Direct Download is back!

Some people reported problems with the registration, now you can register without e-mail verification, if you had problems you can try registering now!

The direct downloads are back, with our new Gigabit server! We have monthly 100 TB bandwidth! It’s 10 times more than with our previous server, so you can expect ~500-1000 kB/s download speeds, or even more !
While the newest uploads aren't on the server yet, please use the MEGA links for them, they will be uploaded soon, and everything else already works! Our Torrents are back too, with the web-seeds, you can find most of them in our Dropbox Collection.

We’ve added a new page to the website recently, called “External Mirrors“, visitors can share our releases here, which have been reuploaded to external mirrors, like Hotfile, Mediafire, etc. You can check it if you're interested.

Please consider donating if you’d like to support us!
We’re currently accepting PayPal too, you can send an e-mail here for the details.


43 thoughts on “Direct Download is back!”

  1. Direct download doesn’t work for me. After adfly, it opens up a black screen with the vlc logo in the middle and just stays like that. Nothing is downloaded

    1. I agree, I was staggered when the server bills were in the hundreds… o.0

      Keeping Mega hopefully will drive costs down a little and provide some redundancy. 🙂

    1. Did you even read the post?

      While the newest uploads aren’t on the server yet, please use the MEGA links for them, they will be uploaded soon, and everything else already works

  2. hi everybody
    I am so glad to see an impressive project collect all these animes
    you are the best I hope i could help

    Thank you very much for your efforts

  3. can you put adfocus on your older uploads, i tried every solutions on adfly links but i get errors everytime. i really love to download all of your uploads, thanks.

    just a suggestion, can you just put adfly on anime titles not per episodes if adfocus is not available. some people go for torrents and mega and its 1 click anyway. if not possible just ignore this.

    this is just a suggestion no need to hate. thanks for the great uploads.

    1. Adfly should work for normal links with normal file names, there’re some files with special characters in the name, like: “%”, “&”, “+” etc and adfly has problems with those, while all the others should work, by the way if you can write the name of the files that you couldn’t download, I can try to fix them.

      1. i dont know why adfly is not working for me, i tried all the solutions that i read here, first link will always work then for the next adfly link always blue screen and unlimited secs. i find a solution but its very troublesome, i will close my browser then when i open it i need to sign in again and find the series again, takes almost 1 min to click another link. almost all series here is adfly, im only downloading those have adfocus link 🙁
        hope you understand what im saying, thank you.


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