Server Upgrade


Enjoy the downloads, we hope that you'll like the upgrade ! From now on the server should be able to provide satisfactory download speeds, even for the increased number of visitors!

Also, here is the promised surprise!
Naruto - Episode 1-220 is uploaded!
Naruto Shippuuden - Episode 1-294 is uploaded!
Bleach - Episode 1-366 is uploaded!

Original News:

Due to the increasing number of visitors our Direct Download speed has become very slow recently, so we've decided to upgrade our servers, and the download speeds.


The website will be available, but our Direct Downloads will be not, until this upgrade is completed, but after that you can expect much better download speeds. Until then we recommend to use our Torrent Mirrors to download.


The estimated time for completion at the latest is Jan 09, 2013 @ 10:00 AM (GMT).


UPDATE: Due to the amount of work with the new server, and its config, we need a few more hours to complete everything, so please have a little more patience! We'll surely be back today, and even with a little surprise!


65 thoughts on “Server Upgrade”

  1. well.. although this is a wonderful news…
    I do think that you need to inform this at least 2 or 3 days in advance, so people won’t end up feeling disappointed because the DDL won’t work for a whole day.

  2. What a new year surprise! 😀
    Actually I felt strange after I tried to direct download previous hours ago and could not reach but after I read this post I feel lucky now… XD
    Thx h10 for your hard work, a better download speed is the thing that I was looking forward. [The connection in my country is so slow]
    we feel blessedfor this and hope for a big bless coming unto you all.. 😀
    God Speed ye all..

  3. really thanks for all of your hardwork, i’d really appreciate that, even though i cant donate.. but i’ll make sure someday i’ll help with donate. just wait for the time !
    thanks and good luck!

  4. You guys are the best! Thank you so much for all your hard work we all REALLY appreciate it. Best downloads and quality on the internet and now we’re getting a speed increase? You guys are amazing

  5. Thanks guys so much!!! Good encodes plus increased downloading speeds, this is just great, will wait for it. And I’d definitely donate someday, still a student so I can’t. Thanks again!!!

  6. i hope the surprise is by releasing :
    MOBILE SUIT GUNDAM 00…… all seasons and all movie .. in 1080p

    i really have lose my patient waiting that anime.. to be released in here….

    Ganbate Kudasai,, Hi10anime….

      1. the surprise…. is by releasing those 5 anime that i really hate the most…. well done.. LOL

        except for naruto shippuden… (cause i have watching naruto since 2002 or 2003… i don’t remember exactly)…

        but still… i just want to download ep 295 not ep 294….

        bad luck ozoz

  7. oh my gawd… my speed doubles, compared to before upgrade’s speed…
    now one episode can be easily done in 10 minutes or so 😀
    previously i need around 20-30 mins per episode…

  8. I didn’t get any changes in speed. still the same speed, probably the surprise made everyone download like crazy XD. thanks for everything 🙂

    1. Different servers store the different downloads – the surprise Naruto/Bleach/etc is on the same server, where our older completed series are.

      The other server serves most of the newer stuff, and all ongoing series, now I can download a new episode in around 10 minute (sometimes even faster, like 4-5 mins), while this could take hours some days ago, with very low DL speed.

      Since the server with the surprises got around 1000 new episodes at once, it can probably eat up most of the bandwidth for a while, but even like that the speeds are acceptable (1 Naruto ep = 20-30 mins), and I imagine that after a few weeks less people will download the new surprise stuff, so it will be even better. Also, 5 Batch Torrents are seeded from there too this time (Naruto, Shippuuden, Bleach, One Piece, Fairy Tail = they equal to 160 GB), once the seeding will be completed there will be more bandwidth for these DDLs too.

  9. Please man if upload torrent split it tiny bit like 500 kb torrent file,….cant download torrent than that size


    and much appreciate with this site exist


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