NEWS: Server Space Almost Null

Hi10's Mission

Hello everyone, hope you people are doing great in your life.
And if you are not, I hope your problems get resolved soon.


As you all (of our fans) know that we, Hi10anime, provides you anime with very good quality in lower size through hosting the files on our dedicated server so that you people can download things with no difficulty; it also saves you and us from the worry of 'deletion' of (old) files which is mostly the case for 'other' file hosting services. But everything comes at a cost, and in this case it's our server.

It's been a part of history that we haven't been able to get much donation usually; even now, for past half year or so, we are getting very meager donation.

Hi10anime needs €180 every month to sustain its servers. (Web server and DL server.)
Hi10anime gets €20-40 worth of donation usually and sometimes even lesser than that.
Hi10anime gets €8-15 / month through ads.
The rest of the €110-140 is usually paid by our staff (mostly and pretty much every time by 'zet').
For the past month or two, he'd to pay even more than that. I mean it would've been 'just nice' if it were a one time thing, but he's paying ~€140 from his pocket every month. So think carefully that even though we are awesome, we do get troubles every once in a while and every time when it's about money.

Now here are some serious problems:
- Hi10anime is expanding more and more resulting in 'need of more server space' which will require to pay more than what we are already paying.
- Hi10anime is left with ~13 GB server space currently. (4TB server space overall, for your information.)
- We are getting almost no donation as compared to our target. (€180 / month)

Anyway... we first decided to delete duplicate stuff from the server, then we decided to delete the very large files that could have been encoded in a bit more small size (by OC'ing or good encoding sense etc.) Even all that didn't help much; now we are pretty much out of options. Either we get more space by upgrading our server or we start deleting stuff from the server as we go forward. Deleting stuff is pretty hazardous, esp. for us. We know how much time we have dedicated to encode for Hi10 and I know how much I have done for encoding BD 1080p series / movies and whatnot for Hi10; deleting that would be very harsh and maybe fatal for future growth of Hi10.

So it comes down to this:
- We "really" want to go with the option of 'getting more server space', but it strictly depends upon the 'donations' we get.
- We can get 2TB more space with the addition of ~€20 every month. Assuming that we go for this option, Hi10 donation target will get to: ~€200 / month.

I think I should make it a bit logical.
- Hi10anime gets ~8000 visitors (stat report by wordpress). But let's be pessimistic and say we get ~3000 visitors. And let's be more pessimistic and say that 90% of our visitors can't pay. Meaning 10% of our visitors can pay. 10% of 3000 is: 300. Meaning if even 300 (out of 8000) visitors pay even $1, we can get $300 worth of donation. (Since it's only 1$, it doesn't matter whether you're a student or not.) So whenever you browse this site, please make sure to skim through donation section and see how's Hi10 doing financially. Just a little push can solve a lot of problems.

For a single individual it might be just $1, but once it gets added to all the donation overall, it's more than enough for us. It's the scarce of donation that's forcing us to use ads and other stuff; if we get enough donations, we might not even use ads. After all, no one loves ads. We also realize that the speed of DL server is not that fast, but again since we get no money we can't upgrade the server to get faster DL speed. It all comes down to the money we get from the people.
So we would really appreciate if you could consider to 'donate'.

Just to be clear; I'll summarize the situation.
- It would be very helpful if people start donating us otherwise we are left with no other option but to delete even 'good' stuff from the server to make up for the space.

One last personal request:
Don't argue about other file hosting services; we know about their advantages and disadvantages already. You are free to make queries if it's related to 'helping Hi10' or 'donating to Hi10'.

Other discussions will kill the true purpose of this post.

Thanks for your time.

Hi10 Donation Section


83 thoughts on “NEWS: Server Space Almost Null”

  1. Honestly I love the encode from this site. But I can’t donate since I don’t have a a job and just a student. And I didn’t too understand about using western union etc. I just can helping by clicking ads, but I know it’s doesn’t helping much.
    How about using double ads for increasing the funds?

    1. Doubling ads would mean suicide :3
      Because it will make more people using adblocker, since the ads annoy them and it even can make new visitor feel this site is just ‘sick’ to set so many ads only to get donation D:
      And the power of addition is great because if every one of us donate 0.5 US$, we can easily made 200 US$ if 400 visitors (from supposedly 8000 visitors) donate their money :3

      1. Only in download.
        I wanna ask this too.
        Adfly paying with dollar right?
        How many clicks needed to get $1?
        If we download the file, we must click the ads and it count as 1 click. If we cancel the download and click the ads again, does it count as 2 clicks or 1 click?

        1. No we can’t use double ads for download because there’s a rule in which we can’t doubling the ads like putting adfly link in adfocus, it’s a forbidden action D:
          No it will only count as one click T^T
          and we will get 5 US$/10,000 visitors :3

        2. Fffuuu… It’s hard….
          $1 / 2,000 visitor.
          What if we close the tab and click the ad again?

        3. I believe ads are identifying your IP already so it’s no use D:

        4. How about using Ghost Mouse 2.0 to move your cursor, like what I’m doing. For example:
          Click Donate>Skip ads>Click Home>Skip ads

          I repeat the process while sleeping.

      2. I don’t get annoy to the ads. I even disable my Adblock every time I visit. So that I can help a little despite not donating yet.

  2. Hi.I love you guys & love your website so much.I have a job with medium Wage per month but I would like to donate to my favorite site but i’m iranian & live in iran & I can’t send (donate) any money to you.but iran has been Boycott by world & i can’t do anything.sorry for my bad english.if there is a way to donate you from iran please guide me & tell me & other iranian users of hi10 about that.Thanks again for your great work.

    1. Okay it’s quite a difficult situation you have there, here a question does Iran blocked all services like PayPal and the others ?

        1. Exactly 🙁
          even microsoft dose blocked every single of their service in iran 🙁

        1. Rikudou… go to our donation section and tell us what services can you use? Is it possible to send us money via post? ‘Money Order’ or something?

  3. well paying $1per month isnt a big task for me at least even though I am a student. the problem is the way of paying. In my country the cost of paying one dollar through western union is more than $1. in that case I have an option to pay the for a whole year at a time.

    now I have a query: what are the additional facilities you would provide if one is making the donation regularly?

        1. Okay as you see from the website news if you donate 25 US$ (if it isn’t change because we’re really short on money here) it will give you half year status as a donator that means donating 50 US$(again if it hasn’t change) will give you one year worth of subscriptions (good enough right :3)

  4. Don’t worry guys, when I got a good job I’ll definitely help and donate to this site for sure. Because you became a part of my life already, and you provide us a very good quality anime. I promise, that’s for sure. 🙂

  5. How about script that automatically download and upload from and to file hosting? Chosen hosting should more than one and if the file deleted from one file hosting, the script will download from other file hosting and upload it to the hosting where the file deleted. Also the script should frequently search for files that is deleted. So the server cost will be minimized, if there really any script like that.

    1. Don’t argue about other file hosting services; we know about their advantages and disadvantages already. You are free to make queries if it’s related to ‘helping Hi10′ or ‘donating to Hi10′.

      Other discussions will kill the true purpose of this post.

      Okay, did you read this sentence ?

  6. all of the comment above is funny, and very intellectual (on the contrary)..

    hi1anime needs donation,, not ideas,,
    if you cant afford donating, or lazy to learn how to donate..
    it much better to keep quiet, and pitying yourselves, and START CLICKING THOSE ADS and download/enter a page in a proper way (never delete the ads URL)

    1. Best way i would suggest downloading from the page doesn’t load) would be to delete all browser cookies before you go to the page then clik the link…works just fine for me and i don’t have to use adblockers and stuff. Deleting ‘http://’ and replacing it with ‘https://’ also works in some regions where is banned. Anyways,hope it helps ^.^

    2. you keep getting locked?
      just right-click the link and choose open in incognito window for chrome
      or open in new private tab for firefox

  7. Hi, I just want to say thank you for all the hard work in providing us with high quality encodes. I usually click the ads but sometimes it gets stuck, and it doesn’t turn to the main page.

    I think when it comes to reducing the cost, it might be best to upload the files to mega or filedrive; therefore not abusing your current server or the need to add additional space. or maybe miirc? not too sure about this one. Thanks again.

  8. I don’t mind donating and have the money, but I don’t like how paypal donations show my personal information. You should setup some of the other cryptocurrencies (I have tons of dogecoin for example).

    Additionally, I like to see some transparency when I donate. I used to donate lots of money to sites like this, but I found out lots of people lie about the amount of donations and pocket the rest. i.e. I gave one site 200$ for 2 months server hosting and my IRL friend gave 200$ as well , but the site admin kept putting up announcements about how the site was floundering and couldn’t afford to go on. I confronted them, and they said I was the –only– donation and that they were just trying to get a bit more money for the 3rd month in advance. Pretty slimy.

    I’m -not- saying you are doing this, and I really appreciate what you guys do; I just don’t want to feel shammed when I donate. I just want to see a little donation box thing that says X$ out of Y$ reached and lists all the donations (with names or anonymous). It would put me at ease.

    1. i think donation box is available, well not exactly a box thou but it will update our donation we get so far, about your concern about how our money works well it’s not like we earn anything from encoding, to be honest and we are all over the world which mean that kinda impossible

      to simply put we are honest website that’s it you pay us 400$ then it will solely for website and host, not for money maker for us

    2. I’m pretty sure we accept bitcoins. Rand would know, but he’s been away for ages now 🙁
      As for other cryptocurrencies, I would need to look into how to set it up for people who want to donate that way.

      And I’ve also seen websites do what you have experienced(and been through it myself).

      1. I have some Dogecoins I made from mining, and I can’t really donate through normal means (Paypal, etc.) I could convert to Bitcoin and donate but this can take several hours through an exchange.

        Please accept Dogecoin, I’ll donate a few $ a month 😉
        Love the site btw. Hi10 is awesome.

  9. I am willing to donate atleast $10 USD per month, but in return I would like the see you release your encodes faster and not drop a series once you have picked it up. Alot of other sites release their re-encodes only hours after they are released by the sub groups, but sometimes your encodes are weeks behind or you drop them (Nisekoi for example) entirely which means I have to go to another website to finish the series and end up with 2 different encodes which I do not like.

    If you can do those 2 things then I can guarantee a minimum $10.00 USD donation per month. Do we have a deal ?

      1. It’s called using the trust system. I TRUST that you will release your encodes faster when I donate and I do not just mean you personally, I mean every encoder who encodes for this site.

        1. i just remember buddy complex
          the encoder is been MIA until now xD

  10. By the way, I only use Paypal to donate. But when I click on the donate button it takes me to my e-mail client. Why do I not just go to your paypal donation page like every other site I donate on?

    1. Also, I wanted to know do people who donate get faster DDL speeds than those that do not? I can currently download at around 150Kbs, but I would atleast like to get 300kbs after I donate. Anyone know ?

        1. Thanks for the info. I think it’s sad that the only thing people get for donating is no ads. I asked about the multiple downloads question in the forum a few months ago and my thread was deleted. :/

      1. Uhhm I don’t agree with this. If it like you say, get a better speed if donating, I can just donating $1 and I’ll download the file like hell. Maybe just little donator who donate a big amount of money and they doesn’t many download file in here.
        My friends often says this:”you use something cheap, but you want it good as premium service. Like hell.”

  11. Hey in some sites i have seen if ads are disabled the website redirects to a page where it states that you have to disable adblocker to even view the site.

  12. i’m having difficult to send donation that listed for this site, even the “sms” one.
    i think will a bit easier if the other way to send donation is added, like “send xxxxxxx amount of electronic money to xxxx number” (via mobile phones). Of course multiple choice of money like dollar, yen, idr(rupiah), etc.

    sorry for my bad english D:

  13. Is there any Filipino here who donates? i don’t have a bank account and doesn’t know how WU works. im still a student but i want to help whenever i can (if i have money). i want to know the procedures for future reference. SOrry for my bad english. Thank you Hi10 by the way!

  14. Are the currencies required for donating only Dollars and Euros?
    Or is it possible that you can send other currencies like Yen or Rupee.

  15. People are not donating due to the slow speed servers. Told you people, eliminate DDL because most abusers are from MPAA, not real downloaders, and just webseed the content. I only can get your content torrenting, not by means of download. By the way, you can copy the DDL links on utorrent several times, it is like i am connected to a lot of seeders! think seriously, people, torrent is the last option, it is not late yet.

  16. I have 20 $ in my account I can donate it to you guys but I didnt have verify paypal Id so I can’t donate money to you guys…But I really waana donate…

  17. I am willing to donate 100$ on the spot if the encoders would promise to:

    1. speed up and keep updated on their uploads
    2. not drop or sporadically change their encode and sub sources on an on-going series every so often (I’m talking to you, Yusa)
    3. increase the download speed limit. seriously

    other than that, I have no more qualms. and just to add, and I know you said no more ideas, but..

    You know BakaBT? Why not adopt their method and use trackers of torrents so we wouldn’t really have to pay for alot of server space? That way, we would be helping each other out. I know that it has its flaws but they’ve been around for a long time and they still have an active community, so you can’t dismiss their success.

    1. larry_larry, I understand your request, but that also diminish your ‘donation’ if you make it sound like ‘order’.
      Like “I would like to order a fast DDL speed for that amount of money etc.” But as I said earlier, I understand the reason.
      About the bakabt system; honestly, I’m very fond of it as well. It’s light weight as compared to heavy DDL serving thousands of files being present on the server. And it uses the law of ‘addition’ XD
      But right now, there’s not much we can do regarding that. Lack of knowledge in that particular field, you can say. But in future, I’d like to get into it for sure.

  18. I would donate if I have any job … I can only help you guys with the ads, your site is the only site I don’t use AddBlock …
    I can give you an option for more space, at least these I can do …
    You could remove the TV encodings if the anime has the BD version, and move the tv versions to Mega, ADrive, FireDrive … And you could use adds link to each eps … and not to the full folder …
    hope it helps a little …

  19. Hi.Any way to donate here from iran? I have seen sites accepting money from iran (i think does that…).I really don’t mind a little help to you,though well,paying over internet is hard,that’s unfortunate.
    And I have no problem with 150 speed limit,except it is not 150 for me,but around 50-80 if I download it without any other download from other sites,and about 7 (YES!SEVEN!Even ZERO!) if I am downloading from both hi10anime and a site with strong DL servers.I think this is because the limit of max 2 connections.
    And torrents are dead in this site.I have a torrent I have been dowloading since 2014 Winter!And It’s still 65 percent!
    I do love your quality though.You are the best site for small anime.
    And how do people use big anime of nyaa?Those 500mb per episode fill the hard space like hell!Though they download faster than your 100mb ones!
    And why does zet pay from pocket?Why not shut the site?Why do you keep the site alive?


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