Long Live The Queen: 92nd Version

One thing lead to another and somehow we are celebrating 92nd birthday of our one and loli queen.

Don't ask how a site about anime ends up with this; just let it happen. There are many things in this world that went unexplained and this is one of them. But anyhow, since this is supposed to be a happy occasion, we thought the more the merrier.


15 thoughts on “Long Live The Queen: 92nd Version”

  1. now if someone would actually make an actual rpg of this game that would be great lmfao

    enjoyed the game for what it’s worth.

  2. Oh isn’t that Elodie(lol why i always remember Alodi from warcraft when mentioning her)its good game if you like VN.
    As for why the “loli queen” things well she become queen in her 15th birthday and the art/image for her potrait is well loli-like
    But yeah why the 92nd?as i remember the gane itself released in 2012,no?

  3. …maybe Zeust is playing the game for the 92nd time? Looks like an interesting game. Stat building looks kind of complex though.

  4. The Queen as in the Queen of the United Kingdom.
    She recently turned 92 so seems like this page is for that purpose.
    Don’t ask anyone why it was made though.


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