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  1. Project Completed

    July 24, 2023:
     – Episodes 1-3 (fast rel.) added;
    August 26, 2023:
     – Episodes 3-6 & ep7 (fast rel.) added;
    September 26, 2023:
     – Episodes 7-9 & ep10-12 (fast rel.) added;
    November 15, 2023:
     – Episodes 10-18, OPED1v2, OPED2 & ep19 (fast rel.) added;
    December 08, 2023:
     – Episodes 19-22 added;
    December 21, 2023:
     – Episodes 23-24 & batch added;

    Updates: Surprisingly, they decided to not rush and NOT adapt everything in 24 episodes, which means there is a change we will see a S2, and if so, hopefully will get a better treatment than this.

    Adaptation for a manga that already ended awhile back, said manga is tons of fun to read, with a bit of originality to itself and tons of heart.
    Kinda sucks this seems to be a low effort adaptation, but at least it will adapt the manga fully (WRONG).

    Subsplease will probably be the default source for this.

    Comment down below if you find any problems with the release.

      1. That is because that is the current template I use to replace stuff and I forgot to add new info for batch to that section of the code, when I unlocked that section to appear.
        It is fixed now, thank you both for reporting.

  2. is it just me or is your server slowly dying?
    i mean i noticed a steady drop in speed over the past year that by now even affects the entire site with DLs being around 100-200KB/s tops.
    i checked things on my end but all other platforms and file hosters work at full speed so i simply had to ask here =/


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