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New Server

After replacing our download server few weeks ago, due to the increasing number of visitors, also the increasing number of our encodes, the generated traffic + the DDL Links, we're glad to announce that we've also replaced our webserver today!
Instead of a simple webserver we have a new, virtual server for the website, so from now on there shouldn't be problems! The previous webhost sadly couldn't take the number of visitors, and the high traffic any more.

Our domain transfer finished today! There were some temporary problems that we had to fix, so the site wasn't available for a while, sorry for the inconviences, from now on everything should be ok!


Server upgrade

Thanks to your support we could upgrade to a new, better server for the downloads!
All the Direct Download links should work already, you'll probably notice that the downloads are much faster !
If you find any problems, or non-working links please report them and we'll fix them !

Everything will have Direct Download soon, even the older, completed series which are only available on torrent, also you can expect much better speeds for the seeding of the torrents too!



We'll try out as some people suggested,

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After Megaupload, Fileserve, Filesonic, and other filehosts were closed (with all of our links deleted) we've got our own server, and providing free DDLs for everyone, mostly from our own money, but as servers aren't cheap we won't be able to continue this any more... As you can see we've posted a donations bar to the right side of the page, but even though we already have thousands of visitors/day sadly we don't get enough money ($100/month), to maintain the server any more... last month it was even paid by one of our encoders, because we don't want to close down, if possible...

We'd decided to post a poll about this, please fill it out!

Do you plan to donate for the site?

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