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1- Guides relating to Encoding (summed up) by aborwx. Get me there.
2- Guide to MkvMerge GUI by zeust. Get me there.
3- Guide to Patch-making by zeust. Get me there.
4- Guide to CMD Encoding by zeust. Get me there.
5- Tips for better encoding by zeust. Get me there.
6- Guide to Avisynth and Avscripts by zeust. Get me there.
7- Guide to CMD OC Encoding by zeust. Get me there.


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    1. It’s a cool font, isn’t it. I’ll tell you (the font name) as soon as I get my laptop back. Currently it’s out of my reach.

  1. It’s been a while since I started using this guide on encoding XD Zeust-san I was just wondering is there a way to change the output format of Minix264? I mean mkv was great but if in some case that I want an mp4 format, is there a way to do that? There is no problem with using MeGUI for the mp4 format but what I’m after is the “queuing” ability of Minix264.

  2. zeust senpai, i have downloaded kimi to boku series season 1 and 2, but i saw the opening and ending seperated from main video. how can i back and mux the opening and ending video to main video? thanks zeust..

    1. Roughly it will be something like that:
      – Cut (separate) the episode video in 3 parts.
      1- Intro (Part 1)
      2- Episode (Part 3)
      3- Preview (Part 5)
      – Encode the OP and ED (given by the encoder for OC) at the same CRF what the episode has been encoded with. (If the CRFs are already same, then no need to encode the OP and ED)
      1- OP (Part 2)
      2- ED (Part 4)
      Finally mux the five parts with mkvmerge. (Part1 + Part2 + Part3 + Part4 + Part5)
      Usually mkvmerge will trim the video according to keyframes, so when the encoders try to trim the videos when they MAKE an OC encode from a simple source, trimming doesn’t go accurately because usually the keyframes are not at the right time-stamp.
      However, if you are going to MAKE a simple encode from an OC source, you won’t need to worry about that (for 99%) because when the encoder made it OC, he must have made sure to have the keyframes are at the right place. (if encoder wants to be someone like me one day, that is) XD
      I’m not sure if there are any tools or programs that will do it all automatically but you can ask in aborwx’s post. He has gathered some variety of tools. Or maybe some other people might help you out there.

      1. zeust senpai, can you show me how the way for best setting encoding an anime with MeGUI? please give me the tutor.. thanks zeust senpai. 😉

        1. Just follow my guides and for settings just see the settings I use for anime here.
          Like ‘Gintama Enshousen’ etc.

  3. How can I set Audio to Japanese language as main? I’m using K-Lite Codec Pack and followed the instructions given by the guides…..seriously it burns my ear drums hearing their english voices…..please help if possible……thanks

    1. use mkvmerge GUI. input your video. change the default track flag to “yes” for the japanese audio and to “no” for the english audio. if you don’t like the english audio, you can drop it by uncheck it. and then mux it.
      note: it is possible for non-OC video.
      *sorry for my bad english

  4. i wonder if you not heard about V.A.F.E from minitheatre..
    it’s really cool tools to encode, make a chapter, add watermark, etc. and you can batch encodes with one preset at once (for encode only. make + add a chapter and add watermark only can do for one encode). for dual audio, you can change default audio too or just encode one.
    i use it and love it. but had stopped update, so must update X264 codec and mkvmerge manually.

  5. Hi there! I am VERY new here, plan to stick around for the long run and will be donating to the site. This may be the wrong place to post this, but I am having trouble with batches on your batch torrent list. It’s the ones that say that they were updated 7 weeks ago. For some reason when I try to download, on my end it cannot open the batch because:

    ‘null’ could not be opened:
    Error reading torrent file ‘C:\Users\Guyver01\AppData\Roaming\Azureus\torrents\[Hi10]_Pani_Poni_Dash_[480p].torrent – Error reading torrent: BDecoder: invalid input data, ‘e’ missing from end of list

    I hope that someone can help me out with this or direct me to the right place to ask. Thanks!

  6. Thanks, but I think that this is a reoccurring problem on all the links to the torrents that say that were updated 7 weeks ago because I just tried this one and I get the same message:

    ‘null’ could not be opened:
    Error reading torrent file ‘C:\Users\Guyver01\AppData\Roaming\Azureus\torrents\[Hi10]_Mobile_Suit_Gundam_SEED_HD_Remaster_[BD_720p].torrent – Error reading torrent: BDecoder: invalid input data, ‘e’ missing from end of list

    Also, this one:

    ‘null’ could not be opened:
    Error reading torrent file ‘C:\Users\Guyver01\AppData\Roaming\Azureus\torrents\[Hi10]_Mobile_Suit_Gundam_SEED_HD_Remaster_[BD_720p].torrent – Error reading torrent: BDecoder: invalid input data, ‘e’ missing from end of list

    Pretty much all the ones with the Modified 7 weeks ago tag.

    1. Yeah and I’m discussing this matter privately with the rest of the team.

      1) Somebody has a backup from before 2014-07-03 we can restore from (preferably an encoder as an anon like yourself might try to slip in a bad torrent aka a torrent with a virus in it).
      2) Everybody fixes their own torrents since I don’t have the time to do that again (I need to fix my server ones too).
      3) We get rid of it since only a handful of us maintain it anyways (ie people forget to add their torrents to the folder).

  7. It seems like a tedious job, seeing how many of these have the same status. I guess I will have to wait until you guys are able to get them back up. I appreciate your help. Thanks!

  8. Why anime sub won’t load in oc mkv?
    Only op sub appeared (default set)
    They both appeared if i put anime and op in different folders though

  9. Just had my first trial run for encoding and I am not sure what I’m doing wrong. I was kinda hoping for a lower file size.

    1. You can join this server of Hi10 and find me by my username. You can contact any staff member there and don’t get all emotional if I don’t reply back because I’ve got a busy schedule these days. There is never a reason I would avoid anyone; I love to discuss with people.
      Link to Hi10 Discord Server.

  10. Hey zeust, a while back I read up on Aborwx’s guides on here and found them to be a good read. Checking back now, it appears his dropbox has been disabled. Do you or someone else at Hi10 happen to have a copy of his guides that can be reposted?

    1. You can use mkvmerge to change the default flag on audio streams. That will give you a new file with default track of your choice. But you can achieve what you want with a neat trick on MPC-HC with LAV Splitter. If you happen to be using LAV splitter on MPC player, open the settings of LAV splitter and there is an option of preferring the audio language of your choice. If there are 2 audio streams in a file comprising of one ‘eng’ language and other ‘jpn’ language, you can insert ‘jpn’ in the setting of LAV splitter and it will automatically play the ‘jpn’ language audio stream from there on forward; once the settings is saved, the language of your choice will be set to default whenever you play any file given that it has ‘jpn’ language audio stream.
      Keep in mind that ‘jpn’ is language code for Japanese language and ‘eng’ is for English.

  11. zeust sama plz tell me how to covert x264 to x265 without any encoding done to the original file no changes no quality loss just plain x265

    1. You need to understand some concept here. XVID, x264, x265 are video codecs. Each codec follows a certain compression algorithm and you cannot change the algorithm without encoding the video stream. x264 -> x265 means the video has been reformatted to follow the algorithm of x265. Same goes for each and every codec conversion. Same is true for audio codecs. AAC -> OPUS means audio stream needs to be encoded with OPUS algorithm. These algorithms are contained in the encoders x264.exe, x265.exe, libopus.exe (in windows executable form for windows OS). In short, to convert a x264 -> x265 video, you will need to encode the video stream with x265 executable which will reformat the video stream data according to its own algorithm.

      On the other hand, lossless compression of x264 -> x265 is possible by using x265 binaries. Better choice would be to use ffmpeg to ease this step down for you.

      ffmpeg -i INPUT.mkv -c:v libx265 -preset ultrafast -x265-params lossless=1 OUTPUT.mkv

      This command will convert the INPUT.mkv to lossless x265 video stream having name OUTPUT.mkv However, be warned that the resulting filesize of the OUTPUT.mkv is going to be huge.

      1. thanks for replying . that without encoding thing came out wrong i meant to say lossless conversion .
        JUST wanted to ask one more thing why would the output x265 would be large doesnt x265 is supposed to give us 50% high compression as compared to x264. i.e 50% reduction in size with same quality.

        1. Because you are telling x265 to do no compression to the video stream. x265 is great for compression and without compression there is no point at all. And since you’re using ultrafast preset, it will be quick without paying any attention to compression. Result would be same quality as source but huge size.

  12. now that everything is cleared up. zeust sama give settings profile for some software like handbrake or staxrip or something else so that i can
    encode some stuff and save some space and still enjoy in best quality hevc. if i use this with preset slow
    ffmpeg -i INPUT.mkv -c:v libx265 -preset slow -x265-params lossless=1 OUTPUT.mkv
    what would be the result.

    1. ffmpeg -i INPUT.mkv -c:v libx265 -preset slow -x265-params crf=23:subme=5:aq-mode=1:aq-strength=0.9 OUTPUT.mkv

      use crf 21-23 for 720p and crf 23-25 for 1080p. Keep in mind that this is going to take a lot of time to finish encoding. To run the following command, you need to have ffmpeg installed and set to your path of command line.

      As for the following command.

      ffmpeg -i INPUT.mkv -c:v libx265 -preset slow -x265-params lossless=1 OUTPUT.mkv

      The output would be a little smaller in size as compared to -preset ultrafast but even that smaller size is going to be huge because it is lossless. Also, with -preset slower it’s going to be very slow and time consuming.

      1. Help please, it does not work to encode the series.
        File “main \ build \ pyi.win32 \ main \ outPYZ1.pyz / loader”, line 184, in encode
        NameError: global name ‘mmg_folder’ is not defined

        1. What program are u using to encode the video? I only use x264 or x265 cli so i can only help with stuff like that.

          Have u tried updating your encoding codec? Going to the latest version usually fixes bugs that were in older builds. Not a guaranteed fix but, its something to test out.

    1. Most of the teaching guides written by the almighty Zeust use cli, I’m not going to force u to use that since most people aren’t used to it/get frustrated with text-only commands.

      I’ve never worked with minix264, only x264 or x265 cli and VAFE.

      Here’s a link to aborwx’s guides:

      Once dropbox opens, click on the guides folder, then click the 2nd file from the left on the top row. That has a doc on how to make a 10-bit encode using minix264.

      Settings and other things that we use at hi10 won’t be elaborated on too much since we only disclose that with staff members. Sorry, rules are rules.

  13. Hi, Im just wondering is this the thread where I can learn how those cool encodes were made? and can I have some walk-through on creating one?

    I want to make some simple BD episode with OP/ED separated.
    10-bit and with low file size. Thank you 🙂

    1. can be tricky as theres multiple ways to do the encoding, like encoding suites. We all seem to do things a bit differently here, so it would make it a bit difficult to try give a definitive way to do it. You could always try join to be an encoder here if you wanted to learn an contribute 😉

  14. I’m looking to do some encoding of large ass files of various series I don’t seem to see here in Hi10. No splitting of OP/EDs, just simple encoding from large file to smaller file size. Once done, hoping there is also a way I can share this with the site. Is there a simple tutorial based on the above guides that can point me in the right direction?

    1. Hey bud, these guides are pretty old. We specifically do the splitting of the OP/ED for ordered chapters to save space, without this we would not really accept encodes without it. For what you are looking to do, I would recommend using Handbrake instead and follow this guide as it seems to do exactly what you are looking for (look in the description for links to get handbrake as well as links to his site that has comparison images as in the video it has the youtube processing and smoothing which alters what it actually looks like). We tend to use CRF 22-24 for 1080p.

      1. This is great! Thanks so much! Regarding splitting of OP/ED, since I’m looking to share stuff too, which guides would I follow then?


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