Hakumei to Mikochi [810p, BD 720p]

Hakumei to Mikochi

Synopsis for: Hakumei to Mikochi (Winter 2018)
Nine centimeters (3.5 inches) tall, tiny girls Hakumei and Mikochi live in the forest. Living in a tiny house in a tree, riding insects and birds, and making umbrellas out of leaves, these tiny girls live a tiny life. Follow their tiny but lovely lives as they live their day-to-day in a fantastic world of tiny people and gods.
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14 thoughts on “Hakumei to Mikochi [810p, BD 720p]”

  1. 09-04-2018 ep 11, 12 and batch torrent up. Enjoy and seed.
    10-07-2018 ep 13 OVA up.
    12-03-2019 BD 720p up. As for why there is no 1080p, don’t ask me! I don’t know. I won’t delete 810p so choose either this or that.
    Comment if you have any problems.
    1. It was made at that resolution, at least according to this guy: http://anibin.blogspot.com/

      Either way I wonder why fansubs started doing this practice. IMO downscaling 1080p to 810p which was once upscaled from 810p to 1080p, is pointless since as far I know upscaling/downscaling creates artifacts.

      1. First, artifacts are created if encoded poorly, which is rare on our site. However, if fansubbed release is shitty, we don’t alter it much unless it’s a BD.
        Second, if native resolution is 1080p, let’s say, then downscaling to 810p or 720p will save a lot of space and those who have smaller display screens can get these versions since playing a 1080p release on a 720p resolution screen gives you 720p resolution in the end, anyway.
        Third, if native resolution is 720p, let’s say, then upscaling to 810p or 1080p will increase filesize and the quality will still look like 720p because upscaling / downscaling is just resampling of bits. E.g: When 720p is upscaled to 1080p, it means that number of pixels are increased it doesn’t mean that the picture will get clearer or crispy.

        Conclusion: Artifacts have nothing to do with upscaling / downscaling unless the source is shitty and the encoding process was not done properly. Moreover, downscaling usually has more up-sides than upscaling because downsized result will be meaningful to people having low-res systems / phones while upscaling, a relatively intensive process, is not really meaningful to people with high-res system / phones.

        1. Naruhodo, thats a nice explanation.

          BTW I used html img tag in the previous comment but why isn’t it showing ? Are users not allowed to do that?

        2. I think they are allowed as long as it’s not considered a spam. I looked at your particular comment, which I have deleted now, and it was empty. No HTML whatsoever. You can re-comment and I can take another look.

        3. I give up (─‸─) This is the 3rd time it didn’t work. I even rechecked it in an online HTML rendering site (。◕__◕。)


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