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Katsute Mahou Shoujo to Aku wa Tekitai shiteita. [HEVC, 1080p]

The Magical Girl and the Evil Lieutenant Used to Be Archenemies

An evil organization invades and destroys everything in its path. The brains of the brutal operation is the king’s right-hand man, an evil lieutenant named Mira. Everything changes when a magical girl named Byakuya Mimori tries to stop the evil group in their tracks. When Mira confronts her, he knows it’s love at first sight. What will become of Mira and Byakuya, stuck between orders and love? (crunchyroll)

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Tower of God S2 [HEVC, 1080p]

Kami no Tou: Ouji no Kikan | Tower of God: Return of the Prince (Summer 2024)
Ja Wangnan can’t seem to pass the 20th floor. Even after failing time and time again, he refuses to give up. On his journey, he meets a mysterious and powerful character named Viole. Wangnan invites Viole to join his team of Regulars. Their journey continues with new challenges at every turn.
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Nige Jouzu no Wakagimi [HEVC, 1080p]

Nige Jouzu no Wakagimi | The Elusive Samurai (Summer 2024)
Eight-year-old Tokiyuki Houjou, the next successor of the Kamakura shogunate, is a young boy lacking talent in everything besides hide-and-seek. One day, his carefree life is abruptly turned upside down when Takauji Ashikaga brutally seizes power from the Kamakuras, ending their reign.
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Atri -My Dear Moments- [HEVC, 1080p]

ATRI: My Dear Moments | Atri: My Dear Moments (Summer 2024)
In the near future, a sudden and unexplained sea rise has left much of human civilization underwater. Ikaruga Natsuki, a boy who lost his mother and his leg in an accident some years earlier, returns disillusioned from a harsh life in the big city to find his old countryside home half-swallowed by the sea. Left without a family, all he has to his name is the ship and submarine left to him by his oceanologist grandmother, and her debts.
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My Crossdressing Senpai [HEVC, 1080p]

Senpai wa Otokonoko | My Crossdressing Senpai (Summer 2024)
Makoto Hanaoka, a womanly second-year student, easily attracts other people's attention. First-year student Saki Aoi is no exception, and she falls in love with Makoto at first sight. Having a vibrant and vigorous personality, she does not hesitate to confess her feelings to her senior. However, Makoto differs significantly from the person Saki perceives: Makoto is not a girl, but rather a cross-dressing boy!
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2.5 Dimensional Seduction [HEVC, 1080p]

2.5-jigen no Ririsa | 2.5 Dimensional Seduction (Summer 2024)
"I have no interest in real girls!" So claims Okumura, the president of the school's manga club. He's your typical otaku, obsessed with a sexy (fictional) 2D manga character known as Lilliel. Then the new school year starts, and a (real!) 3D girl named Ririsa whose passion is cosplay joins the club.
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Plus-Sized Elf [HEVC, 1080p]

Elf-san wa Yaserarenai | Plus-Sized Elf (Summer 2024)
Naoe-kun, a massage therapist, is about to head home for the day when he's saddled with a rather strange patient. This lovely lady has emerald eyes, pointy ears, and grew up in the forest—everything about her screams "elf," except for one thing: her bodacious body.
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Monogatari Series: Off & Monster Season [HEVC, 1080p]

Monogatari Series: Off & Monster Season | Monogatari Off & Monster Season (Summer 2024)
After graduating from high school, the story of Koyomi Araragi came to an end. This time, it truly ended. However, the story of the girls who were saved by Araragi was not over. It is a prequel, or perhaps a sequel to their struggles in youth.
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Shikanoko Nokonoko Koshitantan [HEVC, 1080p]

Shikanoko Nokonoko Koshitantan | My Deer Friend Nokotan (Summer 202)
No one knows Torako used to be a delinquent. All of her classmates only know her as the perfect student. But everything changes when Nokotan, a transfer student with antlers, enters her life. Antlers aren't the only thing strange about Nokotan.
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