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  1. Project Completed

    May 27, 2018:
    – Episodes 1-11, OP/ED, and specials released;
    November 23 2022:
    – Movie and batch released;

    UPDATE: Movie is now here too, I havent seen it but from what I have heard, the only similarity with the TV series is that some characters are shared between both… if you liked the TV series, this movie might me worth your time.

    This project is something I was thinking about doing for a lengthy amount of time, it was never released on this website either, hearing so much praise towards it and having such a distinct art, I was excited to see this series.

    To me this series was a disappointment in terms of the plot structure, it is soo weird seeing people praising that aspect of the series, while I m on the side of those that didn’t like it much, there is something I have to praise Tatami for, its art and sound (love the OP&ED) are top Being a Monogatari fan for many years in such regards I can say I had my fun with it, and you will probably have it too, I also really enjoyed the cast, aside some minor problems.

    The movie source is Exp which has MTTB Subs to which I muxed MaruChan for the extra subs
    The TV series source is the best I could find, which was great, and come with CyC subs, but I also took the effort to add Elysium Subs as a second option.

    All said I hope you enjoy the release, it should be the most complete possible you can find on the web, comment below if you feel like or found any problem with the release, and enjoy.

  2. A bit more of information, this anime is based on a novel by an author that has written alot of novels in japan, and seems well know there.
    One of his other works was also adapted into a movie I believe 2016-2017, and it seems to share part of the cast with this series.
    You can expect me to update this post with this movie later during 2018, that is why I m calling it update post above, since tecnhically the whole project isnt yet finished.

    1. Grain.
      Specially ED, which makes OCed even more worth it.
      Also, I used the NC (non credits) version for making the OCed, so OP1, OP2 and ED1 can be deleted to save space, they are only there for those that want the credits rolling.

  3. Most of your links are dead, just saying tho.
    I tried to download Beck and Uresei Yatsura but both of them have dead links.
    and ouo.io doesnt load?
    why is that?

    1. I have checked those projects and I dont really see any dead links (even on my public non staff account) ouo.io links work just fine, it could be more something on your end, try checking on multiple browsers first just to eliminate any browser derpyness.

  4. I’m confused! Are the movies just summaries of the anime or do they have new content and new stories? I need to know before I donwload bc I already have the anime and I’ve watched it.

    1. Playcool stated in his main comment that while he hasn’t seen the movie himself, according to others, the only similarity is that some of the characters are shared between the two.


    2. Yes, what Lord said. Also all my info is based on MAL page, which states both share characters as relation between both entries.
      This is the link: https://myanimelist.net/anime/34537/Yoru_wa_Mijikashi_Arukeyo_Otome

      The content you see on this page was originally from Novels in Japan, the writter has produced books which both got the anime adaptations you see here, so my guess is he decided to use the same world he created for both, sharing some of the characters.


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