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106 thoughts on “Vote for the best anime of 2012!”

    1. Of course, Sword Art Online is the winner even in the Light Novel the Sword Art Online is 1st of the Top Selling Novel in Japan of 2012 by Series and Volumes.

      Source: Anime News Network

        1. actually SAO ratings dropped a lot since episode 15 onwards… they even resort to ecchi cover for their bluray trying ot boost their sales… not saying what you said is wrong, but SAO doesn’t deserve it….

      1. agreed, sometime i hope ep14 is end of sao episode. it’s will be good+sad+end story and remembered till you sleep 😀

        btw, i vote Tasogare Otome x Amnesia, kokoro connect and btoom

  1. There were a lot of good animes this year^^
    But I don’t see SAO as the best…
    Like Zeil said, it’ll be better to choose the best one of every season..
    Anyway, thank you hi10anime! + Happy new year minna

  2. a good idea but pointless when some of the current series are just half way through (Robotics;Notes ,Sakurasou no Pet na Kanojo ,Ixion Saga: Dimension Transfer , all have 20+ episodes ) and could go badly in the later half (hopefully they dont though)

    a poll for completed series for each season would have more defined results as people would have to go back and rewatch some older series to compare with the latested series.

    there is atleast 22 that ive enjoyed for their genre , some for continuing on from a previous series or just being so wonderfully out there 😀

    thank you for continuing to provide quality anime downloads , have a safe and enjoyable christmas/new year 😀

    1. You are not exactly mistaken, but when a series is already up to the halfway point you can see it most of the time how good it is, and you can feel how much you’re enjoying it. I felt that it is better to include them, as they still belong to this year.

      We always have polls for the different seasons under the “Polls” section, thought it is usually for the most anticipated anime series for the different seasons – there will be up a new poll in a few days too, about the Winter 2013 season.

  3. happy new year to all encoders and follower h10 anime BANZAI !!!
    sorry my englist is bad
    if may ask anime sekirei is there season 3?
    do they will make a season 3?
    I was wondering whether anyone knows about the news

  4. I hate voting. Looking at the one whom lead the vote, I now know why most of my encodes got troll votes. Many people know how SAO is shitty compared to other obscure anime who really deserve being “best”. The title of this should named most popular instead of “Best”.

    Gah whatever, Psycho Pass, Jinrui, and Nichibros still got my vote. And I’ll keep encoding those obscure animes so people know how wrong their choices were (I’m so elitist!).

    1. Well, the vote rather shows which are the most popular series, instead of which are the best, as everyone votes for the series which he/she himself thinks as the best, but still the results are interesting in many ways.

    2. Good taste there, bro. Jinrui should be the ultimate AOTY. I myself vote for Jinrui wa Suitai Shimashita, Yuruyuri♪♪, Girls und Panzer. Nisemono and Nichibros should be in my top 5. Psycho Pass not really finished yet, I’d better vote for something else.
      Girls und Panzer needs more love. It’s my favorite this season (it is currently this season best selling anime in Japan, btw), it’s just sad to see how obscure and underrated this show outside Japan, especially least at this website.
      And yes, SAO a shit.

    3. Well SAO may not be the “best” but it definitely isn’t shitty. Anyway i vote for Kuroko no Basuke, Jormungand and Kingdom these are what like(and not what i think is “best”) so i agree with “Most Popular” as the title and 3 votes for almost 140 series are not enough.

  5. its just my opinion
    doesnt anyone feel that sao a little weird?
    kirito never lose even once, he just almost lose but its draw againts akaba
    he can defeat almost all boss solo

    thats my opinion

    1. comon dude.. SAO is based and made on the theory and idea of MMORPG games like world of warcraft and such games and as u see people liked it because it was something new.. it had nothing to do with being unbeatable or immortality

      and i myself personally liked it for the atmosphere it had and the roleplays..

        1. if u want to say
          virtual game anime? i VOTE for HACK G.U of course
          if just the game in ps2 image,movie is the same with the anime image it will make sao looks like dumb movie

  6. I watch them all. In general, everything is good (especially in the fall). But the anime that left a strong impression is SAO. chuu2 actually is good as well, unfortunately the number of episodes that there are not many. 😀

  7. baka to test to shokanjuu not at list huh ? good comedy for me TT__TT
    voted for accel world, sakurasou no pet no kanojo, kuroko no basuke at least

    btw, keep going h10anime, merry christmas and happy new year all !!

    1. Baka to Test to Shoukanjuu is an anime from 2010, it second season was in 2011, and this poll is about anime series from 2012, that’s why you can’t find it in the list.

  8. my opinion :

    The Best Comedy 2012 : Nichibros
    The Best Mindf*ck Action : Psycho-Pass
    The Best Story & Music : Sakamichi no Apollon (coz i like jazz XD)

  9. My Top 3 are:
    1. Sakurasou no Pet no Kanojo
    2. Kono Naka ni Hitori, Imouto ga Iru!
    3. Yuruyuri♪♪

    Just three is not enough, since I liked a lot more animes this year then only those 3.

  10. SAO – well I am MMO fan, so I must support it 😀
    Fate/Zero – amazing graphics
    Hyouka – just something fresh
    HS DxD – it pointless, but… you know what i mean
    Chy-2 byo – I think that everyone has his own deeply inside him
    Campione was stupid but kind of fun

    Magi seems interesting, but it is ongoing, so i will pass for now7

    Worst- may be BTOOOM! – I hate incompleate seasons

  11. Well since SAO and Chu-2-whatever are pretty fresh at this time, they’re getting a lot of attraction.
    IMO, SAO’s pretty good. Not my one of the favorite though.
    Chu-2 is above average.

    Some older anime of 2012 that I really liked, and that are actually worth enjoying are:

    Kuroko no Basuke – Cool storyline and its been a while I felt something as epic as the last two eps of it. Strong stuff 🙂

    Hyouka – Unique storyline and good protagonist (I tend to like lethargy 😀 )

    Danshu Koukosei no Nichijo – Damn, it’s hell of a fun in it. I mean it’s aimed especially for teenagers and who doesn’t have his teen-life. Really enjoyed it.

    Also, ‘Kamisama Hajimemashita’ is pretty awesome. It’s way more funny and amusing than other comedy animes. I really liked it. I noticed not many people seem to be on that anime’s thread. I suggest people to give it a try.(Infact, I’ll place it among my five best comedy anime including GINTAMA, OHSHC, and DLOHSB. Now that I mentioned Gintama – Only 4, 5 new ep are up this year yet, but clearly just mind blowing. I don’t know how do its staff came up with that awesome comedy)

    And the animation in ‘K’ is pretty awesome as well as seiyuus (voice actors). Didn’t like much of the storyline, though.

  12. 1) Sword Art Online ( I Know this is vote for anime, but I vote this because the LN… )

    2) Nisemonogatari ( Same as no 1… )

    3) Symphogear ( This is for the song, not anime… )

    This is my true vote for Anime :

    1) Robotic;Notes

    2) Fate;Zero 2nd Season

    3) Aquarion Evol

    4) Jormundgand

    5) Moyashimon Returns

    NB : If you haven’t watch those 5 then you are missing the true anime in 2012…

      1. SAO is good… no one can’t deny it..

        When I first watch SAO I think this is the best anime in this year, especially in ALO Arc.. But when I read SAO LN, the anime is like…, heh.., you know when you read it…

        But it’s still good… But I will not give it first rate rank…

        it’s true in japan itself Accel World Rating is above SAO..
        Because SAO is prologue of Accel World.. You know it if you read There is but One Ultimate Way (Alicization spoilers)…

    1. WHat is so good about Accel World ? A fat boy who becomes a pig in virtual world. The story is very generic.

      Another, Btooom, Zetsuen no Tempest, Magi and many other animes are far superior. Maybe you didn’t watch these ?!

      Sworld Art Online is also overrated but a least it more enjoyable to watch than Aceel World

  13. More people should watch Tasogare Otome x Amnesia, it was my favorite this year, along with SAO (obviously) and Nisemonogatari. Didn’t really see many Anime this year due to being busy, and wont see any next year. (Uni exams coming up next year x.x)

  14. I think SAO got the highest vote because it also the most popular. Probably many people did not watch some of the other animes which are far superior. I do like SAO, but it has a lot of plot holes, plus the second half is not not that good.

    How many people watched Another, Btooom or Zetsuen no Tempest ? If you watched these then I would be surprised if you would still vote for SAO.

    Also, I’m surprised that Accel World got high votes.It is among the worst animes I’ve watched in 2012. I did not watch the entire anime, I dropped it half way because the story and character sucks

  15. Joshiraku just got 9 votes!? O.o

    Well, no wonder. There’s just a few people who watch that anime –a

    I choose Gintama’ Enchousen, Joshiraku, and Nisemonogatari. (Hardly choose between Nisemonogatari and Fate/Zero)

  16. Nobody mentioned Bimbougami!!? That show was freaking hilarious, and definitely one of my favs from 2012.
    My other favs were Hyouka and Fate Zero.
    I guess SAO should be on my list as well, since i watched it till the end. But i get why all the hate for it, the series did go downhill. But i still remember the first episode. I felt it was epic and definitely memorable. That’s about all the good I can say for it though..

  17. I’ll stay with you this year, next year, and the year after next year, until there is no year anymore bwahahaha 😀

    oh, fate zero is on 2nd place.
    my friends told me that sword art online is great, but I haven’t watched it yet.
    maybe I’ll wait the 1080p : )


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