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Direct Download is back!

Some people reported problems with the registration, now you can register without e-mail verification, if you had problems you can try registering now!

The direct downloads are back, with our new Gigabit server! We have monthly 100 TB bandwidth! It’s 10 times more than with our previous server, so you can expect ~500-1000 kB/s download speeds, or even more !
While the newest uploads aren't on the server yet, please use the MEGA links for them, they will be uploaded soon, and everything else already works! Our Torrents are back too, with the web-seeds, you can find most of them in our Dropbox Collection.

We’ve added a new page to the website recently, called “External Mirrors“, visitors can share our releases here, which have been reuploaded to external mirrors, like Hotfile, Mediafire, etc. You can check it if you're interested.

Please consider donating if you’d like to support us!
We’re currently accepting PayPal too, you can send an e-mail here for the details.


New Server

Thanks to the donations, and the new server which Zet has found we could finally upgrade to Gigabit! We hope you'll enjoy the fast download speeds.
The bandwidth isn't unlimited, currently we have 50TB for a month, but if we have enough donations, and support with the ads we can upgrade to 100TB any time, or even more, so if you like the new server please consider supporting us.
Basically the amount of monthly income will decide how much bandwdith we can pay for, thereby how much download speed we can enable / user, currently it's set to 200 kB/s.

We've also added BitCoin to our donations page, as multiple people requested it.
There's also a new poll you can check, about the upcoming Summer season!

To keep the new server alive we’ve enabled bc.vc for the download links, since 90% of you supported the idea in our previous polls, it should generate enough income to pay the website, at least starting from the next month, if you’d like to support us please don’t use adblockers, and wait 5 sec before a download, it isn’t much time!
Clicksor has been enabled for guests; users who aren’t registered (or aren’t logged in) to the website. If you’d like to support us with Clicksor you need to logout to see the ads, if you don’t want to see Clicksor you can register/log-in to the website, though you can’t support the site like that! I hope everyone is satisfied with this solution.

Do you like this new method, how we added Clicksor ads?

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