Edens Zero [10-bit, 1080p]

Edens Zero

Synopsis for: Edens Zero (Summer 2021)
Its like Fairy Tail but in Space (by Vega004)

All his life, Shiki has been surrounded by machines. At Granbell Kingdom, a long-abandoned amusement park, he is the only one of his kind around. That is, until Rebecca Bluegarden and her feline companion Happy arrive, unaware that they are Granbell's first visitors in one hundred years. Their goal is to make fun videos for their B-Cube channel, but what they find instead is a friend in the socially awkward Shiki.

When Granbell becomes too dangerous for the three of them, they set off on an adventure through the Sakura Cosmos. They hope to make more interesting videos and even find the elusive goddess Mother, while Shiki wants to make more friends, spurred on by the words of his late grandfather. Of course, the journey will not be easy, as no one has seen Mother before, but Shiki is determined to reach his goal and explore the boundless reaches of space together with his new friends.

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11 thoughts on “Edens Zero [10-bit, 1080p]”

  1. I actually forgot that this was my project, hence this late.

    Update: June 17, 2021

    Episode 10 Added.

    Weeb_Gakuin has stopped the fansubbing of this series, it has been picked by the NS Group. So the next release will take time as they have only done a single episode.

    Update: August 5th, 2021

    Episode 11 and 12 added.

    These are Netflix rips i.e. official subs, subs are .srt subs. NS fansubs are taking a lot of time, hence this early release. The other sub sources are not trusted so I did not use them.

    1. This is just sad, the series is alot of fun, it’s world is great with a blend of spacepunk, cyberpunk, some phantasy star online and alot of concepts and characters carried on from fairy tail.

      Weeb gakuin need to rethink this, there are alot of seinen fans on Myanimelist, they look down and review shounen series harshly, thus you see the 6.98 rating it has there, these people have no idea how hard it is to make a convincing enjoyable world.

      You look at how boring Rave master was, then Fairy tail was the peak but edens zero is fun more than something you’d take too seriously and should be enjoyed with something like a borderlands kind of view of it.

  2. the episodes 03 and 04 have their numbers switched, by the way. Anyone who has downloaded them should rename 03 to 04 and rename 04 to 03, until and unless the encoder fixes the issue.


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