7 thoughts on “Saihate no Paladin [HEVC, 1080P]”

  1. Update Post

    October 22, 2021:
     – Saihate ep1-2 & OP/ED added;
    November 08, 2021:
     – Saihate ep3-4 & ep5 (fast rel.) added;

    Never touched the source material but heard many good things long ago, so definitely excited for this adaptation, hopefully it will be good.

    SubsPlease as source for now, if any fansubs picks this up do tell me below if I failed to notice.

    As always feel free to leave some feedback if you feel like it, and enjoy~~

  2. absolutely love the LN not so much the manga, i guess mainly because to me the LN illustration art is just so fricking cool compare to the manga which is average at best but still i just love the worldbuilding here

    1. Yes, from what I saw, the art of the LN is amazing, I have yet to read Overlord LN, but that would be the closest in style, I can think of.

      Meanwhile, I have already seen 3 episodes of this, and I would have been reading the LN by now if I wasn’t busy with Oregairu LN (on vol10).
      Dont think we should expect a lot of budget from the anime sadly, fights definitely deserved better, but outside that, really loving it, the OP is a banger.

      I was hyped many years ago to eventually read this, and I m still very positive about it right now, it is just a pity the writer has only released 5 volumes all these years…

      Wont be updating this till at least ep4 is out, since I m very busy right now with RL.

  3. Why does h10 keep crap anime up o date while amazing shows like this one are not even kept up to date and h10 even doesn’t pick up some top anime and instead pick up shit shows like re-main, night head 2041 and worst World Witches Hasshin Shimasu .

    1. We pick shows that we want to do mostly and we do this in our free time, we all have lives outside of anime so sometimes things get in the way and we cant keep on top of all our projects all the time. We cant know for sure before starting a show if it will be good or not either. There are also not enough of us to cover every show that airs every season. We are just doing what we can man 😛


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