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Best male character of 2012?
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Best female character of 2012?
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62 thoughts on “Vote for the best anime characters of 2012!”

    1. Best characters from a person with a good taste:

      Male: Emiya Kiritsugu(Fate/Zero)
      Female: Watashi(Jinrui wa Suitai Shimashita)

      Fixed that for you.

    2. I forgot GINTOKI IS IN THE LIST! DAMN! WOE UNTO ME! That’s cheating though he’s like the best male character of ALL TIME, there’s no need for him to participate again.

  1. meh, of course SAO char win again =,=

    but for me 😮
    male: takigawa yoshino => he’s smart, calm, and cute XD

    female: sakura ichiko => she’s the typical ojou-sama and strong-willed too 😮

  2. there’s a female chara in male list, but it would be a spoiler to tell you which it is lol

    btw voted for joseph joestar and nanba mutta for male, yassan and inaba for female

  3. Voted sakata gintoki and nanba mutta for male.

    Are there others like these guys I’m unaware of? Around their 30s (though really, I mean adults, age isn’t really important, no highschoolers basically…), kinda lazy and silly, but very much a good (not perfect) guy at heart?
    I enjoy anime with a guy like that in the lead immensely, and am looking for another series to start watching after blasting through the 38 episodes of uchuu kyoudai in 2 days 😀

    1. Because she didn’t get a role in Amagami SS+, which aired this year.

      We’ve tried to add all relevant characters.

      For example Gintama enchousen only got the 3 main characters + Kintoki, because only 4 episode aired this year, and based on that you can’t really vote on the other characters.

  4. Look…. SAO…. SAO… EVERYWHERE….. XP

    i don’t vote .. cuz my best anime character all time is:
    male : Lelouch Lamperouge (code geass)
    female : Hirasawa Yui ( K-On!)

    2012 anime is suck compared to the older anime……. bah..

    1. Well Lelouch is my all time fav chara too xP

      but since this poll is about most fav character of 2012 so why not vote 😛

      and thats a stupid argument…. you comparing the all the anime made on last thirty years against the anime made this year? =_=

  5. Male
    Sakata Gintoki …always . (the best anime character everrrrrrrrrrr)
    Emiya Kiritsugu — the bastard killed a servant haha he is bad ass 🙂
    Takigawa, Yoshino From Zetsuen no Tempest — he maybe girly sometimes but has a cool brain and can be bad ass when its needed
    Oreki, Houtarou from Hyouka — another character liike yoshino cool and calm

    Saber from Fate/zero — dont even need to say anything strong beautiful etc ..
    Hekmatyar, Koko from [Jormungand] — its been a long time since i saw a female character like koko she is awesome brainy, cool, sexy .. da F**K she is a arms dealer wht u need more than that 😉
    Kusaribe, Hakaze from [Zetsuen no Tempest] — she is powerful sexy and she can destroy the world … bad assss 😉

  6. Suckish Art Online in top of polls again….. =_=”

    My most fav. male- Oreki Houtarou (ALL HAIL ENERGY CONSERVATION!)

    Most fav. female- Shiina Mashiro ♥♥

    1. Well if it isn’t Mori-senpai~ ^-^ How are you doing, senpai? (x
      By the way,
      For a Male character, that would be Yuuta Togashi and for a female character, that would be Rise Matsumoto from Yuru Yuri.

    2. “Suckish Art Online” – Nice one 😀
      I persoanlly feel SAO was good but it do not deserve to be at top, neither its protagonist.
      And yeah, Oreki is more likeable and ALL HAIL SUGAR LOVER – GINTOKI 🙂

  7. Kirito & Asuna wins, why? Blame the anime for having awesome animation. xD but (¬‿¬) I don’t vote for heart breaker like him.
    I don’t know what is the meaning of “Best” nor this poll is all about. So, The best anime character of 2012, none. (– . –).
    My top favorite character of the year : Yuuta Togashi (male) & Shiina Mashiro (female). ◠‿◠

  8. More people should watch Tasogare Otome x Amnesia, it was my favorite this year, along with SAO (obviously) and Nisemonogatari. Didn’t really see many Anime this year due to being busy, and wont see any next year. (Uni exams coming up next year x.x)

    1. Tasogare Otome x Amnesia i felt it was missing power. perhaps it was just be but i felt like the first 6 episodes wasn’t all that ‘strong’ i will say sh*t got real tho from 6-12. Stuff got serious and interesting. But yes i would recommend that as well.

      SAO, other than Accel World thats the only anime i’ve seen based on a game of some sort (excluding /hack) i enjoyed that as well.

      However i would recommend BTOOOM! if you haven’t already seen that.

  9. This is how i think the top characters should be.

    Male: Emiya Kiritsugu (Fate/Zero)
    Female: Himiko (BTOOOM!)

    As much as i love Amagami SS+, Queen’s Blade, Accel World, K and even the over rated Sword Art Online. i had to pick these two over how they were created.

    Emiya Kiritsugu’s character had power, full of tactical and combat ability; 100%best character of 2012 – Kirito was too overpowered and just over hyped; don’t get me wrong i do like Kirito, the art, and the characters dedication however Kiritsugu just owns alot more emotion was expressed from him.

    Himiko. Not only a gamer girl, or a fiesty hot blonde, or even ‘kawaii’. Her expressions are pricessless, cleavage and panty shots are the best i’ve seen since Highschool of the Dead and even during the story she still remained as one of the ‘powerful’ or ‘outstanding’ characters. As much as i love those girls in Amagami, or Liliana’s whole character design from Queen’s Blade. All the girls who look ridiculously hot i pick Himiko from BTOOOM!

    As for best anime of 2012, i can’t deside between BTOOOM! or Fate Zero.
    Fate Zero. All critics, fans and reviewers said it. Best fighting, Epic Story, Excellent Presentation. As for me personally BTOOOM! i finished it within 12 hours of just picking it up (Including Sleep during those 12 hours) it was just too interesting!

    1. Asuna may also be a very nice character, i will have to give her the number 2 spot. Not only for looks but she’s actually quite similar to Himiko in a way.

  10. Himiko from Btooom is the hottest female character in 2012

    I also think most females from To Love Ru Darkness are hot, but I didn’t watch it because I’m waiting for uncensored version


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