Merry Christmas | メリークリスマス

A delightful 'Merry Christmas' from Hi10. Enjoy the happiness while it's there for you. 🙂

Since, I haven't written any post recently I've got a lot of information to feed you. Like what's light and dark? I mean, isn't brightness just the absence of darkness. If you know physics a 'bit', you'll know that light is actually a form of energy and there's the photon particles and all that energy theories. But energy doesn't exist by itself; energy has to be sustained by some source. On the other hand, darkness does not need be sustained; it's not even a form of energy. It's just the manifestation of 'no energy', meaning when there's nothing, there's the darkness.
This leads to a question, what's inside the heart of a newly born? Darkness? Evil? Warmth? Happiness? Bird? Iron Man? -or maybe- Santa? I guess the important question is 'how do we define heart?', not 'what is Santa doing here?'. If we think about it, 'Santa' is just the personification of something that brings you what you wish for. Something independent of the variables of both the world and life itself. Something that just brings you 'that gift', never asking you why he did that and never replying to 'whether he was stalking you'? As I said, independent of the chains that bind you to this world; something not of this world.

If you've noticed that I've started rambling about 'Santa' when I was to indulge into philosophical talk about 'heart', you're really reading this with some attention.

Anyway, putting these meager theories aside, I was wondering how should I come up for Christmas this time, you know. Maybe something funny with a little 'bit' of dark touch to it or maybe something 'yagami light-ish' with a little 'bit' of 'misa' to it. After a 'bit' of brainstorming, I've come up with the idea to come up with something while writing this post and it's unclear to say whether I've done that XD. Tch... it can't be helped, I'll have to use my trump card. COME FORTH.

On a serious note, which is rare in this post, it's a really joyful time of the year thanks to 'Christmas + New Year' combo. Everyone's busy with how to make themselves happy around this time, which is practically the highest point of satisfaction. We don't come to this world with our consent, which is ironic, and yet we are forced to get along with this world. We gotta have some kind of skills to keep ourselves in the system. Some study, some play sports, some bear with some unimaginable hardships, some write posts and some read the posts. But the ultimate thing a human 'usually' wants is happiness. The need of a job is to get money, the need of money is to get what you want, and if you get what you want you'll be happy. It's like a child's logic but it's been eclipsed somehow by hard routine of everyday.

Lastly, a little 'bit' for MOSLEM viewers. If you are thinking that 'Christmas? Tch... There's something been forgotten', I'm aware of EID MILAD-UN-NABI 🙂 The reason I didn't mention this in the title was that it is NOT RIGHT to mix Christmas and EID MILAD-UN-NABI with each other. And I believe this celebration should be humble, not flashy. It's a pretty interesting discussion if you don't know it beforehand. Anyway, HAPPY EID MILAD-UN-NABI, dear Moslems. 🙂

Let's wrap this mixed up, long and informative post with: Enjoy this happiest time of the year, and try to be as cheerful as you can; it's just a few days anyway. What wrong can happen by acting like a human, the being we are apparently so proud of, for ~10 days in a year?

<.> Santa is not real. He was made up by couples with kids. Sometimes kids need to be put to sleep early. XD
<.> Post pic is to remind you that some worthless things are still out there.


27 thoughts on “Merry Christmas | メリークリスマス”

  1. that was a long post, were you on drugs or something? anyway merry christmas Zeust. And i have one question, what is tha name of the anime of that gif where blonde gets crashed to the wall? seems to be a funy one

      1. its christmas bro, don’t lie. Its Boku no +tic nee-san.

        also, TL;DR……………………………………………………………………(jk)

        Merry christmas to you all. Hope you’re ok where you are, and kudos to peeps who are working and struggling to reach happiness or bring it to others. \(^_^)b

  2. Thanks Zeust. one short note on EID MILAD-UN-NABI- it is actually the date of both birth and death of Muhammod (sm). He was born and died on the same day. So as you said the celebration is not flashy.

    The worst thing is today we have X-mas, eid e milad -un nabi and weekend(friday) on the same date. So we missed two gov holidays.

  3. Merry Christmas. Another fantastic year with Hi10, may the next year be bountiful and have plenty of good seasonal animes encoded with size and quality in mind.

    And may all the Hi10 Team be blessed with everlasting lives so that we commoners and sponsors be gifted with un-dead anime download links.

    Happy New Year all.

  4. OMG! I didn’t expect you to make a post this year round Zeusty! <3

    Yes Merry Christmas to all and as for those that don't celebrate it, Happy Holidays!

    To my fellow staff members and loyal and leeching fans at Hi10anime, I hope you have or had a great day!

  5. Buon Natale and Merry Xmas… And as my favorite xmas song said
    “saa kurisumasu… hippai onegai…” sorry sound better when Taiga and Ami-chan sing this together. Vi.

  6. you guys were the ones who encouraged me to live this far and stay strong.. may the GOD bless you all <3 hope you'll all have a better year
    P.S so nice of you congratulating that to muslims, you've got more information about islam than I as a muslim rofl


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