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Mob kara Hajimaru Tansaku Eiyuutan [1080p] (Ongoing)

Mob kara Hajimaru Tansaku Eiyuutan

Synopsis for: Mob kara Hajimaru Tansaku Eiyuutan (Summer 2024)
Kaito Takagi is a high school student who blends into the background, just another face in the crowd. Unlike his more popular classmates, Kaito isn't aiming for academic glory or athletic achievements. Instead, his passion lies in exploring the dungeons that have become commonplace in Japan. Each day, he ventures into these labyrinths, battling the weakest enemies – slimes – to earn a meager income. Secretly, he harbors a crush on his childhood friend, a dazzling girl who seems out of reach for a nobody like him. But everything changes with a stroke of luck. Deep within the dungeon, Kaito encounters a rare golden slime. After a thrilling fight, he vanquishes the creature and discovers an unbelievable prize – a card rumored to summon mythical beings! With a mix of trepidation and excitement, Kaito activates the card, and a breathtaking warrior maiden appears before him. This chance encounter throws Kaito's life into disarray, propelling him on a path that could rewrite his destiny and transform him from an unremarkable background character into a legendary hero. Continue reading Mob kara Hajimaru Tansaku Eiyuutan [1080p] (Ongoing)