Server Changes — Freedom Move

What's bandwidth limit? Never heard of it...

We've switched to better service that allows 200 TB / month. With this, we've lifted all the speed limitations. May people remember that we made this move to provide more freedom and better service to our fans. Previously there were some ridiculous comments when we put up the speed limitations and honestly such people never cared one bit. But here we are... striving to become better nonetheless.
Just a step forward to show our sincerity. Here... to bright future and empty wallets.

PS: Donation quota has been changed to €230/month.


20 thoughts on “Server Changes — Freedom Move”

  1. I didn’t mind speed limit if it would mean that we can limit download cause past few months there were increased cost for server. Now it’s nice that there is bigger limit but there will be bigger maintenance cost each month so I wonder if there will be enough money each month for this.

      1. well actually you just need to go discord to request any thing, but it goes end of list, donators has just higher priority…
        all depends on encoders what they like to do lol
        so donating isn´t must but much apreciated since it helps alot for server costs…

        yeah its sad for lurkers to whine about ddl speeds when they could just donate little to help for servers and get no limits in exhance lol

  2. man, i’ve been visiting this place since the early days, when the download speed is quite slow but providing an encode with a 50ish mb, i thought at that time that this website is amazing and still is up to this day

  3. I for one understood well that the paradise of fast downloads for free couldn’t last – I’m suprised it lasted that long, to be honest. Didn’t even consider circumventing the new limits, though they did irk me somewhat. I suppose it’s time I started donating as well…

  4. ░░░░█▐▄▒▒▒▌▌▒▒▌░▌▒▐▐▐▒▒▐▒▒▌▒▀▄▀▄░

    1. Try downloading the series again since I was unable to replicate the problem. If it occurs again, please tell me which series are affected by this and I’ll check the files/links on my end.

  5. I thank you for being so kind and would have not faulted you for sticking to your last plan. Sure it was annoying but in the end, you guys are providing a free service and I will admit, even I felt that downloading a single episode in a couple of minutes was EXTREMELY fast that it felt a little wrong (although going from a few minutes to an entire hour was a bit disheartening).
    I do agree with some other people though that limiting download speeds won’t change much as those that leech will still download the same amount, just less (at most it would just make people leave the site).

    I am not in any position to be donating regularly so until then, the only thing I can do is not download very much a month. I hope you guys won’t have too much trouble with the bills going forward!

  6. This is absolutely ludicrous and quite frankly disappointing from the anime community. Not to those dedicated and fortunate enough to help this wonderful site out but for those who dared to complain.

    Non-donators have no right to ridicule the owner(s) or content providers of this fabulous website and instead should be worshiping the admins who are dedicated to bringing us such wonderful encodes to download and enjoy. It is shocking to hear that there were those brave enough to complain about free content that otherwise is not readily available. To those who had the nerve to complain… SHAME ON YOU!

    That being said, I’d like to extend a big THANK YOU to the owner(s) and content providers for bringing us many hours of enjoyment at no cost to a great many of us. To those who do support this website with donations to keep up with server costs, THANK YOU from the depths of my heart.

    I wish I personally had the additional funds to help out this website that I use periodically, but unfortunately all I can do is extend my gratitude.

    Thank you.


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