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Kami wa Game ni Uete Iru. [1080p] (Ongoing)

Kami wa Game ni Uete Iru.

Synopsis for: Kami wa Game ni Uete Iru. (Spring 2024)
High school apathy takes a deadly turn for Naoto Niizuma when bored gods yank him into a high-stakes game. Thrust into a competition against his classmates, Naoto must overcome bizarre challenges, outsmart the whims of capricious deities, and face his own indifference to survive. With his life and reality on the line, can Naoto rise to the challenge or will he become another pawn in the gods' amusement?
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Grimm Kumikyoku [1080p, Dual Audio]

Grimm Kumikyoku

Synopsis for: Grimm Kumikyoku (Spring 2024)
The classic fairy tales you thought you knew are about to be rewritten. This anthology series takes familiar stories like Cinderella and Rapunzel, but injects a healthy dose of darkness and explores them from a fresh perspective. Instead of happily ever afters, the characters grapple with the harsh realities that might lie beneath the surface of these happily ever afters. We meet a young girl named Charlotte, whose curiosity about the darker side of these stories compels her brothers, the famous Brothers Grimm, to re-examine their own collection. Get ready for a unique spin on these timeless tales, where the line between good and evil blurs, and the true cost of wishes comes to light. Continue reading Grimm Kumikyoku [1080p, Dual Audio]

Aiyou de Mishi [HEVC, 1080P]

Aiyou de Mishi (X&Y) | Aiyou's Secret Room (Spring 2023)
After going out for late-night drinks, Yan Yuechu and his colleague Hu Zhi find refuge from the rain in a rather unusual place: the building harboring Xu Aiyou's escape game, XY. Despite the game's infamy and its mysterious owner, the duo decides to give it a try. With one hour to solve riddles and find their way out of a maze of eerie rooms, Yan Yuechu and Hu Zhi manage to clear the game in time. However, glimpses of what appears to be Xu Aiyou's troubled past scattered throughout the game leave a deep impression on the men—an impression so lasting that vivid scenes from new escape games creep into their dreams.
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Pluto [HEVC, 1080P]

Pluto | Pluto (Fall 2023)
Famous for his military service in the 39th Asian War, the legendary Swiss robot Montblanc is violently murdered. Humans and robots around the world mourn for the beloved celebrity. Montblanc's popularity only grew in the years following the war, thanks to his dedication to nature conservation and his loving personality.
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