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Suicide Squad Isekai [1080p, Dual Audio] (Ongoing)

Suicide Squad Isekai

Synopsis for: Suicide Squad Isekai (Summer 2024)
Amanda Waller, a ruthless government official with a knack for unconventional solutions, has a new mission for the deadliest inmates of Belle Reve prison. Harley Quinn, the gleefully chaotic mistress of mayhem, Deadshot, the cold-blooded assassin with unwavering aim, Peacemaker, the volatile soldier with a twisted sense of justice, Clayface, the ever-shifting master of disguise, and King Shark, the mindless but surprisingly strong shark-man, are outfitted with explosive collars and a hefty dose of skepticism. Their target? Not a rival gang or a hostage situation, but a swirling portal ripped open in the heart of a maximum-security prison. On the other side lies a world unlike anything they've ever known – a realm of magic, mythical creatures, and medieval mayhem. With a ticking bomb on their necks and a ruthless warden barking orders in their ears, this ragtag group of convicts finds themselves on a do-or-die mission in a world they don't understand. Can they survive the dangers of this strange new land, or will their explosive collars detonate before they can even figure out the rules of the game? Continue reading Suicide Squad Isekai [1080p, Dual Audio] (Ongoing)