Important News!

We'll have to pay our Gigabit DDL server until the end of October, and we'll also have to pay a new server for the website

Do you think we should stay with our Gigabit DDL server?

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Our previous webserver provider suddenly decided that they'll close down their services... so the new VPS webserver we've ordered some days ago won't work any more, and they can't even pay our money back, while giving us the following statement: "Suggest you all look for a different hosting provider. To the honest paying clients we are really sorry."

So this means we had to get a new server again. We're sorry for the inconvience, but the site should be fast and stable from now on, as we're using a much better, reliable hosting.


42 thoughts on “Important News!”

  1. Really, thanks for never giving up Hi10 team… while the site was gone I was forced to look for other Anime re-encoders and believe me, it was hell.

  2. Dangg…..It never ends… (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻
    And that no refund #~_~
    Anyways enough with what’s done. Thanks for working hard and keeping the site up. \(^_^)/
    Will continue spreading the word about this site so that you guys can feel adfly and get moar donations (ノ・∀・)ノ

  3. wow, they won’t even return your money back? That’s messed up.

    Does that mean you have to reupload everything that you’ve uploaded so far?

    I think we all can say we’re thankful that this site exist and to all re-encoders who’s willing to share high quality animes.

    1. No. Our download host is still alive and kicking. It was just our webhost that decided to give up, so we only have to update a few anime pages with download links again.

  4. It’s sad too see what is happening too this Great and Wonderful Site. It’s Always an Honor too be a Member of HI10Anime…

    I Know where all behind you too keep this Site. Alive…
    So Please Hang in there HI10… All The Best!

  5. first i must say my thanks for all of your hard works.
    Unfortunately i can’t afford to donate, but i have a suggestion that maybe reduce your costs.
    if you can use your download host as back up server and remote upload from it to other file hosts ( etc) then post the link of mirrored link in this site , (along with direct links) and similar sites to it, provide many different hosts to download so anyone can choice the his/her prefered host.
    then many of members can use the mirror links to download anime and it will reduce the consumption of your bandwidth and your costs. you can even add adfly to those links.
    for example i have used external mirrors of hotfile ( to download about 20GB
    anime that prevented from extra cost on your server.
    this is just a suggestion and i don’t know if it is even possible or not but this is all i can do for help.
    sorry to take your time with my bad english.

  6. plz make 2choice free member download from torrent n mega only and premium member for only member that donate every month can access ur giga server that make it fair not just come to leech n complaint about slow download, i believe this will help your web

    1. oh btw i never donate myself same like most ppl here but i dont load from ur giga server also just load only anime that u put it on mega or torrent if anime u dont put on mega or torrent no seed it cant be help that what i think

  7. I really want to donate, however I don’t have a money to donate ’cause I still student and I only have ₱1000 for my monthly allowance. I’ve been around 1 to 2 years on this website, even a single money I didn’t donate on this website. I’m so so so sad that I can’t donate. 🙁 🙁

    Please keep supporting Hi10 Anime 🙂

  8. i am okay with MEGA, it’s fast and reliable.
    just doing this to get your attention. 😀

  9. The old 100Mbit server wont work for this website anymore. Even this new server gets bogged down at times. I really hope people take it into consideration that the last time you all were on the 100Mbit connection the normal download rate was between 2 and 15kb/s. Only way I can think of relieving the stress off that server would be to make it strictly for torrents and using Mega for direct downloads. Seems there is only a small handful of people using the torrents compared to the direct downloads. My two cents for the moment.

  10. Hi guys,
    i think we should go to mega, and have a backup incase something happens to the data. The gigabit server sure is faster than the 100Mbit server, but compared to Mega both are incredibly slow, i get my full bandwidth (12,5MiB/s) from mega, the gigabit server doesnt even offer 1/10… (600-700KiB/s). The security of the data can be achieved by having some backup HDD’s. I already donated twice, and if everyone who voted for the Gigabit server donated at least 1€/Month we wouldnt have this problem, though i think 180€/Month isn’t worth the speed we get.

    tl:dr We should switch to mega with private backups of the data.

    best regards

    p.s.: I have some free Hard drive space where i can backup some data and a decent internet connection as well

    1. Hi,

      To make things more accurate we’re paying around 155 EUR/month for the current Gigabit server, however we also have to pay for our website. Our website costed ~25 EUR at our previous hosting, where we had to purchase a VPS for it to work correctly.
      Currently we have a dedicated server for the website, which even with relatively low spec costs us around 29 EUR/month.
      The problem is that we have to be very careful with DMCA, we’ve experienced with a lot of different servers to have our website with cheaper costs (like 7-10 EUR/month), but they had bandwidth/traffic problems and/or they got DMCA’d so we lost our data suddenly, and had to move, upload a backup we have, redoing posts… etcetc… so we’ve experienced a lot of problems already. After all of this, the only solution is to have a reliable VPS or dedicated server for the site, so it’s fast, stable, doesn’t get shut down suddenly from a DMCA, or another problems… but this costs us 29 EUR/month too.

      So that’s why you see 180 EUR as target, if we have a Gigabit server.

      We could also get a 100 Mbit Dedicated server with 4 TB HDD for our DDL server which would cost 49 EUR/month, so that way both servers could be paid from ~80 EUR/month.
      However, our older visitors should know that our 100 Mbit server was already too slow, sometimes it took an hour to download an episode… that’s why we’ve upgraded to Gigabit.

      We’re planning to keep our Gigabit server if we can, and thanks for anyone who supports us about this, however if we see that we can’t maintain the cost of the Gigabit server in the future (180 EUR/month combined) it’s probably still better to have a 100 Mbit download server than nothing which would cost us 80 EUR/month.

      About MEGA: it would only work if all of our encodes would be uploaded there, I think around 70-80% isn’t, so this is a problem, as they would be lost.
      Also, MEGA does delete some of our uploads sometimes, so it would be a must to have backups from everything, which is around 3 TB, or even more!

  11. Without direct downloads this site would be of no use to me, so I’d rather have it with 100Mb server than with none at all.
    I’m not downloading much anyway.

    1. before think site would be no use to you, lets think u can be use to site or help them yet?, honestly i never help this site myself or donate and even choose 3rd choice since i dont see the point that lot ppl pick to pay for server but nobody wish to donate, i agreed with “brainhack” comment down there if those who pick for rent host go donate a bit not just all talk site will never get moneky issue again. think it totally selfish to told webmaster rent some host n u all no will to help donate so disgusting, most web staff already put lot work encode n stuff, they should pay for host fee too? sigh … ton of ppl so pathetic dont accept the fact and be honestly on what we can or what we cant (if dont wanna help or donate just accept it)

  12. If everyone who voted for the first option (at the moment of writing this post 322 people) payed a mere 50 cent per month, you could easily pay for the Gigabit server. So, why is nearly no one paying for it if obviously half of the people coming here want to keep it? “Yeah, let’s keep the more expensive equipment but let the others pay for it.” Hypocrites, all of you.

  13. Its the GIgabit server thats costing Hi10Anime so much! We need to think of other workarounds with this problem!

    Uploading to other filehosts, the files could get deleted due to copyright thingy! But Hi10Anime can have a chance to earn money for every download since a lot of filehosting sites now gives commission for downloads and premium signups!

    Or you can move to a server less costly than gigabit!

    It could solve the entire problem if everyone could donate, however not all have the bucks and methods to donate overseas.

    Anyways we are all Otakus who just love Animes! 😀

    Keep up the good Work dudes! 😀

  14. hey according to me solution depends upon choices that people make from real world to the anime world. so as one solution you guys can choose this website.
    its where the encoders can upload episodes as backup.
    free users get 5 free downloads at 250KBps. speed. so it is much i was able to download hunterxhunter 720p original file from there in 24 minutes.whose size is 320mb. so as a backup. it can be used for ongoing series. this way it will reduce the bandwidth consumption here.and another thing also that for ongoing it is enough i watches myself 5 anime series which are hunterxhunter, naruto, kingdom 2,magi 2 and hajamme no ippo 3. so. please look at this as free option and as backup because that website is reliable and our encoders will get downloading points for uploading so this way we can also have direct links posted here with some limited downloaded consumption which is both ways good. we are the ones that downloads. we are the ones that really need it.
    this guys are doing great job already. your guys are the best encoders in quality i have downloaded almost 2TB animes in 4 years. so i know quite alot about quality and the timing also. thanks for the service.

  15. personally i don’t see any reason at all not to switch to torrents only, they are designed to get files to a large number of ppl out and fast. i only use torrents (when there are any and not another 404 error on the link …), they should be faster than ddl from a 100mbit server, i would only use that as a seedbox and backup storage if you want to make sure all the torrents are seeded.

    tip for those ppl who “can’t use torrents because of their crappy ISP” there are commercial games out there who get distributed via torrents, complain to your isp about it untill they fix it or switch to someone willing to give your real internet access …

  16. note: Kim (founder of Mega or Megaupload) was already sent by goverment of New Zealand back to America by request of America goverment and not only that there some major change on law in New Zealand about broke the law.

    And not only that there will be new rule on new Zealand in the future about piracy so DMCA will applied on New Zealand too, so please prepare if use Mega there will be a chance it will became just like Mega upload

    1. Actually he was extradited for other (false?) charges and not for copyright infringment, which is not an extraditable charge anywhere in the world, (unless some legislator is crazy/has worms in the brain), that was the only way to extradite him, I don’t know if the NZ law is gonna change anytime soon but, I know that any file hosting service like Mega is subject to complaints and they won’t think twice before removing any file that might cause troubles for them. The only difference from Megaupload and Mega is the new cryptography system (and some minor fancy feature of course), it means that even if their servers get seized again, all the users files and informations should be safe, this time.


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