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Nanatsu no Taizai Series [HEVC 720p | BD 720p | BD 1080p | OAD DVD 480p]

Nanatsu no Taizai: Mokushiroku no Yonkishi | The Seven Deadly Sins: Four Knights of the Apocalypse (Fall 2023)
Percival has always lived with his grandfather on God's Finger, a remote haven that sits high above the clouds. And though he loves the simple life, he secretly longs for adventure. But Percival's life is changed forever when an intruder—who shares a shocking connection with him—tears away everything he's ever known.
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Ragna Crimson [HEVC, 1080p]

Ragna Crimson

Defy fate. Seek absolute power. Slay all dragons! In a world where dragons rule sky, sea, and land, those who would fight them and win must surpass the limits of normal human strength. Set on victory at any cost, dragon hunter Ragna joins forces with the mysterious Crimson. Crimson's motivations may be obscure, but their goal is the same: to destroy the dragon monarchs. (square enix)

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Mashle [HEVC, 720p]

Mashle: Magic and Muscles

This is a world of magic.

This is a world in which magic is casually used by everyone.

In a deep, dark forest in this world of magic, there is a boy who is single-mindedly working out.

His name is Mash Burnedead, and he has a secret. He can’t use magic.

All he wanted was to live a quiet life with his family, but people suddenly start trying to kill him one day and he somehow finds himself enrolled in Magic School. There, he sets his sights on becoming a “Divine Visionary,” the elite of the elite.
Will his ripped muscles work against the best and brightest of the wizarding world?

The curtain rises on this off-kilter magical fantasy in which the power of being jacked crushes any spell! (official)

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Mato Seihei no Slave [HEVC, 1080P]

Chained Soldier | Mato Seihei no Slave (Winter 2024)
After his high school graduation, Yuuki Wakura realizes it has been five years since his sister's disappearance during a "Mato disaster." Throughout Japan, mysterious entrances have opened to a dimension called "Mato"—a demonic metropolis filled with disastrous monsters known as the "Shuuki" that threaten the safety of humans. However, a new hope arose, as the discovery of a Mato fruit that grants supernatural abilities exclusively to women allowed them to fight against the Shuuki. Due to this, a new matriarchal government was formed, establishing a female organization called the Anti-Demon Corps, which caused men to fall to the bottom of society.
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Undead Unluck [HEVC, 1080p]

Undead Unluck

After reading the conclusion of her favorite manga series, Fuuko Izumo finally feels ready to end her existence. For the past 10 years, Fuuko has been afflicted by a condition that brings extreme misfortune to anyone who touches her. This has had a drastic effect on her surroundings, even inadvertently resulting in the deaths of those around her—including her parents.

As she stands on a bridge above train tracks, Fuuko is touched by a strange man, causing the footing underneath him to break and dropping him in front of an oncoming train. However, when Fuuko finds the man's corpse, she discovers that his body is regenerating and that he is coming back to life.

The man, whom Fuuko names Andy, is immortal—and like her, he also wishes for death. Initially dismissive, Fuuko eventually decides to team up with Andy to give him the best death possible; but a mysterious organization lurks in the shadows, hoping to take advantage of the duo's bizarre abilities. (mal)

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Totsukuni no Shoujo [DVD 480p | BD 1080p]

Totsukuni no Shoujo

Synopsis for: Totsukuni no Shoujo (Summer 2019 | Winter 2021/22)
In a world divided by an unyielding border, fear reigns. The "Inside" shelters humans, while the "Outside" is said to be cursed, inhabited by monstrous creatures. A young girl named Shiva, lost and alone, finds herself in the forbidden domain. Here, she encounters a mysterious being dubbed "Teacher," whose kindness transcends the enforced separation. Despite the danger of their differences, a unique bond blossoms between the unlikely pair, as they navigate a world fraught with prejudice and the constant threat of the unknown. Continue reading Totsukuni no Shoujo [DVD 480p | BD 1080p]

IGPX: Immortal Grand Prix (2003 | 2005) [DVD 480p]

IGPX: Immortal Grand Prix

Synopsis for: IGPX: Immortal Grand Prix (2003 | 2005)
Buckle up and get ready for high-octane thrills in the year 2048! "IGPX: Immortal Grand Prix" throws you into the world of a futuristic sport where teams of daring pilots race and battle in giant, mechanized suits called "IG machines." The adrenaline-pumping competition takes place on a massive, 60-kilometer track, pushing both pilots and machines to their limits. Get ready for pulse-pounding races, strategic maneuvering, and electrifying clashes as various teams fight for glory in the "Immortal Grand Prix." Continue reading IGPX: Immortal Grand Prix (2003 | 2005) [DVD 480p]

Log Horizon Collection [BD 1080p]

Log Horizon

Synopsis for: Log Horizon (Autumn 2013) | Log Horizon 2 (Autumn 2014) | Log Horizon: Entaku Houkai (Winter 2020/21)
Imagine waking up inside your favorite video game, but escape is impossible. That's the reality for thousands trapped in Elder Tale, including cunning strategist Shiroe. With the familiar rules of the game now their harsh reality, Shiroe must outsmart the system and unite fellow players to not just survive, but thrive. Join them on a thrilling quest as they build alliances, unravel dark secrets, and confront powerful forces in a world where the lines between pixels and reality are shattered. Are you ready to log in to an adventure where survival meets strategy and a new world awaits? Dive into Log Horizon and discover a captivating story full of wonder, danger, and endless possibilities. Continue reading Log Horizon Collection [BD 1080p]

Burn the Witch | 0.8 [BD 1080p | 1080p]

Burn the Witch

Synopsis for: Burn the Witch
In the hidden city of Reverse London, witches Noel and Ninny navigate a world where dragons lurk unseen. As members of Wing Bind, they manage these mythical creatures, maintaining the peace. But their lives take a turn when a friend becomes entangled with a powerful dragon. Burn the Witch 0.8, released later but chronologically earlier, explores their origins and introduces Balgo, setting the stage for the main series. Join them as they face dangerous dragons, uncover hidden truths, and fight for balance in this visually stunning tale of friendship, magic, and thrilling action. Dive in and discover the magic of Burn the Witch! Continue reading Burn the Witch | 0.8 [BD 1080p | 1080p]

Monsters – Ippyaku Sanjou Hiryuu Jigoku (ONA) [1080p]

Monsters - Ippyaku Sanjou Hiryuu Jigoku ONA

Synopsis for: Monsters - Ippyaku Sanjou Hiryuu Jigoku ONA
Renowned swordsman Ryuuma, seeking a quiet life after past battles, crosses paths with O-Tama, a young woman seeking revenge for a dragon's destruction of her village. Drawn into her plight, Ryuuma must reconcile his peaceful desires with the warrior spirit that still burns within. Their journey leads them through breathtaking landscapes, facing cunning bandits and formidable creatures, all while confronting the dragon's fiery wrath. This standalone story, crafted by legendary manga creator Eiichiro Oda, explores themes of duty, redemption, and the enduring power of human connection, promising an epic adventure and emotional depth within its single episode. Continue reading Monsters – Ippyaku Sanjou Hiryuu Jigoku (ONA) [1080p]