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Toshokan Sensou [BD 1080p]

Toshokan Sensou

Synopsis for: Toshokan Sensou (Spring 2008 | Spring 2012)
In a future Japan where freedom of expression is under threat, a law allows censorship of any deemed "inappropriate" media. Enter the Library Defense Force, a group of passionate librarians trained in combat, including the spirited rookie Iku Kasahara. They stand as the guardians of knowledge, fiercely protecting libraries and the right to access information. Prepare for action, humor, and romance as Iku and her comrades face off against the Media Enhancement Authority in a thrilling battle for intellectual freedom. Will they uphold the power of the written word, or will censorship prevail? Buckle up for "Toshokan Sensou," where libraries are the battlegrounds and librarians are the warriors! Continue reading Toshokan Sensou [BD 1080p]