Doraemon Movies [10-bit BD 720p, BD 1080p]

Stand By Me Doraemon

Synopsis for: Stand By Me Doraemon
Doraemon is a robotic cat that lives in the 22nd century, and is known as a caretaker who helps others with his futuristic gadgets. One day he is approached by Sewashi Nobi, the great-great-grandson of Nobi Nobita. Sewashi demands of Doraemon to go back to the past and make Nobita happy in order to prevent a disastrous and bleak future. Doraemon is not excited about this idea, but Sewashi installs a program into Doraemon and eventually sends him back to the past.
Nobita Nobi is an elementary school boy who is very lazy, unlucky and a scaredy-cat. He gets bullied by everyone and does not excel in any school subject. When he meets Doraemon for the first time, the two of them start off on the wrong foot; however, they soon become great friends. Doraemon cannot go home to the 22nd century unless he turns Nobita into a boy who can stand on his own and be happy.
(Source MAL)

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12 thoughts on “Doraemon Movies [10-bit BD 720p, BD 1080p]”

  1. 15-03-2017
    Stand By Me Doraemon BD 720p, BD 1080p uploaded.
    Watch it, it’s definitely worth it.
    Other movies will also be done slowly. *patience, patience*
    Check this comment for updates.
  2. I was already downloading the 1080p version but the size just 1,8GB and the movie wasn’t complete.
    Is there anyone has the same problem?
    *sorry for my bad english

    1. Yeah, I noticed it just now. It should have uploaded completely the first time.
      Will re-upload it. Check tomorrow or use torrent.
      Re-uploaded BD1080p.

        1. No, I won’t be doing any more Doraemon for the near future.
          Just search in or If you can’t find it there, you can try bakabt. If you can’t find it there too, good luck finding it.

      1. Man, i’ve been searching for about a month now. There is a movie pack on but its only got 11 seeds or something and i can’t download it. Hope you continue upload the others. Thanks for the movie and your hardwork.


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