Missing files!


One of our HDD has died recently, we have already replaced it, and started to reupload the missing files, however if you see "Forbidden" error while downloading this is the cause. >> Read original post here:

We got some problem with one of our HDD again, however this time it only affects a small percentage of our releases, and it's on the archive server, so new releases won't be affected!
However if you'd like to download some older stuff and you get "Forbidden" error this is the cause. We will try to fix it as soon as possible, however please be patient, as it can take some time.
You can enjoy 90% of our other releases in the meanwhile!

UPDATE: Sadly the HDD completely died, so restoring data isn't possible, BUT, don't worry! We have already replaced it with a new HDD and our staff has started reuploading the missing files. It will take some time this way, however we will try to reupload everything!


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  1. Thanks for the info! If they’re Seagates, expect the others to soon follow. I’ve got 10 of those boat anchors; the last one in my RAID 5 array is still spinning — not that it matters anymore.

    … so I just gotta ask: what anime is that from? 🙂

      1. Thanks! Ah, yes. No wonder i didn’t recognize it — I watched it, then tried hard to forget that one. I’m afraid it was just too weird for me.

  2. T_T hope the worst has passed & good luck in restoration … used to “in WD we trust” until they started that stupid color thingy
    few months ago i decided to buy a one single hdd for all my anime, games, movies, music .. etc …. big wd’s was sold out … but there was that 6TB toshiba canvio stor.e 3.5″ & with a tasty price too .. now my precious data secured & safe for at least 18 months while waiting for big ssd’s to get cheaper … WRONG .. no it didn’t break yet but it overheats like crazy, made chirping noises, almost vibrates, deep standby & slow resume ….. in other words i feel this model is a ticking bomb strapped around my files …..

    1. Honestly I think it’s better to get 2gb HDD’s for your anime and use that 6tb one to back up say three 2gb HDD’s that way if one dies then you have the other to go to.
      Saving 6tb and trusting it to one HDD is risky.
      One old encoder from here once said:

      “For every HDD I have, I have a 2nd one to back it up, I think I have 12 Hard drives all up.”

      Which is a good idea if you can afford it.

  3. Doesn’t PlusServer AG serves vHosts with RAID or Snapshot option?

    Your IP is always registered over them so I thought you might use it.

    1. On further notice:
      You might want to think about decentralized data storage so you rather won’t have such a problem again?
      Could also be an advantage in case of data replication.

      How many of you do know about the more advanced IT stuff?
      Idc if it’s just knowledge about programming for WordPress (your CMS) or the server itself.

      There was a problem in another Post where I did comment that I could help if there is any need for the WordPress/-Plugin part.. but I can’t find that post anymore because… I forgot the title of it.. so.. yay!
      If there was an answer.. I’ll never know! Sorry for that ^^’
      Anyways.. it was the one recently about transferring comments from Post A to the all-new same-old(?) Post B.

      Friendly notice – As I stated above I think your Website is located on a Server Germany (Firefox > Locationbar Add-On). We do have the law that every website that is on any Server in Germany has to have an “Impressum” (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Impressum). Idc about that myself (anonymity ftw!) but there’re people who would gladly go to “court” with this :S
      Yay – nitpicking ftw!
      You might want to publish one, set to public.
      Takes usually not more than 5 minutes.
      Otherwise you might want to consider transferring your website to another Webhoster, outside of Germany.
      Scaleway would be one of many possibilities though it’s atm only located in France (also a bad choice). But the vHost is cheap – yay, developer boards ftw!

      Just trying to help as usually 🙂

        1. Hmm.. what’s the big deal? :O

          Nothing has happened here for such a long time.

          Is there anything else that states a problem? o.O


        2. I’m guessing – from being ignored by you – that you are not interested in any more technical support (and maybe a few bits of advices).

          Then that’s that. :/

          Too bad 🙁

        3. Well if u mean by you (me) then all I’ve to say is that it’s not my area of expertise
          and the Staff responsible for this stuff is busy!!
          though we appreciate the thought 🙂

  4. “Our staff has started reuploading the missing files. It will take some time this way”

    Hi all. Not sure where to place this, so I’m doing it here.

    Here’s a thought, and I’m offering to help out as well: you’re going thru the “fun” of uploading everything.

    So: how about you guys upload to Mega instead (which creates a new download source as well), and some of us (I’m volunteering, but anyone trusted will do) can download from there and _we_ can upload to the correct place. Anyone doing this would need an FTP writable login — you might even create a new ID which only has rights to a special “upload directory”, then someone vets a few files and finally places them in the right place.

    So: 1) admins still have to upload it once somewhere somehow
    2) using Mega creates a secondary source for the site
    3) some of us “normal users” can actually do something to help out as well.
    4) as a minor side effect, the MitM gets a copy of an anime season! 🙂

    I _DO_ assume you can move files via ftp RNFR/RNTO (see [1] or [2]), or have some say to ssh into the box to issue a move command. If not, this is a bust unless you let us upload to the true directory, which might allow access to other things as well, which might NOT be what you want.

    [1] http://stackoverflow.com/questions/9461844/how-to-move-files-using-ftp-commands

    [2] See #2: http://serverfault.com/questions/532522/how-to-move-a-set-of-files-on-the-same-ftp-server

    [3] http://www.nsftools.com/tips/RawFTP.htm

    Just a thought. Thanks for all of your work!

    1. I has been replaced it says so under the “update” at the top but I presume this post will stay pinned to the front page mainly for this reason.

      “We have already replaced it with a new HDD and our staff has started reuploading the missing files. It will take some time this way, however we will try to re-upload everything!”

      This is so people are still aware that some posts maybe missing there files because they are just not there.

    1. Yes it is related. A high majority of Zeust’s stuff and basically all of Aborwx’s stuff was affected.

      We have got some thing back up but there is still a lot we need to do and it also depends on if any of the staff have some things.
      Which we may need Aborwx’s help to finish as a lot of his stuff is quite old, but he hasn’t been active for the past few months due to being busy.

      This post will more then likely stay up until most of it all is back up.

    1. First that’s not a question that should be asked here.

      Second If you have a look at the date of shows like that are released/ aired, you will notice that no 1080 versions are actually even available.
      Shows older then say 2012 (wild guess) where only mainly release on DVD format and DVD format is like about 480p
      And if they where in 1080 they would be terribly upscaled unless it was a complete HD remake.

      480p is the best quality that would be around for a lot of older shows even 720p is pushing it for some.

      We try and not release upscales unless it actually looks good.
      Some BD groups don’t even release old shows in 1080 as they can look worse in 1080 compared to 720.

  5. I honestly thought this was an anime. It is morbid when a hard drive dies without the user being able to do anything. My oldest HDD died a couple of days ago. Thankfully I managed to recover from it everything safe for 2 video files. D: My anime HDD is definitely the msot expensive and safe one I could get. It is amusing how anime have the top priority for me XD

  6. Before rilis you can uploade to external link for back-up
    Like kBaraka using animetosho.org, mega google drive or kumpulbagi.com

    Compress with winrar and rename initial and passwords for protect file DMCA .

    Gomen my English not good

  7. I noticed the following are missing too:
    – Nunnally in Wonderland (part of Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion R2)
    – Mars of Destruction | Hametsu No Mars
    – Seikimatsu Occult Gakuin | Occult Academy

  8. The Disappearance of Haruhi Suzumiya is missing for the 1080p BD; however, the 720p BD is working fine.

    Just letting you know if you missed it on your radar. 🙂

  9. Psycho pass 2 , space battleship yamato 2199 , Nurarihyon no Mago 1080p are missing

    just letting you know , anyways thanks for the amazing encodes

  10. MM! 1080p is missing as well.

    It’s just as you’ve said about Aborwx’s items missing.
    I hope recovery of missing items will take place smoothly and swiftly! :O >_<

  11. the link is dead…if possible can anyone gv me their cloud storage (mega dropbox or google drive or anything) link that contains hi10 queen blade

  12. did Active Raid, Luck & Logic and Arslan Senki get dropped by you guys or what? There haven’t been any updates for those in ages.

      1. I know. Not found under that title either when I checked last week. Just quicker to type “Ninja Scroll” since the TV series and movie were all “404 not found”

  13. Hoy admins Sama!
    If there’s anything you’re missing from your own archives, please let me (us?) know – might just have a copy somewhere 🙂

    1. Aniki please can you provide highschool Dxd S1 s2 and S3 to hi10anime ? Do reply links where you choose to upload them. I prefer usercloud since solidfiles has become a mess now.

  14. Can you fix
    5 Centimeters Per Second Movie,
    Ah! Megami-sama Sorezore no Tsubasa,
    Ah! Megami-sama….
    And provie ddl link on Aa! Megami-sama Movie.. torrent not work……
    And naruto shippuuden 1,2,4,6 movie fix to…..
    Just reply anything…….

  15. If you could post a list of what’s missing (like in a Google Spreadsheet?) then maybe we could fill in the blanks by uploading to Mega or something.

    I know *I* don’t delete things once I’ve watched them. (Hardly ever, anyway. Diabolik Lovers and Recently, My Sister Is Unusual
    are two that I don’t and _won’t_ have.)

    Just a thought.

  16. Hello. I would like you guys to upload High school Dxd S1 , S2 and maybe S3(if missing) in 1080p BD quality as it was used to be here earlier and if 720p BD is available as well, it would be really helpful to users. I cannot find any other site where High school Dxd is available in BD so it’s our chance to put it back here and get Going.

  17. Can You Fix Naruto shippuden movie 1,2 only this 2 MISSING……

    And Cuticle Tantei Inaba……. Its NOT FOUND


  18. 1) Mousou Dairinin | Paranoia Agent is NOT FOUND
    2) Anime Mirai | Young Animator Training Project Collection is NOT FOUND
    3) Psycho Pass The Movie | Psycho-Pas is NOT FOUND


  19. I’m getting a lot of “not found” error messages for many links. This happens mostly when i open the links via chrome on my mobile.

  20. Kimi ni Todoke and Gakkō no Kaidan (Ghost at School) are missing. I remember these two anime are exist on this site back then. can someone please re-upload it?

    1. It is not missing (well, technically, the post still exists).
      It will be uploaded by fullcounter soon. Here is the link where fullcounter says that.

      It’s up.

    1. It’s under a different name now since it was attacked by the titans (DMCA’d) about 9 months ago. I can’t provide u a link, but I can assure u that it’s there.

      Man my glasssword sure is weak.

  21. I’m checking everyday why you don’t upload dxd series? What are you uploading exactly?also date a live is missing too please upload popular animes first


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