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Monster But Wild S1|S2 [1080p]

Monster But Wild S1

Synopsis for: Monster But Wild
Gamer Dongdong's virtual life takes a hilariously wild turn when he gets mysteriously transported into the world of his favorite MMORPG, "Azure". But instead of becoming a mighty hero, he wakes up as the weakest monster on the block - a lowly skeleton! Undeterred, Dongdong uses his extensive game knowledge and charisma to charm an unlikely crew of monster buddies. Partnering with the bubbly girl warrior Bubble, Dongdong navigates the hilarious adventures and hidden secrets of "Azure", all while trying to unravel the mystery of his interdimensional swap and find a way back home. Get ready for a monster mash of laughs, friendship, and unexpected twists in this lighthearted romp through the wild world of online gaming! Continue reading Monster But Wild S1|S2 [1080p]

Thunderbolt Fantasy (Live Action) [HEVC, 60fps, BD720p | BD 1080p]

Synopsis for: Thunderbolt Fantasy S2 | Thunderbolt Fantasy S2 (Live Action) (Fall 2018)
Both friends and foes have followed Shang Bù Huàn across the Wasteland of Spirits from Xi You. With the Sorcerous Sword Index in jeopardy, he must fight to keep the demon swords out of the wrong hands.
Continue reading Thunderbolt Fantasy (Live Action) [HEVC, 60fps, BD720p | BD 1080p]