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  1. Thanks for sharing. Some other suggestions for people if they need alternative tools:
    SumatraPDF (Windows) – a lightweight little tool, has a portable version available, good for PDF ebooks and formats that benefit from continuous scroll like webtoons
    Calibre (Windows) – ebook management software that has lots of features and plugins, good for if you have a lot of ebooks and want to organise them. They just released version 4, which revamped the epub viewer but you can direct Calibre to use an external viewer if you prefer.

    1. Alternatives are never a bad option!
      If anyone can find me a software that works with .cbz, genuily does with the stuff I did here (dont care if it works with stuff outside these, I need them working with this), for W10, I would be glad to test it out, Honeyviewer works fine, but Comic Screen on android as so many more options. that there is no reason not to have on a desktop, that would make reading manwha much easier.

      You can also ask for other manga or LN here, just know that I have 250GB cap for managing everything CR related, and I think solely from the manga here, 78 files, I have already used around 140-150GBs, so yes I will in time upload more ( there are more manga to post still not here, already on our servers, they will come like next friday), but I dont have plans to post many more manga outside of those I already have selected, and stuff like One Piece, Naruto, Attack on Titan or FMA will not appear here, not only a question of preference (I love FMAB), but also I mostly aim to cover manga that had bad or less stelar anime adaptations, that werent completly covered, or that never received an anime adaptation.
      So I will be VERY selective with the manga here.

  2. My personal opinion, I prefer to use PerfectViewer rather then ComicScreen. It’s free, no ads and support many difference view mod including scrolling like webtoon

      1. Like I said, it needs to excel to be here for certain, I dont have unlimited quota for this, and I already reached 150GB of the 250GB.

        I plan to upload stuff like Magi, Dorohedoro, Beck, Tokyo Ghoul, Rurouni Kenshin and other more less know stuff like Yokohama Kaidashi Kikou here.
        It is not like I dont have plans to expand, but moving forward I will be even more selective.

        1. Such a thing as quota exists here?
          Didn’t know about that. Must be something you brought into existence.

        2. Zeust gave me a 250 GB quota to deal with everything concerning CR, so unless that quota is raised, I will be very picky with what I upload here.

  3. @ryuuForte maybe he mean his ISP Plan quota not hi10anime data.
    While me having Unlimited quota but for 2Mbps / 200KBps

    @Playcool, It soo good. The Novel version still top 1 in korea even after a while finished meanwhile the manga/comic/manhwa version get top10 comic in myanimelist.

  4. paly must be talking about cloud storage qouta .
    Also for
    Sumantra pdf is best for epubs in windows it is simple
    Honeyviewer is best for manga/webtoon
    for android
    for epub moon reader is best(it can even trim spaces between paragraphs(lets you read more with little small mobile scree) and lines with autoscroll,tts and fint and bacground change)
    for manga -perfect viewer is best(it is moon reader equivalent for mangas)

    1. for epub recommendation (I only read chinese novels)
      -Renegade Immortal, Reverend Insanity, Kingdom’s Bloodline are good
      for manga
      -To your Eternity is good, TOG are good

    2. You will see that you cant open these CBZs with Sumatrapdf, unless you manage to get this they are saying fixed:

      Another user seemed to be able to, I only gave it a try and didnt work and was busy, so if more people are up to it, supposedly you can play these CBZs with sumatrapdf which has options for Continous pages which fixes the problem I said to have with Honeyviewer for Manhwa on a desktop.

  5. Mainly I do reading in android
    For epub/pdf(LN) I suggest use readera, its free, has every feature I need and simple, I like this more than moonreader
    For cbz/zip/imagefolder(manga) I suggest Perfect Viewer, I like this more than ComicScreen and sure PV has horizontal and vertical scroll mode, in fact now I read most manga using vertical scroll mode(BLAME! looks gorgeous)

    1. The problem with ComicScreen and many other Cbz viewers on W10 is that then are not ready for cbz files that were created from a .rar file.
      I dont use .zip, tested and a .zip file renamed to cbz will play in Sumatrapdf, but if it is originated from a .rar file, it wont.

      Since you mentionated Blame, you are saying that Perfect Viewer is playing my files fine in W10?
      That would be great….

        1. I mentionated the process of doing the manga here above.
          RAR then rename it to CBZ.

          It doesnt matter which extension you name it to after zipping to RAR, it still wont work.

        2. I see, just an fyi,
          zip > cbz
          rar > cbr
          tar > cbt
          7z > cb7

          If your file doesnt work even after renaming like the above mentioned then I guess the app itself is broken xD

        3. The problem is not the output format, the problem is that it is RAR and sumatra and the rest are not supporting newer versions of it, it is something along those lines.
          I have linked towards the solution and details concerning this problem above, noneless I couldnt have the solution working for myself, neither had time to figure it out, but some users were able to get it running.

  6. Thanks for all the new uploads. Angel Densetsu was one of the first manga I read and it holds a special place in my heart. I hope other people give it a chance and enjoy it.

    1. I m including the official English release in a lot of my manga releases here, sometimes even the scanlation as well if it adds to it, or I just liked the manga that much (like with Kaguya-sama manga).

      The problem with official stuff is that they usually are released with very high resolution, thus many volumes surrounding 300-400 MBs of size, and I have noticed that resizing to a smaller resolution hurts the quality a lot more than it is worth it, so I usually covert to the webp with 50-70% quality, keeping the same resolution, much better size and looking better than when I tried to resize to save space.

      It is a lot of work and I cant convert colored pages without losing detail, so I avoid them and solely convert black on white.
      I want to prioritize official releases due to their quality, but I can’t just post them as I got them, Berserker, for example, was nearing 18GB for the 39 volumes.

      It would also be too much of a pain to update everything here once in a while, that won’t happen, there is a lot of manga already here that may only get updated very far in the future again when they are completed.
      My aim here is more to ease people into reading and finding new stuff that they may like a lot, like the Random Chat manhwa that I will eventually post, rather than do the work of all those manga websites.

      I just believe that is a lot of extra value anyone will treasure, to be able to download all the anime content from a series you like, but them also have the option to jump into its source materials without a hassle, right away.
      And for some Light Novels, even providing the manga version, since manga like Goblin Slayer and Arifureta, and even Slime’s, do have interesting adaptations from LN to manga.

      We are still mainly an re-encoding anime group, but it doesn’t hurt to go the extra mile when you can and deliver something more.
      Because that is what I wanted it to be if I myself was not staff, but only a user here that downloads stuff.

      I went off-topic, but I also wanted to touch on stuff people may ask in the future, so they can have already here, my opinion about the matter.

    1. Btooom has two different endings within the manga, the mangaka did go and released 2 different final volumes, my guess being one is a happier ending, with the other being something fucked up.

  7. btw btooom vol 26 dark version, there are 8 page was black in the middle of story image 260-267, did it was mistake or from the source?

    1. I have yet to read Btooom, just saw the anime, I dunno now if I was able to get a official release version for Btooom or not, but probably scanlation, I would advise you to check on MangaDex to see if that also appears there.
      Also do use rapidcrc to make sure your file is not corrupted.

  8. • Minor issue report!
    Some manga archives contain wrong extension name.
    This is caused by mistaking *.cbz for *.cbr and vice versa.
    Its not big deal, just some manga/comic readers may fail to open such file.

    1. Manga with multiple volumes (most of them), are presented with .rar with all the volumes inside, each in cbz format.
      There are 1 or 2 manga that doesn’t have multiple volumes, thus to download you see only the cbz file right away.

      But you are saying some are in cbr? The programs I use open both of them, my guess is that those that have it where already like that when I downloaded them (versus me having to compile individual chapter folders per volume cbz), and since it was working I just left it be.

  9. Actually i only noticed because my favorite manga reader was outdated, like 7 years behind 😀
    Usually these readers does have algorithm to recognize what are you opening, so even if you open cbz which is in fact cbr, software will still open it without problem, you don’t even notice, sine these software contain libraries to open various archives like a zip, rar, 7zip etc. (cbz/cbr stand for Comic Book Zip/Rar archive, so these archives are nothing else then zip/rar)

    Problem is that unlike zip archive, rar is licensed by someone and still developed. They update standard for rar archive every few years, but people are usually using up to date software so they doesn’t notice this fact.

    So all up to date reader software also contain up to date library for reading rar archives, unless you are using ancient soft like me ^_^
    Thus when I tried open cbz file it displayed error saying something about unable to read archive, so I try to unpacked it with winrar and it said its rar archive not zip(cbz)
    When I updated my reader everything worked fine even with wrong extension.

    1. Which is why up a year ago I only used Honeyviewer to read CBZ on PC, whereas apps on android do support .cbz files that are originally .rar, but there is a process to have SumatraPDF working with the newer .rar, but for me, it was a hassle to do, but worth it afterwords, mainly for reading manhwa on PC.

      1. I can tell you I own one android e-ink reader and rar files are a big no. The display speed of apps that support rar/cbr files that I tried is down right horrible because rar is proprietary format. I think I read somewhere that only support decoding file by file. So I don’t really understand why some people use rar over zip.

        Also re-naming rar files it to cbz instead of cbr as it should be is just inviting confusion.

        1. Zip has a worst performance than rar. I have tried, both are free, I just chose the one I like the most, for overall use rar is faster in compressing and decompressing vs zip.

          I prefer to use CBZ, and people should have zero problems with it, if you have is because you did not use the programs I recommend, I don’t know all software out there and chances are you will find problems that you would NOT have if you were using something I recommended because I would have fixed any possibles problems before posting.

          You will have zero problems if you use software like Moonreader for LNs or ComicScreen for Manga/Manhwa, for android, outside of those, you are on your own.

        2. rar archive offers advanced options compared to basic zip, and if you have problem with rar just use recommended software.

          I for example like to read on some ancient readers (CD, MMCE) as I am most comfortable with their UI, therefore it takes only few moments to repack rar to zip for whole manga, even faster if you set compression value to none.
          So repacking archives is another solution.

        3. Zip actually also has some options to itself, more than enough I would say, but my knowledge is limited about such things.
          I recall giving it a fair test earlier this year after many years of always using winrar, and ended up disappointed because the general performance was worst when compressing and decompressing, both software giving similar output size.
          Also tested with options to compress files further than standard for Zip but wasn’t happy at all, while with smaller output size, these options make it the process even longer and not viable considering how much I use these tools daily, size compressing further was not worth it for me.

          In the end, I came back to winrar pretty fast, there is a reason people still use it despite all the hassle, and you will always hear both sides of the argument, but for me facts are, winrar performs better than zip, noticeable enough for me to care.

  10. Does anybody know alternatives where I can find raw LNs in text format? Either that or a recommended OCR software, thanks for the update btw xD

    1. You want to translate stuff for a project or just machine translate to read something untranslated?
      I don’t think that exists at all, you are setting yourself in a world of pain, the only raws you will find are Japanese pictures, and I doubt any decent OCR software would ever nail that.
      If you are not reading to manually type everything to text first, forget it.

  11. Among everything I said on chatango, I also want to address that if people want a long read with a lot of world building, Kyoukai Senjou no Horizon Series as ALOT, along with Index LN, these are the translated series with the most text, I think many volumes of Kyoukai have almost 1000 pages?!
    Insane, I have planned, a project for its anime adaptation, but really the anime pales in comparison to the LN (also I included the prequel to horizon, owari chronicles, in the same folder, which is why I called it Kyoukai Senjou no Horizon “Series”.

    Baka to Tesuto and Boku was Sukunai are both classics and were among my favorite anime in earlier years, Chrome Regios is another long LN that has an great MC female (felli) and an interesting setting too (will cover the anime here eventually).

    Gin to Cross Draculea is the only truly vampire guilty pleasure out, it was a surprising solid read too, if you feel something like that, do read it, ending left the series on my head for days, which is a good thing.

    If you want some other harem stuff to read, Ichiban Ushiro no Daimaou, Strike the Blood or Infinite Stratos, OR Asterisk Wars (which the anime was pretty cliche but mindless fun nonetheless).

    JK Haru is a Sex Worker in Another World will probably be a refreshing take for many.

    Owari no Seraph has all “Gurren Ichinose 16” LN volumes, they are even better than the manga, go read them if you enjoyed the series.

    Aside everything I mentioned above, things I want to read a lot and would recommend are, 86 amagi brilliant park, baccano, grimgar, konosuba, mondaji, overlord, Kumo Desu ga, Nani ka (concepts seems really interesting), Shinmai Maou no Keiyakusha (for the lewds later on), Shuumatsu Nani Shitemasu ka Series (for the feels), The Faraway Paladin, Tokyo Ravens (ever since I saw the anime wanted to know what happens after), Torture Princess (amazing art, interested on the concept), zaregoto cuz I love monogatari’s writer, and Youjo Senki since sequels to the anime cant come fast enough!

    Zero no Tsukaima was the first LN I ever read, but never got after vol15, so now that it is completed and pays homage to the writer, I m hyped to finish that tale.
    It is also a crime I m still on vol2 of Utsuro no Hako to Zero no Maria, but I wanted to wait for the LN to finish, to continue, but then I never did, nevertheless, vol1-2 were amazing reads, and I have a very high opinion about it, maybe one of the few LN to get a 10/10 from me (others being spice and wolf, and kizumonogatari volume).

    Yuri wise, you have Strawberry Panic and Maria-sama, I enjoyed SPanic anime a lot, and the LN is lovely too, would like to do a project if they ever released a proper BD source…

    To end, for those eager to read Tenkyou no Alderamin, be prepared that the LN finally surpassed a very controversial point in the series, that will leave many VERY angry and /or shocked, and things really progress in ways people may not enjoy the most from here on.
    Short answer, the writer had balls to do what many don’t, and that could be either good or bad, depending on your opinion about it, or you can end both loving and hating the guy, just be minded wtf you are getting into.

    From stuff I previously updated here, Mushoku Tensei is definitely one of my top favorites (Eris best girl), and it is getting an anime SOON, HYPE!!!
    Want to catch up to Rokujouma, Shield Hero , Index, ReZero and DxD, but also finish DAL, but then I also want to start NGNL, Rakudai, Classroom Elite and Boogiepop, but I m already deep into OreGairu LN, so can’t really start more stuff now…
    Also want to continue Spice and Wolf eventually, 10/10, go read that shit if you want great grounded romance and TOP TIER dialogue.

    Too many fucking good reads here, not enough time.

    Mahouka is currently airing S2, and the LN is very close to finish, like less than 2 months I think, but sadly, fantranslation is dead and we now have to rely on official release to catch up to vol19, which will take awhile, and then the LN ends around 31-32 volumes, so I really want to continue it, but official released fucked my interest with it.
    Outside that, people that want complex reads, will love this, there is a lot of details going on the LN you will never realize in anime form.

    But this is enough of a rambling

  12. hi i wonder if you have batch of TraitorAizen’s PDF from VnMeido…? his PD quality is superb but sometimes the link doesnt work anymore…

    1. ah if i can request….
      can you upload the Tsuki ga Michibiku Isekai Douchuu LN PDF?
      been searching that, but Aizen wont update his link

    2. A lot of the stuff, fan-translated do come from VN Meido, so I do his a lot, but I don’t organize LNs by who created the pdf or epub, so I wouldn’t even try.
      Your best bet would be to download all the stuff here, I try to keep fan-translated even when the official covers everything, so you will definitely find him on a lot of these.

      I think on vn meido he had some sort of link to all his works, but you would have to search for them.

      As for that series, I will consider adding it eventually, will add it to the queue of stuff to work on for CR.

      1. i have found his index but the titles that i wanted to download was down.
        i have also ask for reupload but no response tho~
        seems like i need to download your collection first

        1. That is bound to happen since they are not holding data themselves on their server.

          That just goes to show you cant trust stuff to always be there for you on the web, and a reason I have ALWAYS downloaded and properly stored EVERYTHING I consume, I don’t want to rely on the web to keep consuming my stuff, sure I do for downloading, but after that, I mostly consume stuff from my HDDs, I can be guaranteed it will always be there for me, and backups will prevent loss due to data corruption.

  13. Hello and thanks for your effort.

    Jojo Bizarre Adventures Manga (I & II) [Complete] link’s are wrong. If you download them you get Jitsu Wa Watashi Wa Manga (Complete, Official 1-17).


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