Happy EID-ul-Fitr | EID Mubarak!

May your Ramadan fasts be accepted by The Higher Throne.
Hi10 wishes you a blissful Eid.

I had some shows planned for this occasion and God laughed XD Well, it can't be helped but still I had to wish you guys. I know many of you get emotional about this even though no one cares about it all round the year.

I'm keeping it simple this year because I'm very busy recently. May you have a kind heart for someone who's wishing you amidst unexpectedly tough schedule. Remember us, who work pretty hard to bring you stuff & plot, in your prayers. Many of us are being submerged in our busy lives yet somehow making it through and providing you with good releases.

Lastly, here's a present OFFU!


14 thoughts on “Happy EID-ul-Fitr | EID Mubarak!”

  1. Thanks Zeust. You have very good knowledge of different festivals of different religions.

    Thanks to Hi10 group as well. Wishing you and the group Eid Mubarak.


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