Happy Eid-Ul-Fitr | EiD Mubarak!

Hi10 wishes you a cautious Eid-ul-Fitr.

If there's an evident lesson to learn from the recent couple of years, it's most likely humility, which I've heard is regarded high in honor in religion, too. I urge you all to observe this in the same manner: Don't get carried away with the festivities and don't think God is going to descend and eradicate the COVID-19 because Eid is here! If countless people died helplessly, regardless of their religion, in Ramadan, the month regarded most sacred, surely the next day of the new month isn't going to change anything!

In other words, go Chuunibyou!Improvise, Adapt, Overcome!

Now that I've warned you of what ignorance can bring you, do take a moment to be thankful that you've survived the chaotic times so far and be courageous to keep fighting the odds in coming years too. There's a reason so many people have left this world in just a short amount of time and there surely is a reason you're still here. Don't take it for granted.

Moving onto the most important part: Remembrance of past and future. I hope the readers of this free-style have better luck in life than the ones suffering through appalling aftermath of wickedness and incompetence. May the Uyghurs find some solace and may the Palestinians find the justice they have been devoid of ever since! The ironic thing is that these people, especially Palestinians, have been oppressed for decades and if they dare to fight back, which they should have a right to, they are the ones labelled "terrorists" the next morning. And yet, world news is claiming that Israel has a right to defend itself, which is again true. Uhh, but what about the Palestinians' right to defend? Silence, imbeciles!!!

RIP, O' the unlucky ones!

Now, don't mistake this as an opportunity to start a revolution here! It just felt weird to ignore the atrocities happening all over the world and claim happiness in our little bubble of oblivion. Besides, as it seems, Hi10 is also suffering... from low donations! We want justice money too! Ah, nailed it.

Lastly, if you read carefully, I did mention about the aftermath of incompetence and this brings us to the jaw-dropping situation unfolding in India. If you're not aware of the situation, do look it up and it's no less catastrophic. The point to make here, again, is not about a political rant but how the incompetence of a few people (in the system) is now leading to death of humans like flies. To sum up the situation, which is gathered from the foreign media, the country has run out of all resources and families are forced to watch in despair their loved ones take the last breath. Let's not mince words here and admit that this is nothing short of injustice and a hideous crime has been committed silently against innocent people! May they get over this tragic moment with unprecedented courage and may they be guided to hold the authorities accountable instead of going back to work like a herd of sheep! Moments like these change the history of a nation and may the odds be in the favor of common people, this time.

So, what's the point of all this!?

Who knows? I guess, we gotta appreciate the fact that the life we take for granted could've been perished had we been in a different place at a different time. Dammnnnn... I'm in the zone, today XD. Let's all take a moment of silence for those who're gone, those who will go during the night and those who will survive to see the dawn! This world is a cruel place and before I start quoting something from Shingeki no Kyojin, let's just wrap it up and embrace the humility we, the human kind, had forgotten about.

P.S: How about some donations, O' people of knowledge!? Donating now will give you 2x holy protection points. Don't listen to non-believers; they'd say it's all a hoax 😀
Also, don't start any weird discussion in the comments below after reading this. This post is only meant to wish everyone good luck and a bit of courage in times of need but for that a scent of sincerity is needed; hence, the mention of different happenings around the world. Think of it as a Hi10 meeting where you were forced to listen and were told to disperse after that.
Let's meet again once I wake up from my slumber: El. Psy. Congroo


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