And Then There was 2016 | Happy New Year

Hi10 wishes you a great year. Be happy, and don't let the world limit you. 🙂

I'm not sure if you get this feeling or not, but I think the time's getting by really fast. Just a while ago, it was 2015, and now it's 2016. Before I'd realize, I'd be graduated and worried about getting a job and then I'll worry about what to leave for this world and somehow human tend to think that leaving behind a generation of his / her own is the best option. I'd get married and worry about not to screw up. Then there's the notion of being a good parent, and there'll come a moment when I'll be thinking about just how did I end up where I am today.

It's a very intrinsic and highly complex concept i.e. kismet, fate, destiny. By the way, if you've read the manga 'Magi', you gotta appreciate the author for how well he encapsulated all the concept of 'fate' and an entity which we call 'god'. And similarly, you'd realize that not everyone is 'King Solomon' (in the manga, he stoop up against the fate, which everyone takes for granted, etc.) Coming back to the real world, if you think about this carefully, you'll come to make peace with 'Takasugi-kun'.

But let's not do that, not that Takasugi-kun needs our help, anyway. I guess, it all sums up to the fact that it doesn't matter what you do, the world isn't going to stop for you. It keeps on and on, either you play hard-to-get or play tsundere. But that, thankfully, makes things simple: If the world isn't going to stop for you, you just gotta do what you think is right; playing tsundere might not only make you a bit more likeable , but just keeping things simple will lead to least possible regrets. Keep your senses sharp and enjoy the life to the fullest.

May 2016 be a blissful year for you, and may 'Naruto Shippuuden' rest in peace, this year, for once and all.

p.s: I managed to unlock the achievement of sleeping throughout year. I went down in 2015, and rose up in 2016.


17 thoughts on “And Then There was 2016 | Happy New Year”

  1. They gonna milk Naruto series forever….
    Boruto Movie….
    Uchiha Itachi series coming this winter too…[]

    Happy New Year to everyone!

  2. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to everyone..
    Thanks Hi10 for providing us so many cool anime all the way through..
    Hope that there will be even better anime coming up in many seasons to come..

  3. Happy new year everyone!
    Even tho I saw this post 2 days into the new year but the felling still goes on!
    Don’t worry about your life Zeust, you will pick the path that seems right for you same for anyone else reading this.
    If all else fails you can be forever alone like me!~ \o/
    But seriously having a partner to live your life with, who you will enjoy the company of will make things better in life (depending on who it is).

    Some of my favorite quotes from the past year from the staff at Hi10.

    “A girl hugged me instead the handshake I was about to give her to congratulate her.” – Kami-sama Crosser

    “If it has boobs, it’s another fetish.”
    “Yuri love equals twice the oppai!”
    – Oppai Bros. PVT LTD

    “A loli a day helps keep the cravings away. \( ̄▽ ̄)/”
    “Hmm loli, yum yum. ლ(´ڡ`ლ)”
    – Akumanokuma

    “I’m ded” – Sjoe (he’s not really)

    “A grown up playing with teddy bears sounds fit for a crosser.”
    “hmm, i guess you should focus on your health first… get something warm to hug… you’ll be just fine.”
    – Zeust

    “Staying away from cougers is also necessary, you never know what STDs they might have” – Balwant 2015

    “Ora Ora Ora Ora” – K!RA

    “One lolicon to rule them all, in the ice cream van binds them all” – Kazuya

    There could be more, that’s all I could remember or be bothered to find. XD
    Happy new year!~ enjoy 2016


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