Hi10 Battle Tournament

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In this event 128 selected characters fight with each other, from various shounen anime. The fights are in single elimination. The pairings are random.
We are publishing two battles each day, which you can vote by clicking on the images.
Thus, the first round will last for 32 days. Each battle can be voted only once.
Obviously, the character received more votes will be the winner!


1st Round

11th Day Battles:

10th Day Battles:

9th Day Battles:

8th Day Battles:

7th Day Battles:

6th Day Battles:

5th Day Battles:

4th Day Battles:

3rd Day Battles:

2nd Day Battles:


1st Day Battles:







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3 thoughts on “Hi10 Battle Tournament”

  1. Well this is fun and it helps the site. Everyone should participate!!! Nicely done Kanri.

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  2. You guys should do this tournament again. I think it’s been long enough

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