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Killing Bites [BD 1080p]

Killing Bites

Synopsis for: Killing Bites (Winter 2018)
In a world where hybrids – creatures infused with animal DNA – dominate underground fighting rings, Hitomi Koga claws her way into the brutal Tokyo Death Match. Armed with the razor-sharp instincts of a leopard and a rebellious spirit as fierce as a wolf, she navigates the ruthless world of fangs and fortune. But within the ring, a shadowy conspiracy lurks, and Hitomi soon finds herself entangled in a web of deception that threatens to expose the darkness at the heart of the hybrid fighting business. With every fight, she must push her limits, defying expectations and unleashing the primal power within to survive the ultimate predator's game. Be prepared for a heart-pounding plunge into a world where ferocity meets finesse, and where the line between humanity and beast blurs with every thrilling takedown. Continue reading Killing Bites [BD 1080p]