8 thoughts on “Komi-san wa, Comyushou desu [HEVC, 1080P]”

  1. Project updates

    November 06 2021:
     – Episodes 1-2, 3-4 (fast rel.) & OP/ED added;

    Update: Delayed the release of this quite a lot because getting sources for this sucks, considering the english broadcast is 2-3 weeks behind, consider only watching after airing, if you want to watch at the best quality possible, which ep3-4 are not.

    Never gotten into this series, but always heard good things about it, and seems like the anime is putting some serious budget on it, definitely doesn’t feel a cheap adaptation.
    Those wanting a cute romcom to go with, this is probably the best choice this season!

    The source for this is kinda of a mess now, really Netflix originals are always annoying to work with.
    If you dunno, the JP broadcast started much sooner, whereas the western one is around 3 episodes delayed, will be using Neuro-C for subs for quality release (with SubsPlease video, cuz the first quality sucks too), the rest will go fast release with whatever is available, this means I will replace ep3-4 and add 5 eventually, when there is a proper release for them.

    As always feel free to leave some feedback if you feel like it, or if you find an error with the release.

  2. Um, Hi. Neuro-C mentioned he will stop making subs for Komi-san after episode 02, since NovaWorks (a different group) will be doing the subbing.

      1. That’s why I think sticking to NovaWorks subs will be better long run. At least they will commit to this anime. NeuroC has already stopped

        1. Remind me again to use them, in case I forget.
          Been having a lot of stuff on my schedule, and it wont change anytime soon, easy to miss out details sometimes.


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