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aborwx’s Guides

Here are some guides (325 MB) on how to:
• Make a 10-bit or 8-bit encode using VAFE | MiniX264
• Create ordered chapters using VAFE | .bat files
• Create HTML posts using Postar | Listar
• Make torrents or update web seeds using qBittorent | uTorrent
• Get hashes using RapidCRC
• Upload files using FileZilla
• Relink an edited OP or ED to an EP using mmg (mkvmerge GUI)
and much more which will be updated every now and then.

Also, if your computer is pretty good at encoding consider joining us by sending an email to
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K-Lite Codec Pack Installation and Settings

The video consists of the following:
• Installation
• Installing Updates
• Settings Configuration

These settings are optimized for low specs systems but still giving you the top-notch output that you wanted. LAV + DirectVobSub settings are basically for everyone. Even if you have a system with high specs, I highly suggest that you should also use this configuration if you don't want to exhaust your system. Continue reading K-Lite Codec Pack Installation and Settings


Guide to Avisynth | Avscripts

This guide's for Avisynth, though unlike last time, I'm gonna keep it very simple.  I've made an Automated-OC script, and it requires an avscript to work. Means, before using that awesome script, you should get familiar with avscripts.
So dear encoders, especially, this is your first step to make God-like OCs. Make sure to get everything of this guide.
(The OC script will be released in my next guide, probably)

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Guide – MkvMerge (mmg) | Tutorial

The purpose of this post is to cover (almost) everything mkvmerge has to provide. I have denoted every feature/option by a simple code. So even 60% of them seem useless, I have included them in case that we might find something useful about it and if that happens all I'll have to do is update the written part of this guide, rather than coming up with new screenshots and organizing things later.

Having said that I'll cover up those techniques/features that are well known. If you think that I haven't mentioned a worthy feature / tool, feel free to comment below by referring to the code I have used in the screen shots.

I guess let's begin. Continue reading Guide – MkvMerge (mmg) | Tutorial