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    1. Havent seen it fully yet but I think it is too soon to say since there dont seem to be no actual scenes to censor on this supposed “recap” (that is trying to fix the shit previous studio did in rushing the LN adaptations to reach LN10 fights).

  1. Project Completed

    October 14, 2020:
     – DxD Hero BDs released replacing airing.

    DxD doesn’t need an introduction and like most, I have followed the series for many years.
    Though after S1 I quickly got on the LN and become a huge fan, as for as Ecchi goes, few have this much history.

    Have encoded the BD 1080p before, when Neo retired he left me S4 to finish, so I only needed to encode BD720p for the project, BUT in the process of doing so, ended adding more subs and dub to the release, so this is the most complete you will find over the web and more so than I first planned.
    People that want to read the LN have easy access to it right on top of this post!

    Previously used SubDesu for 1080p source, and gone with KH for BD720p, so the final result includes both subs.
    Beware RH Subs lag a bit due to the heavy effects used, even with an i7, so switch to SubDesu if you cant tolerate it, RH is defaulted despite this, due to having the best-looking opening.

    As always feel free to leave some feedback if you feel like it, and have a good time lewding~~

  2. Special thanx to KamisamaCrosser for fixing OP/ED in such a way that it includes the SubDESU karaoke and still works with initial episodes.If you just want to download patches then here is the link.

  3. What about Ep. 13? AniDB sais it’s 720 only, but can’t find it anywhere. Also Ep. 00 is not recognized by hashers. I know there were some “funny stuff” with those episodes, just can’t remember what 🙂

  4. Ok, found out what’s the matter, but shouldn’t the group ask for the episodes to be moved, so they atleast appear in the correct order, especially if one uses hash based automatic renamer (AoM/WebAoM/Shoko/AdiAdd etc.)


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