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Problems with AdF.ly?

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Some of you are having problems with adf.ly, and there can be numerous reasons as to why. The following solutions should work.

Solution 1: Clear your internet junk i.e. cache

Solution 2: A plugin*+ you have installed in your browser is conflicting with adf.ly. Disable/remove it.
*A download manager you're using could be causing the problem.
+Adblock will send you to the hotlinking page. Adblock is a plugin, so disable it.

Solution 3: If all else fails try incognito mode (Ctrl + Shift + N) ! Incognito mode is a browsing option that doesn't record anything or rely on any plugins to function properly - this solves the problem for the most users!

Solution 4: If every thing fails try another browser, FireFox, Chrome, or use Internet Explorer (From IE the new 10.0 is recommended).

Solution 5: If you can change your IP address - reconnect to the internet, or reset your modem, or restart your PC, this should solve the loop problem.

Solution 6: If your browser wants to play our videos disable the plugin of your movie-player. VLC can cause problems with bad settings, or you can uninstall VLC, and use some of our recommended players.

Solution 7: If you have trouble using Internet Download Manager (IDM), uncheck "capture downloads from the following browser" in options / general, and it will work. Also, you can check this guide with screenshots by exidium.


Solution 8: for anyone from India and other countries where adf.ly is censored or blocked, it is recommended to use OpenDNS, changing the url from https:// to https:// might fix the problem.

If none of these worked, please post here... Continue reading Problems with AdF.ly?