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  1. Project Complete

    December 25, 2019:
     – x265 BDs here, to replace older x264 version;

    I LOVE Toradora. It was one of my first real anime, and up to this day still my favorite rom-com, from very early on I was a fan of Rie Kugimiya’s works (ZnT, Hayate, SnS, etc), she is the Queen of Tsundere, and this is her best work.

    If you are lucky, having yet to see Toradora… you got me jealous for sure~~
    For those wondering, you can also DDL the LN from the post, it is slightly superior version, with some extra content, and a lot of reading that will give you an even bigger insight towards the romance here, and a bit more of a complete ending (extra dialogue that flesh the conclusion more).
    This series was the first to get me to read fanfiction, some quite dramatic, Toradora! left a deep mark, 7 years later still resounding strongly inside.

    This source was a product of months of research, testing everything that was available, at first I was going to do only BD720p since I couldn’t see any improvements in the lingering BD1080p, till I got access to a source exclusive to AnimeBytes that looked a bit better than most, and some encoding tests later, I was convinced to go with BD1080p also.
    To that source (it included dub), I applied Doki, Tsundere, and Coalgirls, for the OVA, I couldn’t find anything that was really any better, so Tsundere and Commie.
    On the extras, you have stuff that comes from a multitude of different raws and subs (some videos had to be cropped to hide the ugly black bars).

    Nothing but the best for a Xmas gift to you all, you know what comes next… have a great day and even better end of the year!

  2. Toradora is one of the best romantic comedy anime.Sadly I already write DVD with 2 version of Toradora already (480p,720p)

    But your NCOP,NCED is the best. Hope when u released any new anime,If possible,please always add NCOP,NCED cause I loved it (I used it for Photoshop)

  3. Thank you for doing this series in Blu-Ray and for including the OVA & specials. Thank you for the DDL. Thank you for the small file size. <3


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