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Strike the Blood Review

Non-Spoiler review

2014's leading harem ecchi show about Vampires, Familiars, Sword Shamans, Alchemists, Homunculus, Witches and Mages promises a lot of thrills, panty shots, nose bleeds and tons of moe falling from the sky to complicate the routine, languid lifestyle of our humble and unfortunate high school protagonist, the Fourth progenitor. Strike the Blood delivers in ample amounts where guilty pleasure is concerned and offers a splendid, entertaining show filled with situational humour, colourful characters, the cutest assortment of junior high harem candidates since baked bread. Will this show be able to strike the right balance between its elements? Read on!

Strike the Blood!

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Kami-sama no Inai Nichiyoubi Review

Non-Spoiler review

Kami-sama no Inai Nichiyoubi, better known as The Sunday Without God, is probably one of the better shows of 2013 dwarfed by the popularity of Attack on Titan and by its own decidedly moe-centered character, but beneath the superficial surface it is a very unique show indeed, focusing on the supernatural and constructing a wonderfully mythological world around the premise of death and afterlife with fantastical visuals and arresting character development. The religious undertones are crafted after the christian faith in the most delightfully absorbing tale of what happens to our mortal pane if God had indeed abandoned us to our own devices after declaring the act of creation as a failure. Can the show variate enough to warrant such a title as 2013's most unsung show behind the heavyweights? Read on.

Godless Sundays

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Death Note Review

Non-Spoiler review

While the choice to kick off our review segment with the fan and critic favorite Death Note may come across as clichéd and dated, it dawned upon us to pick and start with the classics of anime that recent fans and followers may have not necessarily picked upon yet. Which is ironic, as this is most likely one of the select few that has been embarked quite often as a rite of passage for many converts who have continued to tread this medium since. And yet even for those who have been acquainted with this incredible hallmark of accomplishment within the genre, it’s worth the nostalgic trip into perhaps the greatest critique of the human psyche; a psychological soul trip masquerading as a thriller detective, drama-caper series.

Deadly Assignment..

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