HAPPY NEW YEAR 2017 | 明けましておめでとう

HI10 wishes you a HAPPY NEW YEAR as well, while we're at it.

Let me start with: This year is the year of ROOSTER, according to zodiac... thing. The year we just spent, 2016, was going great because Gintama was airing in the beginning and this year, 2017, is going to be great because Gintama is coming on air yet again starting from 09 Jan. Do you still need a reason to be happy? Talking about anime, let's not forget about KonoSuba S2, Shingeki no Kyojin S2 and many other popular sequels and we might be getting sequel of Noragami as well. Considering all the sequels, this year might be awesome for anime point of view.

If we look upon things other than anime, I'm very concerned about global warming. Things are getting very chaotic and Inferno might be the way out eventually. Winters are getting short while winter has finally arrived for some out there. Not only that, but technology itself is getting out of control. I was studying about AI and then this world terrified me of the possibilities. I was just barely holding onto reality when I read about sleep paralysis. Apparently, demons can peel off your skin while all you can do is scream, but wait-- there's no voice because you can't even say anything. Now I believe in demons, not because of paralysis but because of this. I know, I know... this is a real mess, but lastly I was saved by a blissful and meaningless story of Storks. If you haven't watched these things, you should watch them. My recommendations are usually very accurate. Except sleep paralysis (because it is really creepy).

So that's how I spent my last year (last month of 2016, to be accurate). But to add some more twist I'll share my best and worse thing / experience of 2016.

☆  Worst: I made a bad decision and now I'm stuck with useless group members for my final year project.
☆ Best: You can guess that my worst thing is not that worse. I don't have a protagonist kind of life but even without that I'm usually very grateful for my health. And you should be too because it is the thing to keep on enjoying life.

All right, now that I've made a few points. It's gift time and I call upon K!RA a.k.a dragon-chan to share gifts. But before that let me tell you the story. I was getting some series ready for new year present, but I got curious about ffmpeg and started testing OC encoding using ffmpeg. The end result is that ffmpeg is great for demuxing and streams, but not that great for muxing and containers; I had to rely on mkvmerge and mediainfo, eventually. Anyway, all that made me realize that I actually had a little bug in my encoded series. Hence I decided to redo them instead of posting a buggy release. Bug: One frame difference in playback because of OC trimming.
Worry not, redoing is not big deal. Just need to run few more tests before I make them perfect and ready to be served. This decision leads me to dragon who not only can fly but provide new year gifts in time of crisis and without any further delay:

1st Gift: One-Punch Man BD 1080p (BD 720p coming soon!)
2nd Gift: Dragon Ball Super BD 1080p | 720p
3rd Gift: Naruto Shippuuden Canon (17 Eps.)
4th Gift: Naruto Movies; The Last & Boruto subs
5th Gift: Mononoke Hime (Subs) + Spirited away (Jap. audio) Patches

Enjoy the new additions with the joy of this new year. Don't forget to pay your gratitude to him for his hard work. And let it be known that I have done so by saying: Arigatou, Dragonnnnnnn-channnn xd What would I Do Without You 🙂

Hi10 hopes you live well, eat well and donate well 🙂
May you get the jobs you want and may we get the donations we want.

post pic is Randomly Selected blessing us with her thighs and sword... wait, it sounds dangerous.


20 thoughts on “HAPPY NEW YEAR 2017 | 明けましておめでとう”

  1. Happy New Year!! Thanks a bunch for the OPM BD :D!! And just jeep the 3-gatsu awesomeness coming *__* that’s I’m asking for. <3

  2. Happy New Year, Hi10anime Staff and fellow Hi10anime members ^0^
    Arigatou Gozaimasu, Zeust-san for that kind message, much appreciated
    Abt Global Warming, Leo is doing a great job of making everyone aware of everything which can effect us and everyone should watch the documentary i.e Before The Flood (2016)

  3. PS Something similar happened with me too xD
    About the worst decision: Stuck with useless group members and therefore, ultimately I had to do it all by myself lol
    And Always grateful just as yourself, for having good health which helps me always to enjoy life at its fullest ^0^

  4. Happy New Year from the Netherlands!

    Personally, hoping for stuff like DxD S4, Shokugeki no Soma S3 and Masou HxH S2. And while things hinted at it, it would be awesome, if Asterisk S3 would happen.

    In the meantime, I can only pray for mentioned things to happen. (DxD S4 is announced to be in the works though)

    1. I wouldn’t get my hopes up about S2 for HxH or an S3 for Shokugeki no Souma as the S2 got only 12 episodes and the arc was finished in a hurry.

      1. I just hate it when there are ‘hints’ to a ‘sequel’ of an anime, but the sequel never happens.

        Or it’s just me having too much hope.

  5. Amazing gifts from amazing people. Thank you so much for all your hard work through all these years! You guys are my number one source for anime for how many years now and still counting. I’m looking forward to all of your future releases.

    May you live long and prosper. Hi10 Banzai! Happy New Year everyone! 🙂

  6. This is my first post to this website.

    First of all. Thanks.

    Second of all. Happy New Year, 2017!!

    Third of all. I hope this website will continue with its amazing stead it current has been.

    Fourth of all. Dang. Originally I didn’t really want to segment my thoghts.

    Fifth of all. I hope you read my posts and I wish you guys a good time in the upcoming year. I wish you guys a wonderful year ahead of you. 🙂

  7. Hi10 saikou!!! Thank you all Hi10 staff for the awesome encodes. Also thanks to all the community members for making this site lively.

  8. Happy New Year guys!! Thanks for all your hard work for bringing us these amazing encodes. Looking forward to great amine releases this year as well.
    PS: This is the best site i have ever found on THE internet 😀


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