Regarding the downloads.

As of 2013/08/01 12:00 AM PST, server speed is back.

We currently have monthly 10 TB bandwidth, so the download speeds are set to 50 kB/s. We have to pay more if we exceed this traffic limit, so everything depends on the donations. If we get more donations and we can pay the bandwidth for 50 TB download speeds will be set to 200 kB/s, and with 100 TB bandwidth we can set it to 400-500 kB/s.

To help us not reach our bandwidth limit so quickly, please consider using torrents! Torrent download speeds are also usually faster, than DDL.

Also, be sure to check out aborwx's Guides: if you want to learn how to make Hi10 Anime encodes among other things, and our IRC channel guide by Zash if you want to use the IRC.


150 thoughts on “Regarding the downloads.”

  1. does anyone experience slow download in torrent even with the web seed? download in torrent not even reaching 2kbps?..even with web seed…

    1. The web seeds are hosted in the same server so that’s why, but, depending on the torrent, if you’re downloading any file that was released before the server upgrade then you can try using the old server ip instead of it might increase the speed (the old server is still active because the time didn’t expire yet).

      If you’re downloading the ongoing series or any file released after the upgrade then most likely it won’t work because those files aren’t hosted in the old server but only on which has a limited bandwidth, until the problem with the hosting provider is resolved.

      1. then what is the web seed for CODE GEASS R1 BD 720p? it or do I only add the encoder name in the last right?..

        1. okay..thanks about this…downloading seems find now with the new torrent..

          really appreciate your effort…thanks..

        2. np, if you find any other problem, you can report leaving a message in the page of the respective series.

      2. hellow
        when i change to theres a problem for me the Hotlinking appear cant download even do i don’t have a addblocker can some one help me i can only do DDL(

  2. and my question has been answered…
    i wonder why my download is so damn slow..
    i thought its caused by my stupid ISP.. cause my daily download is always like this but this is 10 times much slower…

    i’ve been aged waiting my “High school DXD New” download to finish… and i cant wait to see my waifu.. Rias Gremory …<3

    1. My suggestion, while waiting for the speed back to normal, why won’t you download the torrent from or first? But that’s just if you want to watch it soon enough 🙂

  3. Ah so that’s why…. Mind if I asked when the speed will returned to the normal speed?
    For the torrent, I have max. upload speed on 1MB/s, and will always seed back what I downloaded, so don’t worry 🙂

  4. I am trying to download Naruto Shippuuden Movie 6 – Road to Ninja, was released before the server upgrade or after ? i am downloading it and stuck at 69%.

  5. what happened to tari tari did the file deleted?Bcuz i dont have any peers in torrent even if i tried to put the two different webseeds but nothing happens.

        1. By the way what happened to Date A Live?I can’t search it in the search panel.

        2. got dmca from funimation. we had to remove it, and a few other shows as well.

  6. It Is running a little slow too Download using… DDL Link?.
    I don’t use Torrent Myself… Maybe I should start using it Again. I Hope thing’s get back too Normal has they did before!!.

    Thanks HI10…

  7. I’m having trouble with the DDLs. I don’t mind if it’s slow but mine seems to cut off once in every 5 minutes. I tried downloading the torrent file but it says I still have incomplete downloads.. 🙁

  8. If you don’t mind the question, what kind of package are you guys subscribed too?
    Package, as in how much you guys pay for how much bandwidth for a month.

    1. The server is 150 EUR, with 10 TB package.
      Any additional +10TB is 25 EUR, so you can calculate it, currently we only have 10 TB, as there isn’t enough donations to pay more, and since it has been used up the download speed has been limited by the server provider.

  9. Guys,Is there a possibilities that u can retrieved or u can re-upload the anime series that have been removed by dmca from funimation?

  10. when the speed returns to normal?
    I am very trouble downloading anime.
    internet in my country is very slow.
    now speed down.
    I took 5 -15 hours to download 1 episode.

    1. I think we don’t get many donations lately, so we can’t pay the 125 EUR for the 50 TB traffic, we only have 10 TB currently, and that’s how long it lasted.
      Zet is trying to speak with the staff so the server can be relocated to another country, where we can get 50 TB traffic for monthly 50 EUR, but nobody knows how long that will take.
      Maybe if we get 125 EUR as donation we can pay our current traffic costs, otherwise they won’t provide faster speeds for us, so it will remain like this.

  11. downloading DanshiKoukousei no Nichijou BDrip in torrent was so very very slow…download speed even not reaching 5kbps…can you tell me what the exact web seed of this series? please. -____-…

  12. You guys should take off DDL for all older series and go torrent only. Then everyone would contribute some bandwidth using torrents. It would help with the total bandwidth usage and maybe then there might be more seeds. Or something that gives people an incentive to seed torrents.

    1. Honestly it’s not a good idea, there’re really many countries where torrents are blocked due to crazy isp policies, laws and such things, also most of the schools and work places have torrent filters. Not all encoders here have a good uploading speed to seed all their encodes, like me with 40 kb/s I can barely seed anything so I give priority to the recent releases, because those are the real weight on the server bandwidth, not the old series.

      1. Ah, I keep forgetting about other regions. I understand encoders might not have good uploads. I thought that the server could host those torrents as webseeds. I only mentioned going only torrents on older series because usually when I try to get an older series, there are hardly any seeders, but I never have that problem with newer series. Still, thanks for the encodes!

  13. When I downloaded Hanasaku Iroha today, the speed was normal. Right after I downloaded all the episodes, I went to download Tari Tari, but now the speed is at 0.0 – 1.0 kB/s. When will it return to normal?

        1. Thank you. I look forward to more (less disappointing) updates about the slow downloads.

      1. I’ve added the web seeds mentioned above, but I’m just getting a 40-50 kB/s download speed. Sometimes it stops and gets 1-5 kB/s.

        1. I think you should get the latest torrent, I tried it right now and the speed was really good.

  14. Sorry to bother you guys, but I have a question. Has the server been moved already? 2 days ago, the speed went back to normal, but then it became slow again the next day until today.

      1. Hi, guys… I read your comment before I posted… First, I support hi10 to use download server… Second, you guys ignored my emoticon and misunderstood me… I was not blaming… I just made a joke about “Tomorrow”… 🙁

    1. We can’t do anything about that right now. It’s our hosts end. We’ve paid for this month, and the server bandwidth should have returned to normal by now. But it hasn’t, I will find out why soon.

  15. Need help on downloading (Hi10) Zero no Tsukaima – Futatsuki no Kishi 01-12 (BD_720p) & (Hi10) Zero no Tsukaima 01-13 (BD_720p)

    Stuck at 95% torrent batch file.

    plz help me finish 5%. I will seed as long as possible

  16. Hi,

    i’m just curious about something..
    When the first time Hi10Anime started, i thought there’s no such thing as bandwidth quota..
    But at that time, yes, the download speed is pretty slow..
    I’m getting below 50kbps at that time ; most of the time, 25kbps.

    In My Humble Opinion,
    i think it’s better to have SLOWER download speed with UNLIMITED bandwidth quota..
    Rather than having FASTER download speed but with LIMITED bandwitdh quota..

    Please correct me if i’m wrong about Hi10Anime in the past..
    Or maybe there’s no such thing as SLOWER download speed with UNLIMITED bandwidth quota server..

    Please rate this post so that i know whether i’m wrong or not..
    Thank you.
    : )

    best regards,

    1. Before the upgrade to this Gbit with limited bandwidth, the speed was 100 Mbit/s unlimited, aka guaranteed to never go over 32 TB/month (because that’s the cap of 100 Mbit/s if you reckon up), the price was ~200 USD. Now we’ve 1000 Mbit/s (1 Gbit) and the bandwidth cap was supposed to be 50 TByte/month for 200 USD/month in Iceland but, at that moment when the server was purchased, they didn’t have anything available in Iceland so everything was transfered to Germany, where the prices due to laws and taxes are higher. That’s why it costs 150€/month (~200 USD) for 10 TByte @ 1 GBit, we’re waiting for everything to be moved in Iceland (waiting the confirmation, the transfer should be already done) where we’d be able to get a nice 50 TByte/month cap which is enough and better than before, at the same price too (~200 USD).

      Why faster speed is better? if the server kept 100 Mbit/s, today the speed would be even lower than before because the site has many more visitors downloading at the same time, that’s why the bandwidth expired on the first day of the new season, look at this:

      That is when the new shows were released, on that day alone everyone downloaded 1.8 TBytes, if we had 50 TBytes/month there wouldn’t be any problem. Also with 1 GBit speed we can upgrade anytime to a better bandwidth, 100 or 150 TBytes/month depending on the donations, with 1 Gbit the upgrade cap would be 324 TBytes/month, if we could afford it.

      1. Actually it’s 150 euro, not $150. So with 50TB, it would be the same price(will a bit more because of currency conversion) as the old mbit server. And we would need a lot of donations to do 100/150TB

  17. Is anyone else getting a download speed of less than 70 kB/s? I’ve been having this problem with all the torrents I’m currently downloading right now.

  18. download Code Geass R2 BD 720p…my DL speed in torrent is below 10kbps I have a 1mbps connection!!…what is the exact web seed of it -____-…please help..

  19. I’ll be holding off my downloads till the 1st then. Thanks for your hard work~!

    Also, how do I change my display picture? :<

  20. Hope you guys get the donations you need to survive, I’ve donated though flattr and will continue to do so from there.

    I agree with some of the comments where the older series be changed to a torrent download, you paying for everything out of your pocket seems sad.

    To the guys downloading, Please help donate to hi10anime! Even students can spare 5 bucks a month

      1. someone is seeding but speed is too less.
        like 10-40 kbps..
        can you please tell me what I have to do to get better speed? and how to change this IP and all..?

        1. No, really, I’m downloading Ano Hana at 400 kB/s right now!

    1. All the other hosting in iceland isn’t cheap/don’t offer good servers. With this one we can host One Piece, and other funimation shows again.

        1. They just said that they’ll be contacting support. Come on, can’t you be patient? For some of the ongoing anime, you can download through Mega instead. Or you can try other sites then redownload it here when the speed goes back to normal. If you don’t want to, then deal with it.

        2. The later announcement was made after I posted this comment.
          So I didn’t know that even they are unaware of the cause.

      1. Oh, thank you so much for your effort! Thanks for MEGA links too. Good news that we’ll be able to see these funimation shows again. Big fans of One Piece and Fairy Tail. Sad that it’s gone before. I will wait patiently.

      2. no good Russian or Chinese host, I don’t think funimation can do anything with them, and I don’t think they care much for copyrights specially if from the US … or I’m wrong …

  21. This is just me, but i’m downloading Bakemonogatari at speed 300KB right now.
    so i guess the speed is back.

    Note. I’m using torrent.

      1. lol sry I hit the thumbs down instead of reply.. xD
        btw are you downloading more than 2 torrents at once? I think if you download more than 2-3 at the same time it causes some problem because the max number of connections (allowed to the server) per IP is 3, you can have 3 simultaneous downloads, otherwise the web seed won’t work correctly.

        If it’s not the case, then can you write what the “Logger” window is reporting? there might be some problem with the hashes (I hope not, that would be kinda bad.. xD).

        1. Only 1, Bakemono Only. 3 hours ago i got about 300KB, then about 15 min later it suddenly become stop and now my speed about 2-3 KB.

        2. Try to get the new torrent, updated just now 😉 that IP is giving an error because it’s the old server from a lot of time ago.

          Remember to not remove the incomplete file, just the old torrent, then start the new one and use the same download directory to resume.

  22. I’m still a bit puzzled as to why you provide DDL at all, torrents are fine and considering the large amount of bandwith needed (and following server cost) I’m not sure why you bother … 🙂

    PS: A release RSS where you can use RSS downloader for the torrent files would be great, checking in every day because the RSS doesn’t get the updated posts is a bit anoying.

      1. what countries are those supposed to be? I would understand the argument that some users don’t want or don’t know how to use torrents but … ?

        1. Ukraine, Brazil, India, Egypt, Turkey, Syria, Poland, and a couple of other countries.

        2. I’m from India and I can use torrents from home.Torrents aren’t banned here.Only some universities ban them(like mine xD).

    1. I am downloading The World God Only Knows 2 for 4 hours and I downloaded only 31MB… Please, consider that torrent is not suitable for everyone…

      1. You should try out different torrent clients, maybe one of them is better. Vuze is recommended usually, or uTorrent.
        Torrent helps us saving bandwidth, but of course it’s only true if people are seeding it too, not only leeching.

        We have still too much traffic with 50 kB/s, and the server provider overcharges us, if we generate more bandwidth than monthly 10 TB… so we probably have to limit the download speeds to 30 kB/s, until we get more donations, and can pay more bandwidth.

  23. Is it just me that every link (DDL) I try returns a 503 error? It was ok a while ago but after finishing a download and tried to dl a new one, the 503 error started. I thought it was only in Eflen Lied but when I tried other links of other animes like those which were recently posted, I always end up with a 503 error. I’ve tried all the possible solutions i can think of but none seemed to work. Sorry for my silly question and thank you in advance. 😀

  24. “We currently have monthly 10 TB bandwidth, so the download speeds are set to 50 kB/s. ”

    that is the most wisest decision i’ve ever seen on the planet..
    for me as an anime freak really love this site and ofc the staff too..
    but i’m jealous and a little hate seeing the other person leeching anime from here with high speed download they have…

    50 kB/s is fair, cause my max download speed is around 100-200 kB/s.

    thanks to you guys for making this site, i’m just a student.. when i got a job, without doubt i will start donating to this site monthly..

    1. Mine max speed is the same too… But DDL speed is around 20-10kbps even in good connection… I don’t know what’s wrong with it… Torrents for old series are not good too… Having trouble for The World God Only Know 2… The speed is around 1-2kbps 🙁 … I use uTorrent…

    1. Depends what torrent you’re downloading, the speed might change significantly if you’re downloading a torrent released before 1-2 months ago (usually those torrents are faster), anyway if you tell me the name maybe there’s something I can do.

  25. seems like every torrent i click on for the last 2 weeks is giving me a 404

    for example ( Servant x Servant tonight , ep 5 was showing,)
    i will usually wait over a day for it to be available , click it again and the site will pop up the U torrent link.
    altho ive usually gone and downloaded from the other encoding site be then , but i check yours to make sure it works.

  26. ^ @Rurouni

    well.. same for me too.. my download speed when using DDL link is around 10-30 kBps… it means that the number of downloader that use DDL link in this site is too DAMN HIGH ..

    luckyly.. i dont give a fu**k on some old series anime.. i’ve finished watching or downloading almost all of the “”good to the best”” old anime since 5 months ago..

    and MEGA is my savior for new realeased anime, if anything goes wrong just download it from another re-encoding site, it’s simple, smaller size, and obviously POORER QUALITY..

  27. Is the Great Teacher Onizuka torrent working slow for anyone? I can’t seem to download at more than 40-50 KBps, if even that.

    AnoHana is a bit slow too. Do I need to modify the web seeds for these too?


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