Download Limit Removed

IMPORTANT: One of our HDD got faulty, and we're working on replacing it right now! You can read the details below.
12/14] We've finished replacing the faulty HDD, and all downloads are available again!!!

We've great news today! We've improved our download servers, and removed the 3 downloads / user limit. Now you can download as much files as you'd like to! A lot of users asked for this, so I hope everyone is happy about the news!

Hi10 has more power than ever!

We've also made several other optimizations and maintenance recently, so not only the download speeds, but the website should be more stable / faster, even on peak usage times.
We hope everyone will enjoy our releases as always!

Also!!! One of our HDD got faulty, and we have to replace it! This is the reason why a part of our downloads were very slow recently, or you couldn't download them at all! We're working on that right now. This means that a portion of the downloads will be NOT AVAILABLE until it's finished. Please be patient, it only affects around 25-30% of our releases, and should be finished within a few days. Until then please enjoy everything else!!! ----- DONE!!!!!!!!


22 thoughts on “Download Limit Removed”

    1. Hey mbex, Yeah you are right about that but you cant expect us to manually change all those file titles and release patches, instead there is something you yourself can do to fix it.
      Which is install Mkvtoolnix, open it, go to input tab and add the file you want to fix title for, then go to next tab(Output) and change the titles and then press that start muxing button at the bottom, new Generated file will have fixed title, but remember doing so will change the SUID of the file which will mess up the OC if its OP/ED that you are fixing, either don’t do it with OP/ED or change their SUID to what it was before from “edit header”.

  1. Are most people getting the same download speeds as before the limit was removed? I feel like my DDL and webseed speeds have (sharply) decreased since this change (by the way, no hardware/internet changes on my end)…

    X total bandwidth divided by a larger number of requests would make each file transfer slower, correct??

    Also, I kind of agree with the comment from “Pak Rud” (ctrl+f) on this thread. Just throwing it out there…
    Thanks for the hard work!


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