A happy, joyful and strawberry-filled 'EID MUBARAK' from Hi10.
Enjoy one of the happiest moment of the year 🙂

I heard that smile is one of the easiest and efficient way to communicate. Then it struck me that maybe I can just show my affection rather than writing a long post. And it really brings the inner kindness, doesn't it? I hope I can smile like that one day. Or maybe I'm past that level of humanity. But that does not stop me from celebrating such a wonderful and divine event. And Hi10 wishes you the same.

While you make your surrounding happy, please remember us in your prayers and keep helping us no matter how little it may be. And just as illustrated beautifully above, we are rooting for you with smile on our faces. I hope this smile reminds you of me, Hi10, and all the moments we shared together.

As for the gift, I can just share some information on Gintama. Its 2 OVAs will be aired this summer. And Sunrise has taken its production, yet again. So the greatest joy of anime world is still lurking around XD. But enough about anime, make sure to make your humble wishes by commenting some innocent, but happy statements 🙂

-  Hi10's affection is spreading all over this post, starting from the very beginning.
-  Live long and live happy.


48 thoughts on “Happy EID-UL-FITR | EID MUBARAK !!!”

  1. I see you have substantial knowledge on Islamic occasions and that’s really pleasing. Last time you wished Eid e miladun-nabi.

    Thank you very much for the wish. Happy Eid Mubarak to you as well.

  2. Happy holiday to everyone all around the world and especially you guys,
    Been supporting you from a long time and always will as long as i live.

  3. “Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri 2016!” from -Malaysia.
    I Wishes you celebrate ( Happy Eid Ul-Fitr ).
    May God send his Love like Sunshine
    in his warm and gentle ways
    to fill every corner of your Heart
    and filled your Life with a lot of
    Happiness like this EID DAY
    Thank You Hi10 staff and all Muslims and non-Muslims too.♥.

    1. Well it’s a happy occasion, so I thought I should pick some image with a smile and how can I find a better smile that the one shown in image… something like that.

    1. No one from the site’s staff is from Iran, unfortunately (as far as I know). I guess you are from Iran 🙂
      And about being Muslim, we can’t really say that we belong to only one religion.
      Since it’s a community we have diverse culture and ideals; and just like that some of us are Muslims 🙂

      But putting that aside, I personally believe that we should celebrate every happy occasion, be it Eid or Diwali or Christmas. Why?
      Hmm… well because, the merrier the better 🙂 (And because I’m knowledgeable and know how to respect others way of life XD )


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