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If your codecs aren't updated, our encodes will display incorrectly as they're encoded with the newest 10-bit x264 which provides much better quality at lower file sizes.
If you think that the video is displayed incorrectly (blurry, wrong colors etc.) ->
10-bit, Incorrect Decoding

It means that your decoder only supports 8-bit x264 and you need to update your codecs, so it can playback 10-bit x264 encodes correctly!

10-bit, Correct Decoding
It should look like this !

We recommend the newest CCCP Codec Pack, you can download it from here:

Update: Besides CCCP there is a newer codec pack, which can install on all types of computers ancient and new KCP now only supports Vista, 7, and 8(8.1+). Download Kawaii Codec Pack. It installs mpc-hc, madvr, lav filters, and ensures the best quality 10-bit playback.

After you install the latest version, there shouldn't be any problem and you can watch 10-bit (Hi10) encodes correctly!

If you like K-Lite Codec Pack better, it also supports 10-bit from version 7.5.6+ :

Zash's Guide on K-Lite Codec Pack
K-Lite Codec Pack Installation and Settings

After you've installed one of these codecs and you still have problems, you should check your settings in Media Player Classic. The easiest way that when you playback a video, right click on it -> Filters -> if you see the internal "MPC Video Decoder" here, you need to disable it; (View -> Options -> Internal Filters -> uncheck "H264/AVC").

Or you can try out PotPlayer, which is also a nice video player:
For the best quality we recommend the madVR renderer (right click in PotPlayer -> Video -> Video Renderer -> Madshi Video Renderer) it also has internal 10-bit support.

MPlayer2 and VLC also supports 10-bit playback internally, if you don't like the other choices... though VLC is not recommended.

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36 thoughts on “Playback guide”

  1. for separated openings and its episodes, they wont connect after I rename it,,,
    how can I make them automatically connect like they were supposed to even after I rename them?

        1. usually it shouldn’t affect the oc, I just tried randomly changing the name to snk files (episodes, op and ed) but they’re still working fine, what series are you trying to watch? maybe there’s some problem with the chapters of those files.

  2. For users who want to play oc in potplayer, they have to download the latest version (32 bit) install and open. Right click then go to Filters > Advanced Filter Settings > Filter Priority > Add registered filter and choose Haali Media Splitter. Then click on Haali Media Splitter to highlight it. Then set the priority to prefer. Apply these settings and restart potplayer. Now you can play ordered chapters with potplayer.

        1. I just installed Kawaii Codec Pack which comes with LAVFilters and xy-VSFilter. it just works. i don’t think i have configured something. anyway thank you.

        2. Just a piece of info.
          LAV Filters have ‘LAV splitter’ which handles ‘OC’.
          Otherwise you’d need to get ‘Haali Media Splitter’ for playing OC stuff. Just a few versions back, LAV splitter didn’t use to support OC and people had to get the external splitter like Haali Media Splitter, but now it does. Although, afaik, Haali Media Splitter is slightly less prone to glitches as compared to LAV splitter.

        3. I see, did not know about it, i recently started using Potplayer. i used to use mpv in linux and MPC in windows.

  3. @zemgo, I know it’s been long since the question asked, but will help somebody.
    -Uninstall all codecpacks>Restart the PC
    -Updater graphics card drivers (directly download from AMD or Nvidia for ur card)>restart the PC
    -install “DirectX End-User Runtimes” @( directly from Microsoft (extract and install)
    -Install MPC-HC or MPC-BE (for a modern theme)>restart the PC
    -Setup the media player to play all video files using the player (go to Options>Formats) . All default settings should do fine. If u want u can look into the “Options” for more refine settings
    -This should fix ur broblem

  4. I’m using KCP and I’m experiencing lag on animated subtitles (e.g. Punch Line OP). Already tried disabling subtitle animation on MPC and problem still persists. Help please

  5. Helpful guide Bro/Sis , thanks a bunch by the way.
    Could play a 720p 10 bit video at the HIGH madVr settings with(still not highest) nary a hitch, but when it come to your Hagani next 1080p or any other 1080p, I can play without dropped frames only at the LOW settings (though still not the lowest, thankful for that).

  6. link to mplayer2 in this page is death and I would recommend to replace it with mpv. and yeah, there’s also hq player like MPDN which also recommended IMO. this page needs to be updated. 🙂

  7. Hi, I am using MPC-HC x64 bit when playing videos.
    Whenever I would play a video, everything on-screen freezes.
    MPC-HC would open, the status bar at the bottom would show “Opening” and then the freeze occur.
    I noticed that this only happens when the video file has some sort of Attachments in the MediaInfo. Otherwise the video would play right away.
    Example MediaInfo:
    Attachments : Balthazar-Regular.ttf / charbb_reg.ttf / Chinela Brush.ttf / EFN Gregorio.ttf / KGShadowOfTheDay.ttf / POORICH.TTF

    It happens one time, the first time I open a video file after turning on my PC.
    If I restart or shut down my PC, then turn it on again, then open a video file with attachments, the freeze would occur again.

    Does it have something to do with loading the attachments?
    Is anyone else experiencing the same?

    1. Goarweam, I’m a rank noob when it comes to this stuff, but I do know that those attachments are fonts, and I know that, surprisingly, loading fonts is an apparently delicate operation that often goes wrong and causes a program to misbehave. Try reinstalling the MPC-HC, and if that doesn’t help, ask on their forum about font-loading issues. Good luck.

  8. Thank you for the guides! However, is there a guide for Mac’s? I use a Mac and usually use VLC or Mplayer to watch MKV videos… but I guess with the ordered chapter series (such as KHR), Both players aren’t working well :/ VLC at least plays the whole video with the OP/EDs but subs aren’t fully there… where as MplayerX & Extended, they show the subs but don’t link the OP/EDs… 🙁 Any other alternative? I’ve heard of MPV but it’s a bit too complicated for me…

    1. Download mpv player. I use it on my mac when I’m on that partition, pretty rare tho becuz all of my encoding stuff is on the bootcamp partition.

      Here’s a link to the latest build of mpv:

      Just download the one labelled latest build and put mpv into the applications folder like usual and it should work fine. It may, or may not work on the latest version of OSX so consider that a warning.

      If all goes well u should be running OC’ed episodes with everything showing up and no linking errors.

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