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Garo – Crimson Moon [BD 1080p]

Garo - Crimson Moon

Synopsis for: Garo - Crimson Moon (Fall 2015)
Beneath the shimmering grace of Heian-kyo's capital, darkness festers. Crimson moons bathe the city in haunting twilight, unleashing monstrous Horrors that prey on human souls. While the privileged bask in a shimmering barrier, commoners cower in the shadows. Yet, hope flickers in the hearts of unlikely heroes. Raikou, a young man burdened by destiny, cannot wield the ancient Garo armor alone. He relies on Seimei, a Makai Alchemist who channels her potent magic to transform him into the legendary armored warrior. Alongside a loyal young boy named Kintoki, they rise against the tide of horrors, protecting the vulnerable from the crimson moon's sinister embrace. But a looming evil lurks, twisting shadows and manipulating desires, threatening to plunge the city into an eternal night. Can the Garo's light pierce the darkness before Heian-kyo succumbs to the Crimson Moon's curse? Continue reading Garo – Crimson Moon [BD 1080p]