k_!

        1. But for some reason the problem came back. Every 60 seconds, the Windows Desktop Manager, dwm.exe, is using GPU resources in a way that the video freezes and stutters. Configuring the players to use the Nvidia GPU instead of the Intel “onboard” GPU doesn’t help.

  35. “I do not recommend you to install K-Lite/KCP/CCCP/whatever-wtf-name codec pack with exception of LAV Filter Megamix (tailored for most movie playback but mainly Anime)”

    Well, I use K-Lite for years and works well till now even in latest version.

    ” I prefer mpv due to it being lightweight and less resource hungry, even old toaster with shitty sandy bridge can play 1080p hevc fine”

    I also use K-Lite MPC-HC on my laptop (sandy bridge) and it works well playing 1080p HEVC. MPV just too complicate for me but I install alternative SMPlayer (MPV base) because it has proper interface, easy customize shortcut and so on as alternative player.

    1. Back then, I was using my friend’s crappy sandy bridge laptop (Celeron B820, dual core) to test newer codec if it is playable on older laptop, and it performed smoothly only when using MPV up to 1080p, while you might get some stutter sometimes but rarely happens. You should be fine using MPV-based player.

      Right now, I exclusively only use MPV and LAV Filter Megamix on some cases. MPV works as click-watch-done stuff, while I use MPC for analyzing stuff if any error occurs (OC error, no sound, etc).
      It’s up to you if you want to use any other codec pack, but one thing I know for sure is the one I’ve been using have been giving me zero problem so far for Hi10anime encodes.

      Keep in mind that this guide is dated back from August 2017, so it might be a little outdated, but for the most part, it’s still a proper guide.

  36. I think you should update guide on HOW TO STREAM anime from hi10 without download.

    1. It actually very easy. All you need to do is “copy link” of file that should be download.
    2. Open MPC-HC / VLC / SMPlayer and choose “Open URL”
    3. That’s all.

    For mobile you can try use VLC / MXPlayer. Step also same as above.

  37. Hello
    Thank you very much for great subs!

    I have a playback problem on my Huawei MediaPad T5 tablet (Android 8) and would like to ask for a solution. It seems to happen only with HEVC video. There is no error message but the screen stayed black as the sound played normally.
    I tried a couple of apps including VLC, Kodi, KMPlayer, mpv, MXPlayer, etc. and the same symptom was observed in all of them.
    As for codec, the tablet has some HEVC codec from Google (
    Is there any special setting I need to do first for the playback to be done right? Advice is much appreciated.

    Thank you in advance.

    1. U can try changing the decoder used in MXplayer or mpv to use hardware decoding while playing a video in the top-right corner for MXplayer and on the playback bar for mpv. If that doesn’t work, use software decoding and it should work. That’s what I use on my a5 2017 and it plays x265 files from the site perfectly. Upon a quick google search, the tablet is supposed to have x265 support, so I don’t know why it’s not working out of the box.

    2. Hello everyone.
      Thank you for your help. And I am sorry for the late reply. Didn’t get any time to check my tablet until today.

      After looking around in settings and changing stuff, it turned out the problem was with hardware acceleration/encoding being on. I also read somewhere that this feature makes playback smoother but might not work on some device for some encoding. As fullcounter said, the battery drain increased. Fair trade-off, I suppose.

      By the way, I am trying out Kodi. This player appears to work best for my tablet, with only 2GB of RAM. As far as I can tell, VLC and KMPlayer seems to struggle playing video off USB via OTG. There was a lot of lagging, failing to play the next file, or worse playback stopped suddenly. I do like those two for the ability to quickly put together a playlist though.

      Again thank you very much.

  38. Thank you for doing this excellent guide.
    MPV section needs some updates, especially with introduction of ewa scalers and anime4k for upscaling (better scalers imo compared to what madvr has to offer) and d3d11va hardware decoding and also profile= opengl-hq is outdated and devs recommend profile=gpu-hq.
    I did a comparison of madvr vs mpv in efficiency and quality by recording power consumption using intel power gadget and mpv consistently was more efficient than madvr at similar settings and sometimes even when using software decoding in mpv vs hardware decoding in madvr+mpc-hc.

  39. I need help guys. I’m currently having playback issues with the (Access Violation) with K-lite, with older videos. When I add a external video render like madVR or Enhanced video renderer the video will play, but I cant get subtitles. everything is up-to-date. The video player I am running is the MPC-HC. Any advise would be great, thank you.

    1. hey bud, have you tried the players recommended in this guide? here for example, this also includes potplayer if you want to use that, it will also set up all the filters and such you would need to make it all work properly. I would also recommend trying to use MPV as it is out of the box set up to run just about everything pretty bulletproof.

  40. Hi guys, which player is good for ipad air 4th generation? There are many “MX Players” on the app store and I don’t know which one to get. Or is there a newer alternative?

  41. Does anyone know of a good way to play files with separate OP/ED files (“ordered chapters”) on a smartphone (android)?

    It seems the mpv player here is listed where I had the app and I remember it worked about 2-3 years ago. Not sure … but when I tried recently … it does not seem to work. Only recognizes the parts in the main mkv file. (While on Windows 11 still the KLite Coded Pack with MPC works fine.)

    Considering checking the older versions of the mpv app later – to see if this stopped working at a certain version. (No file names changed manually. And I even tried the MX player free version and did did not work. Weird.)

    1. There was video player app that let you do that, but then user experience outside that sucks. I think it is the mpv app you are saying
      Moving forward I actually plan to do more releases without OCed chapters, just have to figure out the settings to balance size out for it.
      Doing OCed dramatically increases the time we waste for each file, so if it can be avoided, I will, and this means the videos should play with OPED on smartphone, in the far future.

    2. Actually I fixed it – yes the mpv mentioned here in the guide still seems to work. I uninstalled it. Installed an older version from 2-3 years ago (where I remembered it worked). Oddly after updating slowly (I tried to find the last version where it would work) ) noticed …

      that it still works on the latest version. I need to use the “File Picker (Legacy)” option to select the folders and files though. The “Open Document Tree” option in the mpv for android does seem to be buggy. (Maybe for some reason it can’t access external files linked to one mkv. At least at my phone / android version which is from POCO and uses MIUI.)

      Leaving this comment here for others that might encounter a similar problem. Since the player can be set to remember the last page on startup I did not notice. The view actually looks the same – I have set it to display my media folder on startup. For the legacy option the path needs to be specified in the settings – to not start at th root of the scdard. Probably somewhere in the past (with other files that did not use external OP/ED) I changed to use the other option and did not notice/forgot about it since the other files did play without problems.


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