The site is back!

Update: We're sorry about the long wait, site is back now!!!!
New anime episodes will be added soon!

Our website is back now! Sorry for the downtime, since our site used too much resources and bandwidth we needed to upgrade for another package.
From now on you shouldn't see any more errors on the website, and it should be faster, more stable! However, our monthly costs will increase from 160€ to 180€ / month!

Please consider donating if you’d like to support us, because we also have to pay our Gigabit server for October soon ! We’re accepting PayPal too, if you're interested you can send an e-mail here about the details.

I'm sure all of you is already excited about the new Fall Anime season already!
A new poll has been added about the new series, you can vote here!

There are some good new we can announce about the new season - since we have enough encoders we've decided that it will be possible for multiple encoders to encode the same series, from different Fansub groups!
Our first priority always was to use the best quality fansub for our encodes, and this will never change! However by releasing multiple encodes we can also provide faster releases (by encoding from fast groups like HorribleSubs) for people who can't wait for the new episodes, while also encoding the best quality release available as usual!


9 thoughts on “The site is back!”

  1. Horrible Subs is Horrible anyway no need to waste your efforts on that
    People who cant wait for a decent sub can get it from other site or just download them form horriblesubs itself

    But in case if it was like for Attack of Titan where both gg and Lag-Taka are mediocre , Eve taku but one is very very slow (4-5 weeks late) and other is 1 or 2days later and other can be used for BD

    we can have different versions otherwise it is not worth u r bandwidth and u r time..
    Upload those shitty horrible subs or any low par subs to and not on your own sever . so it will affect others

  2. High Quality Mini Encoded & Best Fansub Anime!
    Where else could you’ve find such an amazing site.
    Long live hi10anime!

    I’m so happy after reading this;-
    [“Our first priority always was to use the best quality fansub for our encodes, and this will never change! / while also encoding the best quality release available as usual!”]

  3. hope this side will maintain for 10 years and so on… i love this side so much…

    there are no another side can do better than… trust me.. 😀

  4. Sempais,

    You’d had me worried there after 2 days of no access!!

    I agree with the choice of multiple encoding, and I suggest actually to differenciate them using a simple colour coding: Blue text links indicate a superior sub group involved which may be slower, and a Red/Green text links for the group that’s speedier but may not be the best. And I echo this, please drop HorribleSubs cuz they do not translate OP, EP and insert songs.

    Will defo contribute next month. Cheers!

  5. I think you guys should concentrate more over quality then small size, of course size should be small.

    Multiple encoding is good choice, But will eat lot of bandwidth too!!!

  6. Welcome back Hi10! (^o^)/
    Multiple encoding might not be a bad idea but I still prefer quality of subs over speed of release. I think multi encoding should only be done in special cases like Shingeki to save bandwidth.Also, I trust the encoders on their choice/judgement of what’s the best fansubs they will use for their anime that they are encoding. 😀


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