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Otomege Sekai wa Mob ni Kibishii Sekai Desu [HEVC, 720p]

Otomege Sekai wa Mob ni Kibishii Sekai Desu

Type nyaa for a surprise xD
Synopsis for: Otomege Sekai wa Mob ni Kibishii Sekai Desu (Spring 2022)
Office worker Leon is reincarnated into a particularly punishing dating sim video game, where women reign supreme and only beautiful men have a seat at the table. But Leon has a secret weapon: he remembers everything from his past life, which includes a complete playthrough of the very game in which he is now trapped. Watch Leon spark a revolution to change this new world in order to fulfill his ultimate desire... of living a quiet, easy life in the countryside! Continue reading Otomege Sekai wa Mob ni Kibishii Sekai Desu [HEVC, 720p]

Kakkou no Iinazuke [HEVC, 720p]

Kakkou no Linazuke

Type yuki for a surprise xD
Synopsis for: Kakkou no Linazuke (Spring 2022)
16-year-old super-studier Nagi Umino, second-year student at the Meguro River Academy high school, was switched at birth. On his way to a dinner to meet his birth parents, he accidentally meets the brash, outspoken, Erika Amano, who is determined to make Nagi her fake boyfriend as she never wants to actually marry. But once Nagi makes it to dinner, he finds his parents have decided to resolve the hospital switch by conveniently having him marry the daughter his birth parents raised...who turns out to be none other than Erika herself! Continue reading Kakkou no Iinazuke [HEVC, 720p]

Dance Dance Danseur [HEVC, 720p]

Dance Dance Danseur

Synopsis for: Dance Dance Danseur (Spring 2022)
Junpei is happily snoozing away during his sister's ballet recital when a male ballet dancer steps onto the stage. Moved by the strength and skills the dancer displays, the boy discovers his love for this art. But after a certain tragedy happens, he vows to leave his past behind and turn into the epitome of manliness! What will he do when his love for ballet reignites?! Continue reading Dance Dance Danseur [HEVC, 720p]