Merry Christmas | メリークリスマス

Hi10 wishes you a Merry Christmas. Live long & live happy.

I would've written a historical manuscript like I usually do but I'm just swamped with a lot of work like managing site-related things and my own life schedule. Thanks for all the donations this month, btw. It really felt like a Christmas financially XD

Thanks for all the support from everyone of you.
We really are running thanks to you.


15 thoughts on “Merry Christmas | メリークリスマス”

      1. vivek-kun, that’s not just a panty-shot. that’s a striped panty-shot. and that destruction-thingy is an insider joke among Hatsune Miku’s fans.

        p.s: that shot is actually even better. It’s a striped panty-shot with stockings.

    1. You’re asking it because I post celebrations of other religion too, right? To answer your question, we have a diverse community here, including visitors as well as staff members. We try to accommodate every prominent event but if we miss it, it’s usually because I’m too busy and others don’t bother writing a post about it (or they wait for me till eternity).
      And that’s how you divert XD
      Don’t worry, I’m what you think I am XD


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